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Jobs That Shouldn’t Exist

Occasionally when my husband and I sit down to watch Jeopardy, we catch a bit of Wheel of Fortune beforehand. While I was studying the show, I noticed Vanna White dressed to the nines. And by nines, I mean wearing dresses that someone her age should not be wearing unless they’re up for an Academy Award.

What kind of prestigious job does Vanna do that requires her to wear such gorgeous uniforms? Why she touches panels that have been lit up, of course! In all seriousness folks, do we really need to keep paying Vanna to do this? Honestly? We live in the 21st century for crying out loud! Can’t the panels show the letter on their own now? She really has to go up to each one and touch it? Update your set, Wheel of Fortune. How can you be able to give away “fortunes” but not have up-to-date technology?6001_Vanna_11-16-12

Also, do we really need to keep paying for extras in movies and TV? Can’t they just film shows and whoever ends up in the background is just part of the show that day? Is it really necessary to pay people to walk from one end of the set to the other? I know what you’re thinking,Β What if the show is a period piece and the extras need to be dressed up and go through makeup? You bring up a good point. If people want to be extras then they can get dressed up and be in the background and their payment is that they get to be in the background of a really cool movie or TV show.

I’m actually not sure if this is a job or if volunteers do it, but either way I hate them. Those bell ringers at Christmas time who want money for the Salvation Army or whatever? Like, do you really need to stand there? Why don’t you just leave a box accepting donations at the registers of the stores you’re standing outside of? Also, don’t you think people would’ve donated money already if they wanted to? Are you supposed to put me in the giving spirit? Because you’re putting me in the murder someone spirit.red_kettle_and_bell11

I’m kind of torn about this next job because I appreciate them, but I also feel like they’re unnecessary. Models–do we really need people to show us how expensive clothes look on someone way skinnier than the person buying the clothes? Probs not. Like, if I wanted to buy something, I would try it on, not see how it looks sashaying down the runway. I actually think models are gorge, fun to look at, and almost an art form really. That being said, their job entails walking and posing for pictures. I do that every day so where are my millions?

Lastly, I hate the people who stand by the side of busy roads and wave signs that say “BLOWOUT SALE” or “BUY TWO PIZZAS GET ONE FREE!” How hard is it to find signs that stick in the ground? You really want to pay someone to stand outside holding a sign? Is that being proactive? No. Stick the sign in the ground and then you’ll save money, save your business from embarrassment, and save your employee from wanting to throw himself/herself in front of a moving vehicle.

Why do I constantly have to tell the world how it can improve itself? These are simple solutions to dumb problems.

Can you think of any unnecessary jobs?


61 thoughts on “Jobs That Shouldn’t Exist

  1. Ummm two jobs come to mind.
    First, the Krampus, a guy who plays a yeti like horned beast that beats “naughty” children in the streets in Alpine countries during Christmas.

    And…how about a reality tv show set bitch who carries tripods up 12 stories and gets baked in the sun for hours.

    I would take Vanna’s job over these any day:)

  2. I need to leave one comment right now before reading this fully because I am very annoyed. Wheel of Fortune comes on BEFORE Jeopardy???? I hope that’s a typo. There is an order to the universe and this violates it.

    Okay now to read the rest.

      • NO THIS IS A NORMAL THING THAT TIM DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT BECAUSE HE’S LIVED IN NEW YORK FOR TOO LONG. In pretty much every state ever Wheel of Fortune comes on before Jeopardy because it’s the dumb person appetizer that complements the smart person dinner. In New York state, however, it comes on after Jeopardy. I guess in NY they’re just trying to make us all feel better by being like, “it’s ok that you failed at Jeopardy. Play this game… it’s easier.”

  3. The only one you felt any guilty about hating on were the models. The ones with the littlest amount of talent. At least Vanna White used to do a commercial about how you should brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes. She’s multi-talented!

    I think extras get paid because it’s a union thing. They get paid pretty well too, sometimes $100 a day.

    I agree on the sign twirlers. The best is when they just stand there texting with their other hand. I have a feeling this is some sort of a punishment though.

    • Now I think Vanna has porcelain veneers. So much for brushing…
      Yeah extras get paid, but I don’t think they should. Unless they’re extras in the show Extras. I hope you’ve seen some of that. It has Ricky Gervais in it. So good.
      I like when the sign twirlers dance. Like, when they’re listening to their ipods and really getting into it. Then they deserve the money.

      • Extras are essential because they are professionals who don’t pull faces and try and get unnecessary attention in front of the camera. Also if the lead character forgets a line for example and they need to reshoot all of the set so extras need to know exactly what they are doing at each exact time. I once saw an extra get in trouble because they were eating when they were supposed to be drinking because that’s what they were doing in the previous shoot. It’s a lot more complicated plus there is strict rules for appearances when you wear your own clothes. No patterns bright colours logos or green.

      • I was actually just joking when I made this entire post. I know that extras are important. My dad is a film director.

  4. Those bellringer people make me feel like such an ass. I mean, I could have cut the Salvation Army a check earlier in the year for like $200, but if I DON’T give the bellringer any money I look like a total jerk. You can’t win!

    You have once again inspired me in one of your posts. I think I will write about the time I was an extra in Walk the Line. You are my blogging muse, Lils. That’s a very necessary job.

    • Rightttt? Ugh I hate them. No matter how much you give throughout the year, you look like a jerk for walking past them. Never trust anyone who dresses up in a Santa costume that ISN’T Santa!

      Yesss. I love being your muse. Honestly, if I could get paid for this it would be my dream job. Walk the Line is a respectable movie to be an extra in, btdubs! Miss C should be proud of her famous mom!

  5. We watch Wheel almost every night after dinner because my daughter loves it, and I’ve had really similar conversations about Vanna with my husband. He says they keep her there just because that’s how it’s always been, which is probably true, but still. I mean, is nostalgia really a good enough reason to keep her around? Is Pat going to be lonely without her? What gives??

    Side note: We were watching Wheel as I was reading this post. haha

    • That makes sense. I thought about that too. And you’re so right about Pat being lonely! Hahah I bet he would be so sad because he wouldn’t have anyone to tell his cheesy jokes to. Maybe he would call up Alex Trebek at night and cry to him on the phone. Hah!

      I love it! You should apply to play and win millions! (Or thousands…!) (And then share with me)

    • It kind of is like the perfect job. She gets to look hot, touch letters, and get hit on by Pat. We should apply to be Vanna once she retires…or dies.

  6. Maybe the sign twirlers are kept out of trouble. And they get paid for doing it. Better than the beggars on our streets standing on the corner. In Michigan, these people get to hold up signs asking for money because their first amendment rights would be violated if they are not allowed to hold up a sign asking strangers for money. It probably does pay better than twirling a sign, but at least the sign twirlers earn their money.

    How about telephone “surveyors” that waste our time. Well, maybe I am just annoyed.

    • Totally! I think that’s a job that everyone can handle on their own! I hate that they want a tip for something I didn’t ask them to do in the first place! So crazy!

  7. Vanna White is my generation’s Walter Cronkite; a nation will mourn when she goes off the air. If she didn’t have this job, she would be one of those street-side blowout sale hawkers, so I think we all need to cut Vanna some slack.

  8. There are so many dumb jobs. Vanna White, as a letter turner, is probably at the top of the heap. Haha!
    What about the elevator operators who stand inside and press the buttons. What the heck?
    What about that guy that greets us at the airport and takes us to the baggage carousel? He annoys me so much. Lol!

    • Ear nose and throat doctors. Because I’m uncomfortable with the fact that a regular dr. doesn’t know enough about those three crucial parts of my body. It just makes them seem so unqualified…

      • Hah you’re right about that! Why do we need specialists? Shouldn’t all doctors know everything? Ah life would be so much easier if we could fix all these problems…

    • Lol totally. Do those elevator button guys still exist? Those seem like a thing of the past. Well, actually I guess they do still exist like the ones in the Handcock Tower and stuff!
      Lol yeah that guy to takes us to the luggage carousel is so stupes. It’s like, I think we can manage finding our luggage on our own…!

  9. *LOL* that was som really funny examples:) In Denmark, the weather forecasts are really taking up more than their fair share of screen time. Can’t see why they don’t just make a weather app and post the information online instead of having girls and guys jumping around pointing at smily suns and angry thunder clouds..

    • Hah omg that’s so true! They should just give us an App instead of having a weather forecast! That would save so much money! And it wouldn’t really cost that many people their jobs. I’m sure the weather men/women could find some other career path haha!

  10. I wonder if Vanna’s mouth hurts after having to do all that smiling?

    Here in the UK, we sometimes get ‘toilet attendants’ in the toilets of busy pubs/bars on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s just some bloke who stands there spraying aftershave at you, hands out paper towels, and tries to turn the tap on before you do.

    None of which I actually need help with, and I resent being pressured into giving the twat a quid for his work.

    Mind you, some of the rhymes they come out with are funny:

    No splash, no gash.
    No spray, no lay.
    Freshen up for the punani.

    • Lol do they really come up with those rhymes or is that just in your head? Hah but yeah I totally know what you mean. I hate those people too. Why do I have to tip someone for something that I could’ve done myself? So stupid!

  11. Sign carriers I agree with, in London you have ones advertising a Golf Sale, they stand there all day. I understand people sometimes impulse buy but I don’t believe you would be trudging along Oxford Street and suddenly decide to buy a set of golf clubs which you’d then have to lug onto the underground. Charity collectors too as they mob you on the street, I just disagree with them being paid, what about the charity keeps the money they pay them and gives it to the cause, I don’t think people only think of giving because a student decides to interrupt a good song you’re listening to on your Ipod. And takeaway menu delivery people, I get about 5 a day, if I do order takeaway I do it online through new companies who collate all the local places on one website and you can order it without having to phone up and speak to someone who has no grasp of English so you end up with the wrong order. And weather people, I was watching some at the weekend and it occurred to me they dress down at weekends, the gents ditch their ties and the ladies wear a cardigan, except one lady who was in a cocktail dress, I imagine she was scooting out after to hit the clubs. It’s a strange job, who aspires to tell people what the weather’s doing? Looking out of the window usually suffices for me.

    • Yes! Someone else mentioned the weather thing too. If someone wants to check the weather, don’t they just look online? Does anyone actually watch the weather forecast any more? So weird.
      That’s cool about that delivery website! Smart move. And yeah the whole sign twirlers thing is just so dumb…!

    • Zing! Hah yeah so true though really. Vice presidents don’t have a lot of say in important matters. I mean, they have their opinions, but the president ultimately gets the rule. Hah we should get rid of vice presidents all together.

  12. Man, Vanna knows what’s up and I think we could all learn a lesson from her in how to get paid millions for doing basically nothing whatsoever and keeping a relatively low profile. GF’s got it made in the shade.
    I’m hesitant to play this game because I don’t want to draw anyone’s attention to the fact that my own job is probably irrelevant… so I’ll just keep it at that πŸ˜‰

    • Vanna totally scored the best job ever. I’m probably just insanely jealous of her life and that’s why I ragged on her. Lol Breezy! I’m sure your job is very helpful to people. I’ve had jobs where I knew I was doing pointless things and it’s just the worst feeling ever. Like, why am I even here?!

    • Hah yes! I hate that! It totally defeats the purpose! This one woman in my area is a sign twirler and she waves hers like crazy! Not very helpful to her business!

  13. With you on the extras thing. My FB gets blown up with messages from friends who want to go sit in a parking lot for 12 hours without snacks to be an extra on Nashville. I don’t get it. I kind of like Vanna the same way I like the real housewives and the kardashians. Most of us can’t make significant money actually working at actual jobs. If you can make boatloads of money doing nothing I’m jealous πŸ™‚

    • Haha I could see people wanting to be extras on Nashville. Also, the thing about being an extra is that it takes all the glamor out of the movie making/tv show making process. No fun!
      But yeah, Vanna’s job is enviable for sure! She gets to wear awesome clothes and walk from one side of the set to another. A graceful goddess, she is.

  14. Love it. I think models are sooo pointless. Like, okay, it creates jobs I guess. But SO unnecessary. I don’t know anyone who’s bought clothes based on how they looked on the MODEL. I think store greeters are pretty pointless too. Oh, and the person who rips up your movie ticket. Really? The cashier can do that, just give you your half, and keep the other one. Like duh… πŸ˜‰

    • Omg you’re so right about the movie ticket rippers! Duh! They could save so much money by not having to pay someone to do that. We’re just solving the world’s problems over here! Haha
      Thanks Lily πŸ˜€

  15. You need professional extras – otherwise every movie you see is going to have a bunch of rubes pointing and waving their hands at the camera. I prefer my views of Megan Fox without those distractions, thankyouverymuch….

    As for the sign people, someone’s gotta hire English majors.

    • Hah it’s true. I’m a history major and no one’s hired me yet so I guess the English majors are the lucky ones!
      You do need professional extras, but I’m sure you could find a group of people who could act professionally and not mess up the shot…maybe…

  16. Maybe not really unnecessary, but why are sportsmen payed so damn much? Why aren’t we paying nurses or people who actually do something for us more? They deserve it more I believe… Though I don’t want sportsmen to starve or anything. But some of them just get too much money.

    • You’re so right NBI! We do pay them wayyy too much money and they’re not adding anything to the value of human life. Nurses are actually helping us survive and they deserve much more money than they get. Great point!

  17. When did the ‘Santa’s” start getting paid to collect for charity? Or kids standing outside banks trying to sell chocolate bars or get donations for their basketball team? Is that a practice job so one could go on to be a Walmart greeter? And who really needs Walmart greeters? And why am I asking these questions? I might need to be a Walmart greeter in the near future! The little boxes at the cash registers get stolen a lot of the time. Absolutely deplorable.

    • Hah I think Walmart greeters are there for old people who can’t find jobs or for people who are mentally disabled who can’t find jobs. But yeah, you’re right, they are unnecessary jobs for sure.
      I can’t believe that people would steal the boxes with charity money in them, but it also doesn’t surprise me. People are gross. Ugh.

  18. genericmessage says:

    I have super amounts of respect for the gorilla on the side of the road trying to sell me a slice of pizza.

    Because if it is one thing that makes me want pizza: It’s a gorilla on the side of the road tossing around a sign.

    • Yeah that sounds like a dumb job. Work should be based on trust! They should trust that you’re always there. And not blogging…and totally doing what you’re supposed to do. πŸ™‚

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