Sweet People Being Sweet

Here are two cute videos that everyone should watch. I love both of them so much. It really restores my faith in humanity when I see stuff like this.

The first video is only 3 minutes and the second one is 11minutes! I know, I know. I hate things that take up my precious time too, but if you have nothing to do, watch them both. That is all.



29 thoughts on “Sweet People Being Sweet

  1. I only watched the first one and I’m not going to make any jokes even though I really want to. It is pretty amazing that he opened up his own westauwant though. Don’t you feel like a failure now though? He’s got his own westauwant and what do we have?

    Here are two videos that are somewhat related.

    • I love both of those videos sooo much! Tim is the greatest. I wish his restaurant was near me, I’d go in everyday just for the hugs. 🙂 Also, his happy dance is the best!!! It makes me feel good just watching it.
      Caine… I have only love for that kid.
      It’s great that you put these up – they’re so sweet and happy. 🙂

      • Tim is the greatest–I know that would be your new breakfast place for sure. I love his dance. I made Paul watch it and he was like, “Ugh I don’t want to. I don’t like the same things as you.” But then when he saw the dance, he smiled. Hahah
        If my child isn’t like Caine, you can have him, okay? I will only accept Caine-like children. Thanks mom!

      • Caine is a little dear. …so very little in his pursuits. I just love his enthusiasm and imagination. It’s obvious that to him it’s all very real. So cute.
        I’m glad Paul liked the dance. Of course he did. Imagine if Tim was your son – do you think Paul would dance with him? LOL!

    • It’s funny that I haven’t seen any of Bill Hick’s stand up and the first time I watch some, it’s him being pretty serious. I liked it though. I also love that Great Dictator speech. Charlie Chaplin is so amazing. I’ve actually never seen that movie, but I figured that’s what it’s from. Otherwise, I probably sound retarded.

      Speaking of that, I think you’re kind of jealous of Tim’s Place. You probably wish you had come up with the idea, am I right? And yes, I do feel like a failure, but whatevs. Nothing different from the norm.

      • Bill Hicks was incredibly serious for the most part. That’s why people love him, he had a valuable message about hating Ronald Reagan. And yes the speech is from The Great Dictator. I’ve never seen the movie either. I forget how I found the video.

        I’m incredibly jealous that the other Tim has his own place and I don’t. I could probably convince him to hire me easy. I could probably convince him that I am him too. Should I do it? Would that be cruel?

  2. Peaches says:

    I saw the Tim one pop up in my facebook feed today. I’m feeling a little 6th degree-ed-ness of separation going on between us. It was super awesome that he has his own restaurant with hugs on the menu and all though. Now where can I even get a basic job….?

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