A Day Out On The Town

I did something today that I haven’t done for a long time. I went shopping. I used to go every day, and now I go every other day. Just kidding. I actually hadn’t been for a while because I’m in this weird stage in my life where I try not to spend money. I know, gross.

When I was an avid shopper, it was easy to stay in my own little world and just focus on the clothes and myself. I was a little rusty today and kept observing other people and the ridiculous things that were being said by common folk.

The following are real quotes said by real people and my responses (if I actually had the guts to say them out loud) along with some of my inner thoughts and struggles.

At H&M

Girl shopping with her grandma: I like these dresses.

Grandma: Yes. Dresses are in this year.

Me: You know what else is in this year? Pants. And shirts. And clothes in general.

At Joe Fresh (I know, wtf?)

Employee: How are you doing today?

Me: Fine thanks. How are you?

Employee: I’m good, thanks! It’s kind of cold in here.

Me: Yeah you should probably quit.

At Forever 21

Me: Ughhh.

Me: This would be too small on me.

Me: This would be too short on me.

Me: This is too pink.

Me: This is…wait what is this?

At H&M

Mom with her daughter: Hey this would be cute! [holds up a sparkly black mini skirt]

Daughter: UGH not for festivals!

Me: Um you should listen to your mom, she knows what she’s talking about and could really fix your whole look. If you consider what you’re wearing “a look”.

At Forever 21

Me: I need these shoes.

Me: No.

Me: Yes I do.

Me: You need food, water and shelter.

Me: And these shoes.

Me: Then you have to throw out a pair at home to balance your life.

Me: When did I make that rule?

Me: Yeah wtf that rule sucks.

Me: Unlimited amount of shoes, right?

Me: Right.

Me: But then if I buy these I’ll have to wait in line and talk to someone.

Me: Unnecessary purchase.

At Joe Fresh

Me: Hi, do you have these in a darker denim?

Employee: Hmm no, I don’t think so. But we have them in red!

Me: Oh, okay. That’s the same.


62 thoughts on “A Day Out On The Town

    • I thought they might be pretty similar. Which is good because then when we meet (which will will!) we can let our inner monologues out and it will be super refreshing!

    • Hah thanks! Yeah most guys aren’t big fans of shopping around. Reading my post counts as shopping, so I guess you’re off the hook for a while!

  1. Both of your Joe Fresh ones made me laugh out loud. I really wish there was an abbreviation for that rather than typing it all out. My inner voice is always “get away from me” or “shut up” so I could never do a piece like this.

    • Oh awesome! That’s a big compliment! Thanks! I love making people LOL. Whoa did I just revolutionize the spelling of laughing out loud or what? Inner voice pieces are fun. That would be funny if your inner voice hated you.

    • Hah thanks! Private thoughts are some of the best ones, right? It’s always fun to make silent observations. Glad I made you proud! Hahah

    • Haha that’s amazing. I wish I was as brave as you. Honestly, I do. Part of me is torn in wanting people to like me, and the other part couldn’t care less. It’s an inner struggle…

  2. When you have depression and it’s rearing it’s ugly head,,,your inner voice always hates you! Just sayin,,,,I wanted to kick my inner voice in the vajajay today for being just that way!
    Whats wrong with Joe Fresh?? I saw on the news they are branching out in the states to I think JC Penneys??

    My problem is showing what I’m thinking by the expression on my face,,unfortunately, I’m usually wearing my “”are you f’in serious??” Look on my cute little face 😉

    • Hah yeah it would be hard when you’re constantly having battles with your inner voice. That’s when I opt for naps–I shut my brain off for a while. Hah!
      Nothing is wrong with Joe Fresh, I actually liked it! I just know that a lot of my American friends won’t know what that is until it comes to the states so I tried to cater to their thought process by adding ‘wtf?’
      Haha yeah I have to constantly check myself that I’m not giving people the stink-eye or just flat out staring at them!

  3. Ahhh don’t talk to me about shopping! (But seriously do, I love it). I’m in the same position as you, trying to save but getting distracted by sparkly items I don’t need (I literally just spent $75 on leggings. HOW?).

    Also appreciate your unhelpful encounter with the shop assistant. There’s nothing more pleasing then going into a store and saying “I know what Jeans I want. These ones, Do you have them?” only for them to spend the next 45 minutes trying to convince you that jeggings are the exact same thing.

    • $75 on leggings! BUT (this is how I justify expensive purchases) they are probably good quality and leggings are like, an every day staple so they’re definitely worth it. Did you get them from Lulu Lemon or something?!
      Haha exactly. They are so busy trying to make a sale that they don’t even take into consideration that they don’t know your style at all and just end up naming a bunch of different items. So weird!

      • Hahaha nah they’re this brand called Black Milk and they’ve got like print designs on them. I saw a girl wearing them and I was like I HAVE TO HAVE YOU! hahaha. Definitely not Lulu Lemon, if I wore them I’d feel more inclined to actually exercise.

        Got it in a nutshell. It’s ridiculous. A friend was saying she went in to buy a specific pair of jeans and they tried to get her to buy an add-on of jeans that were like $400. Crazy!

  4. erinorange says:

    I love when I’ve been shopping and it’s a school holiday and girls are out with their mams/grannys – the look of disgust when girls pick up crop tops – hilare! (I side with the grannys just cos I’m jealous of their youth and slimness!)

    • Haha omg I wish I could pull off a crop top. No way in hell though. I’m jealous of their youth and slimness too! I don’t think I was ever that slim!
      I do love when moms go shopping with their daughters (or sons!) it’s just so cute.

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    Daar Lily,
    If you are ever in my part of the world, I will pay you to take my teen shopping because I totally suck at it and hate it. My poor child– seriously. My other half does a fabulous job shopping with her. I am actually forbidden on all shopping expeditions. I am like the only woman that stands with all the old men holding the bags outside the stores. My conversations with myself would be banned from all written word.

    • Audra, I will totes take you up on that deal. Sounds like the easiest money I could ever make. I am really good at helping people spend their money. But I understand, shopping can really be a headache sometimes. I actually prefer shopping alone because I hate making people wait for me and I hate waiting for other people. It’s just a weird situation.
      I would pay to hear your inner thoughts on shopping with the money that you pay me to shop with your daughter. Deal?

  6. Growing up my mom always used to make me do the if you buy one thing, you have to throw something out thing. I hated it because I always ended up giving crap away I wanted later! my advice: keep ALL the shoes!

    • Yes! It’s the scariest rule. It’s like, when did we get to the point when we have to punish ourselves for having flawless taste in everything? I hope you keep everything now. You never know when you’ll need that old shirt you bought in 2008, am I right?

  7. I hate clothes shopping. I get so stressed out so I head to a bookstore and go home happier. I barely have anything to wear but I have enough books to last me a good few years.

    • Book shopping is sooo fun. I love bookstores. These days I would totally rather buy books than clothes as well! Having a great book collection is probably equal to having an impressive closet!

    • Target IS nice! I wore an outfit the other day that was 90% from Target. If you have a Target, you have everything you need…and more.

  8. Marya says:

    Lily, our calls H&M, “Hit and Miss.” That store, well, I really have no words for that store. I absolutely LOVE that you are an eavesdropper. Keep it up. I’m good at eavesdropping. Nothing ever fits me at “Forever 21.” And wtf is Joe Fresh? Am I missing something by living in Milwaukee? Today, Adam had to go to the dentist (your friend, Matt P’s cousin, Drew.) He asked if Adam had any recent changes to his medical history. I replied, “If you count losing your best friend/grandfather as a ‘recent change to your MENTAL medical history; then, yeah, Adam has had some recent changes…”

    • Haha omg I will always think of H&M as Hit and Miss from now on. That’s perfect. Nothing fits me at Forever 21 either. It’s made for midgets, I swear. Joe Fresh is like this new cheap clothing brand made by the same guy that made Club Monaco (I think). It’s actually pretty decent!

      Haha best friend/grandfather! Awww

  9. It’s always an adventure, shopping :D. Great post! I really laughed at ‘You need food, water and shelter.’ Priorities hm? Shopping’s getting hard. Though I recently found a black dress for litle money, really quickly, that was fun.

    • Haha exactly. Sometimes I have to talk myself down when I act like I “need” things. I don’t need anymore things. But I want them. Haha.
      Nice purchase! One can never have too many black dresses. Tres chic!

    • Well thank you Carter! It’s not every day that people recognize my genius. You’re quickly becoming one of my favorite people. When are you gonna start your own blog? Do itttt!

  10. That second Forever 21 is sooo me. Including the ending. Ha, I definitely love the ending! 😀

    If only we could actually bring up the guts to say those thoughts out loud, shopping would be totes fun-er. Imagine the shocked faces of store clerks. Hahaha! I should definitely try it, but then I’d feel bad after for being so mean. So nah…

    • Haha yes I often have arguments inside my head too! Thanks!
      I would love to say my thoughts out loud but yeah I definitely agree that they would be too mean. But I would love for once to see what the people say or how they react…priceless!

  11. I read this like ages ago and never commented, I’m such a bell. Though it lead me to reading it all over again haha, I hate shopping for stuff these days, much prefer to do it online where you don’t get the attitude from the snotty shop assistants with no career prospects. Maybe that’s just Chesterfield, I dunno…

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