Up and Coming

It’s rare that I post about the  goings-on in my life. Mostly because there’s nothing going on to report about. But this week, I have a couple of bits and bobs to talk about so I figured I would throw them all into one messy post. I know it’s not Freshly Pressed worthy, but we can’t be perfect every day.

The first order of business is that Rarasuar asked me to guest post on her blog! I was super excited but I was also super scared because I’m not creative and I never know what to write about. She gave me some cool prompts to choose from so when you have time you should wander over there and see which one I picked!

The second order of business is that BreezyK at The Camel Life sent me a sweet Christmas present in the mail! I only got it last week because the mail takes forevs. A while ago she held a drawing for her followers to win special mix tapes that she made. I entered assuming that I wouldn’t win because I never win anything and my name was pulled out of a hat! Or maybe a bowl…I don’t remember. The CD is amazing and it’s filled with a lot of songs that I hadn’t heard before and some familiar tunes. I was so excited to have a little piece of Breezy’s heart with me to listen to whenever I want. That sounds so creepy, but really, she described the mix as a piece of her heart. Thanks Bree!

Hopefully this mix wasn't supposed to be secret because I'm showing it to the world.

Hopefully this mix wasn’t supposed to be secret because I’m showing it to the world.

I feel like I need to start my own fan club or something. Is it allowed for people to be the president of their own fan club? I mean, I would totally do it.

Third order of business is that I’ve started to get slightly crafty. Don’t worry, I’m not using hot glue guns or crocheting rugs, but I have started to dabble in painting and jewelry. I bought an over-sized serving tray a while ago to sit on my ottoman because we don’t have a coffee table. We still don’t really use the tray or ottoman as a coffee table, but  the tray looks much better now that it’s painted. I made the mistake of not taking a BEFORE picture, but here’s what it looked like AFTER:DSC02487

The paint color I used was Swimming by Sherwin Williams. I love paint names.

The jewelry making has proved to be a harder feat than I expected. My friend invited me to a jewelry making get together and I had no idea what to do. I just figured I would craft some friendship bracelets for myself or something. My friend told me that she looks for inspiration on Pinterest and then tries to copy a design that she likes. I thought that was a smart idea so I perused through my jewelry board and realized that everything I like is impossible to make except for this:281475045430700403_bPznEwXS_c

I’m in the process of making my own variation. They didn’t have those pretty turquoise beads at Michael’s so I just bought blue ones. Let me tell you, stringing beads is no easy thing. I’ll probably lose my eyesight because of this stupid necklace.

And lastly, I’m going to start doing posts called Lily’s Literature where I give a short review on the last three books that I’ve read. The first one I did was called Good Reads because I talked about the website. I’ll probably change the title on that one to Lily’s Literature because it has a certain ring to it, don’tcha think? Anyway, these posts will probably take a while for me to complete because I’m a slow reader. Just be patient, young grasshoppers.


36 thoughts on “Up and Coming

      • I’m actually a very patient person – I can see my desire for instant gratification and can sideline it to get the delayed gratification without too much fuss most of the time. It does seem to be more and more of a problem, though, as our society moves further in the direction of having everything instantly available at our fingertips. In the future, will be no longer need the word “patience” or we will still have it but it will just mean something different from what it means now? Does it already mean something different from what it meant a hundred years ago? (not necessarily in the definition of the word – but in our understanding of that definition)

      • You raise an interesting point. I’m pretty patient compared to most people. I don’t mind waiting in line and stuff like that. I think you’re right about future generations though. It seems like we complain about the most trivial things–like if the internet isn’t super fast or you have to stop at a red light or something.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Yay “Goings On In Lilys Life” posts are awesome! 😀 I haven’t posted that much about my life recently, also because I havent got much to report. I haven’t been very bitter recently; perhaps I should rename my blog to Evolution of Serenity.

    • Thanks Petey, my biggest fan 😀
      I’ve actually noticed that you’ve turned over a positive, happy leaf so far this year. Although, it’s only January hah! But still, I think you’re great either way. LOL about Evolution of Serenity! Hah or what about Evolution of Calm? HAHA

      • Pete Howorth says:

        LOL! Evolution Of Calmness and then the tag line, “It’s Really Calming” 😀

        I’m only happier this year because I have money and a job so far, but yeah it’s still early doors yet. I’m still dreading the day I get fired for doing something silly!

      • Hah you would probably get fired for being too ‘ard or something like that. Which is actually a good thing. Or being to calm.

        We should start an Evolution of Calmness blog and only post things that calm us. Like post videos of Enya and spas and stuff hahah wtf am I even saying.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Being too ‘Ard is why I always get fired. Definitely won’t be for being too calm! Enya and spas hahaha! The best idea ever.

  2. thepensiveword says:

    Perhaps I missed this somewhere, but where in Canada are you? I too am in Canada…Vancouver to be exact 🙂 Love your blog! I’m new to the blogging thing so I’m happy to hear that others struggle about what to write as well. That couldn’t have been just me, right? Cheers! -Desiree

    • I’m in Victoria right now! We’re super close! We should do a super cool blogger meet up one of these days! Thanks so much! I struggle with blogging ideas ALL THE TIME. I think it’s hard because I feel like I have to write for other people, when really, blogs should just be about whatever you want–all ideas are good ones! Thanks Desiree! I love your name 🙂

      • thepensiveword says:

        Thanks!! Yes, that’s been my biggest hurdle. Then I sat down and thought, what do I take interest in? Started writing about those things and I find they ideas flow more easily. Whether or not people find it interesting, up for debate. Hah! A blogger meetup would be awesome! Let me know if you ever venture to the mainland 🙂

  3. aah so glad you got the mixtape and you enjoy it!! Totally cool you shared it 🙂 I’m also very impressed by your craftiness and I almost bought a lace skirt in the colour of that necklace at Forever21 yesterday. Seafoam = so hot right now

    • Yeahhh! I was so excited! I’m one of those people who still burns CDs while everyone else is listening to satellite radio so it was amazing that you made me one. Seafoam is like the hottest of hots. You might have to go back and get that lace skirt. Seems like a necessary purch.

  4. 1) Nobody ever asks for my help

    2) The last thing I got in the mail was a $230 Target bill and a $117 check from my unused vacation time from work. Do the math to figure out how this is not a good thing

    3) I think you read more books in a month than I have in 5 years. If we take away books about professional wrestlers then I think I’ve only finished one

    You’re not as uncool as you pretend to be

    • 1) I ask for your help. Sometimes. Maybe once.

      2) At least you got money from work! But then again, you could’ve spent that on a nice vacation. Bad choices. I don’t know what vacation would cost $117 but I’m sure there’s one.

      3) When I was in college I refused to read because I had so much reading to do for school. So I’m kind of making up for lost time. I am a really slow reader though. I unfortunately know more about wrestling than I’d like to, so I think we both lose on that one.

      Thanks! That’s actually a great compliment. Maybe that should be my blog’s tagline?

    • I know right?! I was ecstatic! We need to do more blog giveaways. They’re fun.

      I was thinking about adding something cool to the bottom of the tray but I don’t know what to do. I’m not a very good artist so it can’t be anything hard…hmmm

  5. You seem to really like the color aquamarine or is it swimming or nautical blue. I don’t know, but I do know that blue is the color of water and apparently paint companies aren’t all that clever.

    Lily’s literature sounds great. It’s much better than the gender specific kindle reviews I do in which the kindle continually changes its sex to accommodate the books it consumes. Plus, you’ve gotta love alliteration.

    • I do, I do! My favorite color used to strictly be pink. And I think I maxed out on it. I really like blues and greens and yellows now.

      Hah alliteration is my favorite. My maiden name used to start with an L as well, so I was pretty pleased. Kindles confuse me. I like to hold books and turn pages. But I still want a kindle for some reason.

  6. Wait – that’s what you decided on for your first jewelry project?!?
    Cripes, I’d have braided 3 pieces of twine and called it a day.
    Very ambitious, can’t wait to see the finished piece!

    And you do have a fan club. It’s called Lily in Canada! Right here on the internet!

    • Aww thanks Guap! How kind!

      We’ll see how the jewelry making thing turns out. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make it look as good as the picture. If it’s hilariously awful, I’ll definitely make sure to post how it came out!

    • Thanks! It looks kind of random in my place, but I figure if Paul makes a bookshelf for me, I can use the left over paint on it and they will complement each other. We’ll see! I know…the paint strips are awesome! So many choices!

      Very kind of Breezles. Lots o’ blog lovin!

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