Grinding My Gears

Maybe January is just wearing on me, but everyone is getting on my nerves lately. And by everyone, I mean just the people I come in contact with (pretty much only my reflection). Since the worst month ever is almost over, I thought I would vent with these examples of how terrible society is now.

On Twitter there was a promoted hash tag to tweet your name with no vowels. Simple enough. I don’t know why people would randomly want to tweet their name with no vowels, but whatever. It’s the simple things, really. On Twitter, you can click the hash tag and it will take you to the responses of other accounts who typed the hash tag in their tweet. Here are some examples:tumblr_m8wmikpFNJ1qcr0ryo1_500

How is this real? I’m pretty sure none of them are joking because no one would openly admit to not knowing what vowels are. How is this even possible? I didn’t realize that there are people in the world who just think letters are letters and that’s it. No vowels or consonants. Just letters.

My next example happened in real life. I know, how weird that I would be out of the house bed. I was at the post office and a lady of about 60 years old came in, gray hair and everything. She starts speaking loudly to the person behind the counter about how she’s been listening to a lot of new wave music. “I really like David BAowie.” She pronounced the “Bow” part of his name the way that someone takes a bow, not like a bow that you put in your hair. The wrong way. It was awful. I couldn’t stop starring/being offended. If you don’t know how a person’s name is pronounced, don’t say it. It’s so simple. Or, I don’t know, look it up online? She’s clearly a savvy old lady, listening to new wave music which I don’t even think David Bowie technically fits under, but whatevs. Plus, why would you just assume that the woman at the post office cares about your life at all?

Nothing about this moment was hunky dory.

Nothing about this moment was hunky dory.

Another weird moment happened to me in my safe haven, Sephora. I got a suh-weet gift card from my mom for Christmas and I wanted to buy a little trinket. After searching around the store and not finding Yves Saint Laurent, I asked one of the employees if they carried their products. She said not at the moment, but they’ll get them in March. “Oh, that’s not too bad.” I said. To which she responded, “I know, thank God.” Yes, we should definitely thank God for that. Not for our health or safety or that you’re employed, but let’s thank him for the introduction of YSL products into this Sephora location. Okay. Yes.

I know it’s just a phrase, but it really irked me for some reason. And trust me, I’m not saying that I’m the sharpest tool in the shed by any means. I haven’t known the meaning of certain words before and mispronounced them as well. It happens to everyone. But if it’s something so simple, then shouldn’t it just be common knowledge by this point?

Tomorrow is February. Almost out of the winter months…


78 thoughts on “Grinding My Gears

  1. I think one thing annoyed you then the rest came to kick you while you were down.

    Vowels, does nobody watch Wheel of Fortune? That’s the first thing they teach you in school. And these people are on a website based completely on writing. And I guarantee they have thousands of followers. I hate people. Seriously. This made me mad. I can’t even deal with the Internet anymore. How…..I’m having a heart attack.

    • Paul just pointed out that the person that re-tweeted all of those tweets goes by the twitter name “Butt Pulp” so there’s that. It makes me mad too–I’m glad to have people get mad with me. Misery loves company and stuff like that. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. But yes Wheel of Fortune. I want to do a post about how they don’t need Vana White anymore. Shouldn’t the letter just go on by themselves now? It’s 2013.

  2. I had my own horrible post office moment when a man was vehemently attempting to return a package his mother had sent him during the Christmas season. He spent almost fifteen minutes interacting with the postal worker who was helping him spell out his name and fill out his own address. This was a grown adult! Although, I do suppose he could be angry at his mother for not teaching him how to spell.

    • Omg that’s awful and so frustrating. The post office is one of the worst places to be, hands down. It’s always crowded with the worst people. Who can’t figure out how to fill in their own personal details? Man, that’s pretty bad.

  3. Nice post! Funny and entertaining. What happens when those who do know vowels tweet their name? Thanks for making me very grateful for the parents and education that I was fortunate enough to receive! I may not know much but I know what a vowel is! 🙂

  4. Your Sephora incident would have gotten on my nerves, too. Once (and I stress “once”) I went to a Mary Kay makeup party and there was some woman there who was stressing out about ordering some stupid moisturizer that the company evidently no longer made. She was completely going mental over finding an equivalent product. The whole time I was like, really? Of ALL the bad things that happen in the world, this is what you are losing your brain over? Priorities, peeps.

    • Yes thank you! I just didn’t understand. I wasn’t even that worried about it and I was the one that was asking! All products are pretty much the same–the packaging is just different. I mean, come on ladies! Priorities indeed!

  5. So in the case of your name, would it by ll or lly? You know, because of the sometimes “y” rule?

    I have a killer headache and need January to be over. 4 1/2 more hours…

  6. unfetteredbs says:

    I had a lady call the library and ask me if I had a 1968 directory for the county. I told her I would look into it for her. When I asked her for her name that I would call her back she told me she wanted to be anonymous. She said she would call me back. I said ok. I then asked her what the name of the family she was looking up– she replied she did not know. I said WHAT? She said she had the first name of the GRANDMOTHER of the person she was looking up? So repeated what she said to me back to her ” So you expect me to find the address of a person from 1968 but you do not have a last name only the FIRST name of the person’s grandmother? Thinking she would hear the idiocy in her request. She said well, yes can you get it for me? I then asked her well if I have the directory are you going to come in and look at it? She replied well no I am calling from out of state and I want you to FAX me the information. Ummmm ok, I’ll get right on it.
    OYE people. The vowel thing is pretty scary. I am right there with you, Only I really want it to be April. No more winter.
    ( this is really too long..sorry)

    • Wait, that’s literally insane. Hahaha that’s so stupid my mind almost can’t fathom that it happened. What if you just made up a last name and sent it to her? That’s what I would’ve done. Actually, I probably just would’ve laughed and then hung up. But maybe that’s not allowed? 😉

      April sounds good to me. Perfect weather. I’m right there with ya!

  7. The vowel thing….That is horrendous!! It reminds me of a girl I was in college with who didn’t know what odd and even numbers were. IN COLLEGE!!!
    I’m not a Twitter-er (please don’t hate for saying ‘Twitter-er’) but I am astonished that so many people would admit to being stupid on a public forum.

    • That’s insane about even and odd numbers. I mean, I think of myself as pretty dumb so when someone doesn’t know something that I think is basic, it frightens me.

      Lol nahh Twitter is over-rated anyway. You’re not missing out on much. People will say anything for attention on Twitter…even negative attention.

    • I know, right? Yeah we should probably do some Fahrenheit 451 shite and start burning all the books because people clearly don’t use them anymore.

  8. LOL LiLY!! You are so much fun! Oh that lady in the post office telling the postal clerk about Davie BAowie! Why does she know about David BAowie? Why is she talking about it to anyone let alone the postal clerk! LOL!! I’m so glad you have a blog so you can report back these important things to us!! Still laughing about Sophora being your safe haven! LOL! It seems to me like the clerks who work there are just getting weirder and weirder. It’s like they start the day with a coating of makeup and as the day wears on they eventually put on every single sample so that about 1:00 in the afternoon they don’t look like real people anymore. I think you could start a whole blog just hanging out and watching people in Sophora!

    • Thanks Linda! 😀 Why DOES she know about David BAowie? It threw me so off guard. Haah Sephora is definitely where I feel the most safe and comfortable! I think you’re right about their makeup application though. They all look like drag queens. Which is a good thing, I guess, if that’s the look they’re going for?

      Lol when I started my blog I used to have weekly judgement days where I would just judge people. Maybe I should get back to doing those! Haha

      • Yes! That’s who they remind me of! HA! Oh I think you should definitely have a judgement day, Lily. Your observations are hilarious! You just have a natural talent for being within earshot of the random craziness! 😀

    • Omg she is probably one of the many who don’t know what vowels are! That should be the girlfriend test for every parent: Do you know what a vowel is? And what do you know about Mt. Rushmore? Hahaha

      • Hahah! Those are definitely the very first questions that will come out of my mouth next time I’m introduced to one of his new girlfriends. (and he almost married her too — oh she also thought that WW II was the war that ended slavery and when I told her that was the civil war she said, “are you sure?”) She also cooked an entire meal for us at my house and thought the powdered sugar was rice flower. The meal was quite weird.

  9. I have had the same thing, except it was not vowels or consonants, rather the meaning of words. Where I work I am in charge if hr stuff so personal detail forms are in my forte. Now this lady came for an interview the other day, and she took one long hard stare at the form then asked “what does ‘position’ mean?” My only response was an equally long hard stare. Another event was when I used to work behind the counter of a takeaway. Good times. No not really. Anyway I received an order over the phone for a can of coke. I said “would you like regular or diet?” The person on the other end said “what’s regular?” I replied “normal or diet coke” the other person clearly sounded baffled, so I then added “do you want red or silver?” “Oh right, red please.”

    Anyway, great post. Sorry for errors, I’m using my phone to post up a message.

    • Omg it’s crazy how dumb some people are! I can’t believe you had to say “red or silver?”! How would it get to that point?! And what does position mean?! I’m hoping and praying that she didn’t get the position since she didn’t even know what that word meant? Man that’s so scary.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 😀

  10. erinorange says:

    The vowel thing must be partly due to the untimely passing of Richard Whiteley and a decrease in viewing figures for Countdown, can’t really think other reasons why people wouldn’t know what a vowel is?
    I’m going to be on your hate list too ‘cos I too pronounce David Bowie like that older lady, but what do I know know, even my own dad can’t understand my accent ha

    • Haha no you’re not on my hate list at all! I actually just hadn’t ever heard it pronounced that way, but I looked it up and turns out quite a few people pronounce it like that. Yeah Countdown over there and Jeopardy over here. All the quiz shows that heighten our knowledge are going to be gone in the future, I’m sure!

    • I know, right? These people probably have jobs. Yikes. Max actually seems very agitated in his response. Like he couldn’t possibly be a part of this Twitter fun because his name definitely doesn’t have a vowel in it. It’s okay Max. Or should we call him Mx?

  11. I had my own Post Office horrors this week. The US raised its postal rates this week but did not yet print the international stamps to go with those rates. The first P.O. I went to didn’t have the old ones nor the 5cent stamps that would make them legal even if they had had them. I finally found both at another post office that doesn’t get much international traffic. But still no new international stamps which will be Forever stamps, finally. I did find US post card stamps which are NOT forever stamps. And had to wait in line behind people who were still trying to wrap up their packages before they got to the window (they didn’t make it) and others who were still filling out their forms when they got to the window and held everyone up. Did I say I HATE the P.O.? And how is it that people go through years of school and not know what a VOWEL is? How can that be? Do I want to live in a country where people don’t know what a vowel is? I wonder…

    • Ugh I totally understand your frustration. The world doesn’t cater to people who have international relations. I always find things like that difficult. I also hate the Post Office so much. I usually don’t mind waiting in line, but people are so slow and annoying and waste time. Grrrr.

      As for the vowel thing, I know. It’s awful. So disturbing.

  12. I can’t read all of this yet. Have to sneak up on it when it’s not looking; I’m already having a sh*t day. I don’t want to add yours to it until I’m ready to fight back.

    The vowels thing is terrifying. TERRIFYING.

    And that Bowie lady. 60? Bowie’s nearly 66. So she knows how to say that name. She’s just being obtuse. Or maybe English isn’t her first language? Either way, saying that to a postal worker is just wrong. They’ve got enough trouble.

    But the vowels…the vowels…Wait! Twitter said it wrong. It’s vAowels. Everybody knows what vAowels are.

    I’ll be back when life stops barking at me and crapping on my shoes. Gimme another few hours.

    • Hahah Vaowels. True. Everyone would’ve figured it out. I think you’re right about the lady just acting really dense. Like, come on.

      Sorry life is handing you lemons right now. At least January is over! And February is short….and then Spring!

      • LOL…thanks…only one lemon. Not so bad, just intermittently irksome.

        Sephora! Good to see they hire people who have their priorities straight. What could be more important to humanity than the presence of YSL?

        ::shakes head::

    • I KNOW!!! It’s so scary. I think this is going to be my new hobby though, finding dumb people on Twitter and then making fun of them here. Thanks Jells!

  13. On a somewhat related subject, my daughter and I have been laughing all week over the news item that they were coming out with a board game for the App “Words with Friends”–what the heck!??! It’s called Scrabble and it’s been out forever! But, I guess it is one more way for people to learn about vowels. HF

    • I totally know what you’re talking about. Paul and I laugh about that same thing. Did Scrabble not have a patent or something? How are they making the exact same game and calling it something else? Oyyy.

  14. Never mind that is January out of the way,
    soon there will be a few birds singing and
    then the sun will shine, oh how I miss that
    sun… I hope I am not being melancholy on
    my first ever visit to your blog? 😦 Boo-Hoo

    Have a nice evening 🙂

    • I wish I was a poet! You painted a love picture, so you definitely cheered me up! You’re not being too melancholy at all. Thanks so much for stopping by!

      • I hope that you will call into my world too, it is a mixed cocktail of poetry and fictional stories but perhaps you will find something interesting 🙂

        Thank you for your kind thoughts
        and have a very nice rest of weekend 🙂

  15. jninesworld says:

    I don’t think February is going to be any better. I take public transportation to work and it causes me to hate society. If looks could kill I would be on death row. I murdered several people with my eyes just this morning. Ugh. Someone better bring me warm weather and sunshine or I will need to be locked away. PS – I plan on following butt pulp on twitter. I can’t help it, I’m intrigued. Hope you’ve broken out of your January funk.

    • Public transportation is a gold mine for people watching. Although I can imagine that I would be giving tons of death stares too. Yikes. Hah February has proven to be better than January, but still, not by much. I think I need to follow butt pulp as well. If only for his amazing name.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  16. You’re not on your… lady week are you? I know that tends to get women mad at everything. That’s what I tell everyone at work anyway. The first one I can’t even believe it, imagine if they’d watched Countdown on Channel 4, I dunno if you’d ever watched that when you were in England but they wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. It’s a sad fact that the world is full of idiots now.

    By the way, liking the theme, it’s uncharacteristically cheery of you 😛

    • Lol nah I’m not on my lady week. And mine definitely doesn’t last a week, that would be torture! Or maybe I was when I wrote this. Too much info? 😉

      I never watched that much Countdown in England because I didn’t have a TV. But I do know of the show and I think it’s too smart for me. The smartest show I can do is Jeopardy, but I even suck at that too. 😦

      • No one ever watches that much Countdown, it’s made purely for old people. I remember that being that show that told me what vowels were though. They should show that shit in schools.

        And it’s alright, the smartest show I can do is Deal or No Deal and that’s only because it doesn’t have any questions…

  17. Since you kind of started it, and thank you for that, one of the biggest indicators to me that the world is spinning off its axis is the use of the phrase “no problem” in the customer service industry as a response to someone saying “thank you”. It’s not a big deal on the surface but before, when you thanked someone for good service and they said, “you’re welcome” — it was about you, the customer. Now when they say, “no problem” it’s about them and their reaction to how serving others affects them.
    “Thank you, the service and the food was great.”
    “No problem.”
    “Gee, that’s great. I was worried the whole meal that we might be putting you out.”

    • Hahah that’s such a good point! I feel like young waiters and waitresses or retail salespeople are always guilty of this behavior. It’s a type of person. But yeah it’s a small change, but it makes a difference.

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