I usually have a set topic that I plan to talk about in my posts, but today I have nothing. Actually, for the past few days I’ve been in a blogging dry spell. I guess I’m just uninspired. The main purpose of this post is so I don’t have to see Ryan Gosling’s tattooed face anymore.

I used to do awesome gif posts, but my computer had a bit of a meltdown. It was in a slow decline ever since I moved to Canada (I guess it doesn’t like it here). One day I tried using it and it just wouldn’t work. It said “Operating System not found.” And I was like Awww hell naw. I took it to get fixed and I cost $100 bucks. And then it broke again three days later. So I took it in again and said “You better fix it for free this time.” So hardcore.

Actually it was more like, “Umm can you maybe fix this for no charge if you have time?”

I hate myself.

I think the second time it broke was really my own fault though because I tried opening World of Warcraft on it and my computer was like, REALLY?! and just went to a black screen. So I’ve been using my husband’s new computer. He’s so sweet for letting me use his. It’s hard though because I don’t have my itunes on his laptop (and I really want to download Sleigh Bells’ album!!!) and all of my gifs that I wanted to use were on my old computer. But apparently it’s fixed now so whatever.

Speaking of Sleigh Bells, have you seen the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new movie based on the Hollywood Hills Burglaries/Alexis Neiers/Pretty Wild? I’m pretty psyched for it since Emma Watson has clearly found her calling and looks hot in a movie for once in her life. (The song at the end of the trailer is Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells)

I hate asking this question because I asked it in a status on facebook (Ugh I know) and it turned into a PC vs. Mac battle extraordinaire. If you had to buy a new computer, which brand would you go for? And if you say HP or a brand I’ve never heard of, you’re not invited on my blog anymore. Actually, please say Sony Vaio because my last two computers were Sonys and I feel the most comfortable with them.

Also, I’m almost done with another book so I’m one step closer to writing a Lily’s Literature post! I really like writing those for some reason. I feel I do an okay job of reviewing books. Reviewing movies on the other hand….well, just read my last post. It’s not so much of a review as it is a play-by-play of the entire movie. So yeah, I’m really good at those.

Does anyone have any good weight loss tips? And I don’t mean exercise and eat healthy. I mean lose 20 pounds in a week tips. If so, make sure you tell me in the comments.

So what’s new with you? 


41 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I wouldn’t bother with Sony Vaio myself. It’s not that they’re bad, just expensive for what they are. You’re paying a premium because it looks nice. ASUS laptops are good.

    I’ve been off ill this week.

    • That’s what I hear. I saw a Sony Vaio for $699 which wasn’t terrible. But supposedly computers are only supposed to last 2-3 years now so that would be a lot to pay every couple of years. I hadn’t ever heard of Asus until I moved to England. Weird. I’ll check them out for sure.

      Feel better Michael! At least you have more time to surf the web 😉

  2. Wish I could help with the weight loss, but I got nothin’. Unless your’e pregnant and due to give birth this week, in which case I can tell you how to lose 20 or so pounds, yes.

  3. For weight loss, I did the master cleanse an list 30 in 10 days. Gained back 12 in a few days, but the overall net was good. Was surprisingly easy. It’s the lemonade w syrup and pepper thing. May not be something h want to do a lot, but once a year is probably fine.

    As for computer, go Mac. Simplest tk use. No viruses or spyware hit it so u save money on all that protection software that doesn’t work. And when ur done with it, u can actually sell it on eBay. Sold 6yr old one with a bad hard drive for 75 bucks. Can’t do that with a Sony. That’s US bux!!!

    • Yes I’ve heard of that cleanse. The Master Cleanse, right? Maybe I should do it just for shits and gigs. Trouble is that food is just so good.

      I’m not a big Mac fan solely based on the fact that they’re the “cool” thing to buy. And they’re super expensive. Maybe if someone buys one for me? 😀

      • Don’t look at me…. They are a few hundred more, but like I said they do last longer, you’re not buying spyware software that can’t keep up with what’s out there, and you can sell it later. So long-term it’s actually cheaper.

        And yeah, it’s Master CLeanse. You don’t get hungry or miss food. But funny you mention shits and gigs. You want to make sure you’re near a bathroom at all times. Especially if you go through wtih taking the recommended Smooth Move Laxative tea every night. oof…

  4. I’m starting Zumba next month. I’ll probably die but in the off chance I don’t, I’ll be posting about it. o.O
    My last 3 computers have been Toshiba’s and I haven’t had any problems with them at all. Second one was an upgrade, latest one was a replacement because MiniMe stepped on it and cracked the screen.
    I LOVE random posts! That’s totally how my mind works too!

    • Glad you liked the randomness of this post!
      Yeah Toshibas seem to be pretty good. I might check some out!
      Zumba is soooo fun! But a lot of the classes differ. Some are super hard and some are really fun and easy. Depends on the teacher I guess. Good luck!

  5. Ahh, I’ve been feeling so uninspired too! But this has been going on for months so…maybe I should quit blogging? Lol.

    Hey, what’s wrong with HP? (Please don’t uninvite me.) Ratings-wise, I hear Asus, Lenovo, and *cough* HP *cough* are up there. I like Sony but not so much for computers, more for music, since that’s what they do.

    And omg, if you figure out how to lose 20 pounds in a week, please do share. I’m with you, I don’t want to eat healthy or exercise…I just want those extra pounds in the middle to drop like flies…magically. 😀

    • Nooo never quit blogging! You’re such a great writer! But yeah I hate not having any good ideas in my head! Grrr.

      Haha I was just kidding about HP. HP does have really nice cover colors–always a bonus! My husband’s computer is an Asus and I really like it. I’ve never tried Lenovo before! I’ll check them out too 🙂

      Same! Maybe we can just sleep the pounds away? Maybe if we sleep for a week, we would wake up and be super skinny! Haha…

  6. I never heard about these Hollywood Hills robberies. I’m glad. It means enough people I talk to don’t care about rich people getting burglarized. It seems like Emma Watson’s less slutty answer to Spring Breakers.

    You play WoW? What’s your magic person name? Or do you just go on there and insult other people? I never would have expected you to be someone to play that. Then again Mila Kunis does and she’s totally famous. I think she’s lying though just so some nerds will keep living thinking they’re not as lame as they are.

    20 pounds? Lose a leg?

    • I feel like the Robberies were popular when we were in high school. Maybe college? Not sure. It does have a Spring Breakers vibe to it, doesn’t it?
      I’m a level 15 Draenei. I forget what my name is because I haven’t played in a while, which is probably why my computer cried. It’s pretty fun–you just go around completing missions and stuff. I liked it.
      My legs are my best feature so I’m definitely not losing one! I probs only need to lose 10, but why not go for the extreme? Maybe an arm?

  7. erinorange says:

    I have a Sony Vaio in white – I’m so cool. Had it since 2007 – but I don’t do anything as complex as gifs, just shopping for clothes I can’t afford. 20lb?! Wear black and always have your photo taken next to someone larger…or spinning – it’s hell!

    • That’s the one I wanted! So coool. Well, I think gifs are just like pictures. I don’t make them or anything, I just steal them haha. Omg one time when I was addicted to exercise, I went to two spinning classes in one day. Isn’t that so disturbing?

  8. The secret to weight loss is adjusting your height so that your weight become proportionate. So you don’t so much as have to lose 20lbs as to grow 2 1/2 foot. Much easier.

    • Do you think I’ll still be attractive when I’m 8 and a half feet tall? I’m already 6 feet soooo I feel like this would work out better if I was 4 feet? Hahah

  9. I lost a few pounds in my first trimester of pregnancy because I was nauseated. But then I gained 50 pounds. What kind of weight loss timeframe are we talking about?

    • Umm a week…haha. I don’t think I’m gonna get pregnant right now. Slightly inconvenient haha! I’ll probably just try to eat healthy and exercise ughhgh.

  10. I have a Mac, but there is a learning curve if you’ve been doing a PC for a long time. Macs are good if you like everything to be integrated, email, pictures, videos all work very well together, where as PC’s take from all kinds of different things. If you are just looking for a computer that does email, web, and store a few pics you probably want a PC. They are usually much cheaper.

    • This is very solid, good advice Ben. Thank you. Now I can understand why people like Macs more. I am very used to PCs and don’t feel like learning all the Mac ways. However, Windows 8 makes me feel like I have to learn everything over again anyway!

  11. unfetteredbs says:

    I love Sleigh Bells. Does your hub’s pc run windows 8? I’m in the same quandary but I hate what I’ve seen of windows 8. Do you like it?Thinking a Mac Book myself.
    20 lbs in one week? That’s nonsense.

    • Ahh Sleigh Bells are so good! You have good taste in music! Yes, Paul’s computer runs on on Windows 8 and it’s hard for me to get used to. I mean, it’s not that difficult, but still annoying to re-learn things. Plus his mouse is super sensitive and I keep clicking on random things I don’t want to! Haha
      I’ve never had a Mac and I’m scared to try one. Keep me updated on what you eventually choose!
      lol I know…I’ll probably just get lazy and not eat healthy or exercise….lol

  12. Go Sony. I could go on an on about why macs aren’t worth the dollars, but you should just believe me because I don’t make things up and I take tech toys really seriously. Like, really seriously. I won’t judge you (too much) if you decide to get a Mac, though. They’re less useful, but much cooler.

    Oh and the comment above about Macs being cheaper because you can sell it for $75? No offense, but I have to respond, that’s just bad math. How can something that cost SEVERAL hundreds more than a comparable PC product cost “less in the long run” because you can sell it for less than the SEVERAL hundred more you paid for it? Plus, the best Virus software is free, so don’t pay for it regardless of the direction you go– and also, if you have a Mac, still get Virus software, because they get Virus’es and hacked just as often/easily as PCs. They’re just marketed better. Go to a tech/hacker conference just once and you’ll see what I mean.

    I lost 20lbs in a week by giving up sugar entirely. I mean– ENTIRELY. No sugar at all. I was still a little grumpy on Day 7, though… it took till Day 12 to start feeling awesome. It’s been years now and I feel superb– overall weight loss was around 40lbs, but several inches. From a size 12 to a size 2. Nearly all of that weight loss was in the first 6 months, and then it just stayed off or came off in 5 lbs here and there. 🙂 But I’ve seen your pics, you’re slim already, chica! 🙂 Still, sugar isn’t good for you. Giving it up even fixed my eyesight, too, so bonus.

    Or, just go to the tech/hacker conference like I suggested, and you’ll feel like a beauty queen. It’s usually all boys and they treat the ladies like genius super models!

  13. Yeah I totally agree. Plus, I don’t want to learn how to use a Mac. Plus I hate how they have a weird cult following. It freaks me out! What you said makes sense about the Virus software. I was pretty sure that my husband could find one for me online and just download it. I’m never sure about these things though haha.

    Omg that’s so hardcore about the no sugar! So you still keep it up? That’s amazing! I don’t know if I could ever do that or keep it up especially since I’m going on vacation in a week haha! But going from a size 12 to a size 2 is seriously amazeballs! You are my hero! The smallest I’ve ever been is a size 8, but I’m 6 feet tall so it’s kind of different. If I was a size two, people might check me into rehab. Haha. Aww thanks for saying that I look slim! You’re too kind. I probably only need to lose 10, but there was a time when I was 20 lbs lighter so I always aim for that. Although it was hard for me to keep that up.
    Lol I’ll definitely look into tech/hacker conferences to boost my self esteem! Great advice!

  14. Three ways to lose weight quickly:

    1. AIDs
    2. The shits.
    3. Limb amputation.

    I remember that status, I was going to comment but didn’t want to annoy half of your friends by simply saying Macs are for gays. I would say Sony Vaio’s are pretty sweet though, my mum has one, I’d have one if I could be bothered to save and buy a new laptop, this ones doing alright though so far and I have a Fujitsu. Toshiba Satellite laptops are also a safe bet; I know this because I work in IT and speak to idiots all day about how they’ve been off work for two days and have forgotten their password.

    • Yeah I think I’ll go contract AIDs now and see how that works out. A limb amputation seems solid, but then I would have to learn to live without an arm or a leg which I’m too lazy to do. And girls don’t shit, so that’s not really an option!

      Yeah Sonys and Toshibas always seem like safe bets to me. Thanks Petey!

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