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Movin’ On Up

Ever since I moved here, Canada has really tried to step up their game for me. They’ve added H&M, Forever 21 (not that I shop there, it’s just comforting to know it’s around), and in Spring 2013 Target will finally arrive. How has Canada survived this whole time without Target, you ask? Well, they haven’t. No one takes them seriously as a country, but maybe with Target on the horizon, things will start to improve.Target-loves-Canada

My little slice of Canada is slightly behind the times. Toronto’s Target is already open for business. And they also have rumors of getting a Nordstrom soon. Lucky bastards.

The first Target to open in Canada was the Guelph, Ontario location. The first customers to make purchases were two scruffy guys. They made a mockery of Target by purchasing things that no one would need to buy: a Michael Bolton CD and a Tarzan DVD. Yes, you read correctly.

Don’t get me wrong, Target is the place where bad purchases are born and where money vanishes from your account. I’ve walked into Target for a notebook and come out with shoes, a board game, gummy bears, 5 lb weights, and nail polish only to realize that I never got my notebook. So trust me, I KNOW.

These guys have made headlines: “Target’s first two customers shop ironically.” They probably thought they were being hilarious. This is super embarrassing for Canada. Do you see how cheesy people are here? I can’t deal. I for one, will treat my Target location with the respect it deserves.

At least I’ll be safe here if the US gets nuked. Bonus. Oh and I don’t  have to deal with pennies anymore. Silver lining.


48 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. thepensiveword says:

    Make a trip to the mainland! I think we’ve got two or three Targets opening VERY soon. Nordstrom is slotted for next year in the old Sears downtown, AND….VIC SECRET!! I can’t even contain my excitement.

    • Omg you lucky son of a gun. I’m so jealous of your life right now. You also have IKEA too! I might have to make a big move for those reasons alone.

    • This is true. My blog was originally me making fun of Canada. There are so many embarrassing things about this country, I started to lose count.

  2. Go Canada! Living in Maine is like living in Canada except there is no national health care and we have had Target for many years. Take that Canada! Maine is ahead of you! 🙂

    • And Maine is super chic. It’s all Stephen King-y up there, right? I’ve never been there, but I would like to visit sometime. Eat some lobster, see some lighthouses–you know, stereotypical Maine things.

      • you forgot climbing a pine tree and of course chasing a moose but you can probably chase moose in Canada. We would love to have you. Make sure everyone knows your from Canada, they will be nicer to you. 🙂

    • I do not know how I’ve lived this long. Thank you for your concern, Katie. Sometimes I feel like no one understands my daily struggles.
      Canada’s reputation is so sad.

  3. You poor, poor girl! No freaking Target? Lily, as I’m sure you’re aware, even though we do buy stuff we don’t need there it creates such a nice diversion when we need it. It’s like a scaled down Pottery Barn. Oh no, do they not have Pottery Barna either? I’m glad you’re getting your Target fix and obviously “you were raised right” and will show Target the respect it deserves. 😉

    • Haha totally Brig! I’m thinking about having a Target party the day of the grand opening. The party will consist of me spending a lot of money at Target for no reason at all. They have Pottery Barn in Vancouver, but not near me! Do you see the sacrifices I have to make? Such a rough life… 😉

    • Em, you get me. Luckily, I got my Target fix when I went home recently. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too much longer until the Target opens here. I should spread rumors here that Target sucks and then I’ll have it all to myself. Yeah, that’ll work.

  4. FYI, your arrogances (more than one royal), in Canada, Target is pronounced “Tar-shay” to give it the upscale French boutique image its due, eh? And the American people have been extremely lucky to have them as a second option when shopping for quality goods. Here we have had to settle for the other side of the coin – K Mart. Unless we cross border shop, of course. Those two University students will probably become lawyers and move into politics. When they become party leaders and possibly premiers or prime ministers, they will draw upon their learning from years spent watching U.S. television…and rob us blind. But instead of earning a reputation for the aforementioned crimes, their legacy will be as heroes – the first two customers in Canada’s first Target Store and for the purchase of a Tarzan DVD and Michael Bolton CD. And like every leader before them they will get off scot free.
    Enjoyed the post

    • Thanks He Who! We pronounce it Tar-shay in the states too! Fun times–I guess we have that in common! Ahh KMart isn’t as luxurious as old Tar-shay is it? Nope. Neither is WalMart!

      Haha I love the future of these two lads. Makes sense to me!

  5. Sadly there are no Targets anywhere near me. I miss those stores. The savings, the special brands, the khakis, it was all so wonderful. Do they franchise? How much does it cost? Maybe I can franchise one then live in the toy aisle.

    • Ahh yes. The khakis. Never wear a red shirt in Target though. Everyone will ask you questions.
      I would totally live in the toy aisle if I had to live in Target. Or maybe in the bedding aisle. I don’t know if they franchise…you should look into it. Tell me how that works out.

  6. It seems to be super big right now. They really are putting it out there and they are making over most of them completely. At the Zellers location was emptied out completely and under some crazy construction.
    I totally get that shopping for more than you expected when I went to Plattsburgh. Target is a walk in and you just never know what you come out with. Although my part of the cart filled up with lots of baking stuff that I can’t find in Canada so that was totally awesome 🙂

    • Yes! Once all the Zellers packed up, I was so excited! Target time!
      It’s totally a curse though, you’re right. Nice! Glad you scored some sweet baking goods. 😀

  7. I’m making a pros and cons of moving to Canada at the moment since it may be on the cards. I know none of the stores, it sounds like our Woolworths, they went into liquidation. I’m just chucking out all the useless scrap I’ve got, it sounds like the kinda place I’ll just restock on aforementioned crap?

    • Haha yeah there are lots of pros, and a fair share of cons! But that goes for most places, right? You would figure out things pretty quickly. I lived in Canterbury, UK for three years–I remember when Woolworths went under! Ours was replaced with Pound Land lol!
      Yeah, Target is where you find crap that you don’t need, but everything looks so shiny and new that you decide you can’t possibly live without all this stuff. It’s so scary.

      • Oh yeah, I did read you had UK experience. I was in the north of england for new year and I googled Marks and Spencer and Waitrose for food shopping but they had been taken over by poundlands. They may aswell change England to Poundland.

        The pros I am hoping are less people, London gets busier by the day, less filth on the streets, and not such bitter cold, from what I read about Vancouver anyway, the rest of Canada not so much.

  8. I used to live near a Target (in my native land, where I’m now again living, we’re not lucky enough to have such an institution), and I can honestly say that about 75% of my entire paycheck went to them. At one point I thought I should just ask my employer to have my money direct deposited into Target’s bank account. That store is evil! You can’t just buy one, or five, things, you have to fill up the whole cart!
    Love your posts!

    • Aww thank you so much! I love yours too! You make me want to be Serbian haha!

      Actually, I think you’re onto something with hooking up our paychecks to a Target account. I mean, all my money will end up there anyway, right? Now every Target has a grocery sections–I might as well set up camp and just move in!

  9. I was going to be offended on behalf of all of Canada but decided a) Canada will leave the righteous indignation to our American friends and b) when Canadian-owned Zellers was taken over by Target, it became a major news story about national identity in crisis, so, yeah, we’re embarrassing.

    • Lol to be honest, I would totes shop there but I think I’m too tall for their clothes. Like, nothing fits me properly in there! Such good deals, but it just doesn’t work for me! So I boycott it. Hahah
      Ahh nice! I might have to have a Nordstrom weekend in the cit-tay!

  10. this side of the planet is doomed, i tell you, its doomed. We DON’T have Target, in fact I have no clue what Target is. We do have Uniqlo 🙂 and several IKEA

    • That sucks! Target is like WalMart–it kind of has everything. A one stop shop, if you will. Uniqlo is cool, but it doesn’t have home stuff does it? Just clothes, right? I love IKEA though!

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