It’s been brought to my attention that some of my older readers don’t understand my use of abbreves. It’s supes depressing and awk that you can’t understand what I’m I’m trying to say. But it’s kind of presh that you don’t get my lingo. I’m sure you’re totes jels that I can speak a more evolved version of the English language than you. I’ll defs help you figure out what I’m saying. The words will become pretty obvi if you just sound them out. You might feel self conscious and think you’ll sound ridic saying them out loud, but I can assure you that people will think you’re adorbs. Or just cray.


Abbreves = Abbreviations

Supes = Super

Awk =Awkward

Presh = Precious

Totes = Totally

Jels = Jealous

Defs = Definitely

Obvi = Obvious

Ridic = Ridiculous

Adorbs = Adorable

Cray = Crazy

Other common abbreves:

Pop (or pops) = Popular

Ushe = Usual (this one I don’t use too often because when you sound out the word phonetically, it doesn’t really work.)

Rando = Random

Gorge = Gorgeous

Stupes = Stupid

Whatev = Whatever

Fave = Favorite

Coze = Cozy

Delish = Delicious

Clev = Clever

Beaut(e) = Beauty/Beautiful

Vaycay = Vacation

Prob = Problem

That’s just a little sampling of what you should’ve been able to fig out on your own. You can make an abbreve out of anything. ANYTHING. My fave thing to abbreve are movie titles. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo became Girl with the Drag Tat. Les Miserables famously became Les Mis. My family’s personal fave abbreve that I created was for the movie Charlie St. Cloud which I shortened to C St. C. I can’t forget Boys Don’t Cry which got abbreved to B Don’t C. When you make abbreves you’re life becomes lighter and happier. Trust.


57 thoughts on “Abbreves

  1. erinorange says:

    My and my sisters (not that we think we’re the kardashians or anything…) have started using kardashian vocab – bible = telling the truth
    Beyatch = use instead of name ‘hey beyatch’
    All we got for now but it’s totes ridic how fun it is – bible!

  2. Haha that’s funny your wrote about this topic today as just this very morning my bf who is the ripe young age of 50 (i’m 8 yrs younger) asked me what “keep it on the downlo” meant,,,at first I thought he was joking but when those big brown eyes just stared back at me, I just broke down and told him. Then as he was driving me home, he started abbreviating everything like BNT= Better Not Tell,,or IKYA= I’ll kick your ass.
    I think I created a monster!
    Ooooppsss I just realized I told his secret,,guess I’m gonna get a ass kicking #kinky,,,def not gonna explain twitter to my man.

    • Hahah I love that he couldn’t figure out what “keep it on the downlo” meant. I love explaining words and new lingo to people that just don’t understand. It gives me a sense of power in a messed up way. Like I’m enlightening them on a whole new world.

      Lol explaining twitter is too tough..you either get it or ya don’t!

  3. haha! I’m happy you did this post and I know Harper will be to, if and when he finds it.
    When I use these abbreves my life does feel happier and more manageable. It’s like your saying to the world, “Hey, lighten up, don’t be so formal.” Totes fun.

    • Lol don’t worry so much lil momma, he’ll find it. Yeah, abbreves are a way more relaxed way of livin’ life. Totes fun! I’m glad you get it!

      • What???? What???? Did someone mention my name? Sorry, I could not get through the post. Too many misspellings. I know, absolutely know, this post was not for me! I dig the lingo, girlio. I am the cat’s meow. I’m hip like a beatnik. I can abbreviate with the best of them. I know the ZIP in ZIP Code means zoning improvement plan, but you’ll never catch me saying it. I say ZIP Code! I’m down with it. I can even do that thing with my fingers to make a heart. So I know Li that you weren’t writing about Harp Faulk, because Harp Faulk was cool before cool was cool. Ice is jealous in my presence. HF

      • Everything you just said makes you the opposite of cool. And they’re not misspellings if I intended them to be spelled that way. It’s not my fault you’re a square and can’t jive with the best of us. Listen Harpsichord, if you ever want to be in with the in-crowd, you have to pick up this vocab.

        I was definitely writing about you. And yes, I called you old.

    • Les Mis is probably the most famous abbreve of all time. It’s a good one. Rolls right off the tongue. Maybe because it’s French?
      Stud is a good one! And comp! Bonus points for getting creative! šŸ˜€

  4. I’ve noticed I’ve been using more and more abbreves recently, even at work, down the phone “This is totes fixed for you now”

    Or when some woman at work pointed out how slim this other girl was getting, “Probs on smack”

    It’s just the way forward.

    • LOL “this is totes fixed for you now.” Love it. Customers probs appreciate it because they feel like you’re really opening up to them. It’s the way of the future for sure.

  5. I spose brevs are for twitter and/or texting. Is it really fun, Lily, or just easier than using a dictionary? I have no probs w/dic though prefer to use phone, I will get by with a little help from my friends (like you) who teach ’bout new talk. Thnx!

    • Totes fun AND easier than using a dic. Glad I could help convert you into the world of abbreves. But yes, I def agree that it spawned from twitter and txting. Welx!

  6. Ha-ha! Loved reading these! I use ‘awk’, ‘obvi’, and ‘presh’ all the time! The other one I love is we say ‘jelly’ instead of ‘jealous’ and OBVI if you’re deeply jealous of person/thing/WHATEVS then you have to say you’re “mad jelly” tee-hee. There’s a new one for yah!

    • Haha I totes know whatcha mean! I don’t use jelly as much because it makes me hungry…! But it sounds like you’re totes literate in the world of abbreves which makes me supes proud of you!

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