Thoughts on Mad Men Season 6

Okay so only two episodes have aired from the newest season of Mad Men but my mom suggested that I review it and I never turn down a suggestion. Unless it’s a bad suggestion.

I’m not a true blue Mad Men fan. I often get bored with the show and find it to be pretentious at times. That being said, the show is able to redeem itself quite often in my book. For example, I really liked the first season but then I hated seasons 2-4. But then I really liked season 5. Why do things have to be so complicated?mad-men-returns-on-april-7-the-first-of-only-26-episodes-left-in-the-critically-acclaimed-series

Let me just make it clear that there will be spoilers if you haven’t watched the first two episodes yet. Someone yelled at me once via comment for spoiling a show for him. But the show had been over and done with for a while so it was really his own fault for being too slow to watch it.

There are things that I’m pleased with so far in season 6 and there are aspects of it that make me mad. One thing I am elated with is that Don Draper is back to his old self. He’s quiet, cheating on his new ugly French buck-toothed wife, being snappy at the office, and a smooth talker with the ladies. That is the Don I know and love from the earlier seasons. Last season he was so jovial and smiling all the time–it made me sick. He even took his new wife to a Howard Johnson and bought her ice cream. Old Don wouldn’t be caught dead doing that.

Peggy is literally a new character each season. I remember clearly at the start of season 2 thinking, what happened to Peggy? I guess the writers try to develop her into this successful girl of the world but it just seems so unlikely. I’ve never even seen Peggy come up with a good idea so how has she climbed so high so quickly? I wish they would kill her off like Lane.

At first she was a lowly, self conscious secretary.

At first she was a lowly, self conscious secretary.

Then she started to let loose.

Then she started to let loose.

And tried way too hard to act cool.

And tried way too hard to act cool.

She rose higher in the workplace.

She rose higher in the workplace.

And now she's a 60's Barbie doll apparently.

And now she’s a 60’s Barbie doll apparently.

Betty is still overweight, which is good. I thought they were going to return to this season with a new svelte Betty which would’ve bugged me. Also, no one cares about Betty now because she’s married to some old guy that no one cares about. However, I do care deeply about Sally. She is a precious gem in a show filled with rhinestones. I like that the writers make Sally’s rage at her mother visible. Betty is kind of the worst mom evs. And this season they had her acting all concerned for Sally’s friend who ran away to live in the city. Like, who cares? Betty wouldn’t care if Sally ran away so why does she care about this random girl? Such unnecessary filler.

Roger Sterling is still funny and charming and does absolutely nothing around the office. They managed to keep his character pretty true to the first seasons. Every show needs a silver fox and Roger is our man.

The first episode was kind of dumb and too long. However, the second episode was great because it focused on Don cheating on his wife and Pete Campbell cheating on his. It was an interesting episode because it showed how suave Don can be when wooing a woman (Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks will make do in this case I guess?) and how utterly messed up things can get. With Pete Campbell demonstrating the latter. A great scene was when Pete’s wife Trudy found out about his misbehavior and laid down some ground rules. And this is big coming from the timid housewife Trudy.tumblr_mla4xjac571qcnueyo1_500tumblr_mla4xjac571qcnueyo2_500tumblr_mla4xjac571qcnueyo3_500

So overall, I would say this season is shaping up to be alright. What I’m looking forward to is a massive Don and Megan blow out fight, possibly a Pete Campbell divorce, and lots of Sally sprinkled in between everything.


21 thoughts on “Thoughts on Mad Men Season 6

  1. Sad to say, I completely related to the Sally/Mom/Friend thing, only my friend played the guitar. And, I thought Don’s wife was French-Canadian, eh.

    • Whaaa? Did your friend run away to the big city and your mom chased after her? That is the only possible way to relate to this scenario.
      She is French Canadian, but the Canadian part doesn’t really matter. Much like Canada in general…it just doesn’t matter.

  2. Lil, just so you know, I am swamped with work and an event tonight and wedding stuff but if I see the words Mad Men, none of it matters I will read about Mad Men. I’m with you, this is shaping up to be a good one. Don is back and more f’d up than ever. Pete is finally getting his due for being the worst sort of prick and general annoyance. I hope that Betty thing is more than filler and they do something with her this season. She’s seems a bit loony, loonier. OK. Back to the salt mine.

  3. Carter says:

    Your second paragraph ripped the words from my soul (even if you lapse into Avril Lavigne territory at the end…Canada is slowly ruining you). Brava.

    • Lol I was going to write something about Avril but I couldn’t think up a funny way to phrase it. I’m so glad I didn’t have to say anything for you to still understand. And yes, Canada has wreaked havoc on my life.

      *takes a bow*

  4. Sally is the best character on the show, hands down. (And all the other characters are great too which just means that Sally should win an Oscar even though this is just a TV show.) Imma bout to mommy jack my own comment but hold on. The morning after C was born, she was in the nursery at the hospital and my husband and I were in our hospital room watching Mad Men. The nurses brought her in and we all watched Mad Men together. C telepathically told me she hated Betty, and it was at that moment that I knew she was my child and that we’d get along great.

    • I loved this whole comment. I can totes see baby C really feeling the Mad Men vibe at such a young age (1 hour old). I’m glad she was able to grasp the whole biotch Betty thing early. Whew!
      Sally defs needs an Oscar. Or she needs to be my best friend. One or the other.

  5. I love to have strong opinions about these characters. Don is only great when he’s being bad, but if I knew him in real life, and I almost do, I’d hate him. I agree with your Peggy assessment per our phone convo. Also, Roger is constantly funny. I love a man who pretends to work. I like disturbed, biotch Betty and I’m concerned that they have her doing unBetty like things so far, like she would NEVER go into that abandoned building. What are the writers thinking, do they even know her? Sally is the star of the show in my book. I love her. She can do no wrong. Since I missed the second epi I really can’t comment other than to say that the first episode was way too long and boring, much like this comment.

    • Emily and Maggie’s comments make my life complete.
      I agree about Don, although I think in real life I would probably be under his spell. Who wouldn’t be? Biotch Betty is fun to watch for sure, but she’s the type I would hate in real life. You would’ve reaaalllly liked the second episode. It was so much better than the first one. It was simply called “The Cheaters”. I think Jon Hamm directed it. Your comment wasn’t boring! It was juicy!

  6. I really couldn’t get into this show, which is weird since I’m in advertising. Saying that, I don’t particularly like my job so perhaps that does make sense.

    I never really had a thing for Don Draper, but for some reason I think Roger Sterling is prettttty attractive for a silver fox. And as for Pete Campbell, the fact that he can get someone as hot as Annie from Community is amazing, let alone that he is cheating on her. Saying that, he just got engaged with Rory from Gilmore Girls so maybe his real-life personality is a lot better than his on-screen one.

    That was rather jumbled, but I hope I made sense.

    • Hah I don’t blame you. It’s pretty boring at times. I bet being in advertising is a fun job though! Way more exciting than sitting through an episode of Mad Men!

      I feel the same way as you do about Don. And I agree about Roger as well! Hah Annie from Community is so cute in that show and on Mad Men she’s so weird. But she was awesome in the latest episode. Apparently the cast said that they guy who plays Pete Campbell is the least like his character out of the whole crew. They said he’s so nice and kind which makes me think that he’s a great actor. Lol..Rory from Gilmore Girls. She was in like two episodes of Mad Men as Pete’s love interest once! Haha connection!

      It totally made sense! I love your input! 😀

      • Haha I wish. Sadly the reality is a lot of paper pushing and absolutely no attractive Roger or Don-type characters in the office. What a let down!

        Oh! Well, I’m glad Pete Campbell doesn’t actually exist, because he’s a turd. Excuse my french

  7. Pete Howorth says:

    Has Peggy got her wabbs out on screen yet? The red head on Game of Thrones did this week and it was the best thing I’d ever seen. I watched the first season of Mad Men and half of the second season, I just bought them both on a whim but season 2 bored me to the point of just sticking it on my shelf. Every episode is the same, should I just skip to season 5 and carry on from there?

    • Nahh Pegs is pretty modest most of the time. Plus she’s not that cute so I don’t think anyone would be particularly interested in seeing her naked. Mad men can be super boring, but skipping everything would make it hard to know what’s going on because they always introduce so many new characters. Maybe start with season one and just see how it goes? Idk.

      I’ve never watched Game of Thrones but I heard it’s awesome!

      • Pete Howorth says:

        I watched season 1 and after pretty much watching it all in a row I still didnt know any of the characters names haha. Game of Thrones is definitely worth watching, wabbs galore in that too! 😀

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