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Let’s Take a Moment

For someone who has no nails, I’m obsessed with nail polish to an unhealthy degree. I know every brand, nail accessory, and collection. One of my favorite brands is O.P.I. They have amazing colors and they’re a super innovative company. I usually approve of most collections that they put out, which is why I was so taken aback when I saw that they collaborated with Mariah Carey.-OPIMariahcareycollection-

O.P.I is known for their cute play-on-word polish names. In their Nice Stems collection (summer 2011) they had a shade of magenta called “Be a Dahlia Won’t You?” and one called “I Lily Love You” which I had no choice but to purchase. The brand is also well known for featuring a different country every year and doing a collection inspired by the nation’s life style. For example, in their Germany collection they had a nice nude shade called “Berlin There Done That.” Cute, right? You get the picture.

I was looking at the Mariah collection and the names were terrible. I knew that O.P.I must have let MC name her own polishes because they sounded like how I described colors when I was eleven.

Here are some examples:

“Pink Yet Lavender”


“Anti Bleak”

“A Butterfly Moment”

When I saw “A Butterfly Moment” I had to laugh. A couple months ago I saw a video of Mariah guest-hosting on QVC. The video was just a compilation of Mariah trying to fit her favorite word, “moment”, into every description. It’s incredible and amazing and one of my favorite clips of all time.

I think my faves were the “bandana moment” and the “diamond moment”. It gives me no greater pleasure than to see people struggle with words. I struggle with them all the time especially when I’m trying to describe something. From now on I’m just going to use the word moment to fill in any gaps. I think it’ll sound really professional and intelligent. Maybe throw it into a masters thesis or something. The possibilities are truly endless. It’s like an endless moment. I think we should all go out and buy “A Butterfly Moment” nail polish. That way, if things get too hectic during the day, we can look down at our nails and have the butterfly moment that Mariah wanted us to have.


29 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Moment

  1. Do you remember when she was misquoted as saying, “When I watch TV and see all those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I would love to be skinny like that, but not with all that flies and death and stuff.” Unfortunately she did not say that. I was so much happier laboring under the belief that she was that stupid.

  2. I saw that video the other day and I was really close to sending it to you because it’s pretty much the most perfect encapsulation of Mariah Carey and for sone reaon i thought you’d appreiate it. My husband and I were trying to figure out if they told her to say moment so many times or if she really is that genius.

    • Haha this video is literally one of my favorite things. If I was Oprah, I would give this away as a gift at Christmas. I would love to go on QVC just as a normal person and start using the word moment for everything. How fast do you think they would take me off the air?

      I didn’t even notice “sone reason i” until you pointed it out! I am a great reader…

  3. I get the distinct impression that Mariah has difficulty coming up with memorable unique impressions of her own. That’s just my opinion. I don’t get the feeling she’s too bright. Poor Mariah. She knows a lot about singing but not much about much else. Except she likes buterflyies. She really likes butterflies.

    • Haha not much! Thank you! Yeah, nail polish is just an extra luxury. I bet you would like it if you were a girl, just sayin’! Glad you think this post is so anti bleak! Hahah

  4. I polish off nails with a hammer. The nails are called nails. The hammer is a hammer. Good God Almighty, someone kill me now! First, abbreviations and now colors that give no indication of the color. I just want to cry, really, just cry. STOP THE MADNESS! HF

    • Did you even watch the Mariah video? It’s so stupid. But funny.
      I do like having the power to make you cry. More Mariah/nail polish posts to come!

  5. YES! OPI always have the best names.
    Mariah Carey sucks in general. I’ve always hated her. And her stupid raspy speaking voice, and the squeaky, horribly fakey singing voice. UGH.
    Now THIS?! I can’t it! Hahahaha. Moment, moment, moment! Ridiculous!

    • I know, right?
      She does suck. She’s so tacky and dumb. I just hate that she thinks she’s so great. You can tell that she does, ya know? Haha I’ll never think of the word moment the same way….

    • Haha I think Mariah’s entire life is a stupid moment unfortunately. Sometimes we need to dumb ourselves down to have a bit of a laugh, right? šŸ˜‰

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