Getting Freshly Pressed (or spending every minute refreshing your email)

I’ve been warned that getting Freshly Pressed is no picnic. It’s an honor, of course, but it’s also a lot of work. I mean, if you want to do it the right way. For every comment I get, I feel the need to respond. I wouldn’t want people to think that I didn’t read their thoughts that they took the time to write. And I love them! I felt like a celebrity with fan mail. A celebrity that sits in bed eating fistfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios. I also made sure to go check out everyone’s blog who followed or subscribed to mine and left them a little message. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule written in Emily Post’s Etiquette somewhere. Unfortunately I started to realize that I couldn’t think of that many different things to say to people. So I started saying “Have a nice day!” Since when do I care if people have a nice day? If I said that to you, I’m so sorry.

I feel kind of guilty being Freshly Pressed though. Why were my dumb words on the front of WordPress when I know so many other amazing and talented writers who get snubbed? Maybe it was luck. Or maybe it was because I acted super depressed towards the Freshly Pressed Twitter account.fpdagainfpd

They probably wanted to get me off their back. Which makes sense. My mom can attest to the fact that I’m great at annoying people until I get what I want.

Anyway I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and reading my thoughts and laughing with me. There are so many awesome blogs on WordPress, there’s just not enough time in the day to visit them all!

Have a nice day!


56 thoughts on “Getting Freshly Pressed (or spending every minute refreshing your email)

    • You know how I do. Hah now I’m not part of the cool, not FP group. Thanks lady! I know you’ve probs been super busy. I know you love me I love you too! And Eebs and A2.

  1. You are way better about responding to comments than I was when I got Freshly Pressed. I think near the end, my only reply was “Thanks for commenting,” since I am evidently a bot. You deserved the acclaim! You better keep your eyes peeled for pictures of you eating cereal in bed in those “The Stars Are Just Like Us” sections of Life&Style.

    • Haha definite robot style. I used a lot of smiley faces as filler. I’m the worst. Thanks so much Emily! I don’t think they would’ve noticed me without your help.
      I love the “Stars Are Just Like Us” section. Us little people.

  2. Awww…it’s tough, keeping up with comments, esp when you’re suddenly blasted with dozens of them. I’m on another site where some of my posts have comment reply backlogs to 2010. Talk about guilt! Thank you for reply to mine AND for visiting my blog. Please don’t worry about replying to this one, though, or I’ll have to start feeling guilty about leaving it and I already have waaaaaay too much angst to slog through every day…


    • You’re way too nice! I wouldn’t leave anyone out, and I definitely wouldn’t skip over a comment from you! Don’t feel guilty! I literally do nothing all day so responding to a comment makes me feel accomplished haha! SO sad…

  3. Well done on getting freshly pressed!
    I only got WordPress today, but having looked through a few of your amusing previous posts, I feel you’ve deserved it!

    I apologize if that sounded slightly patronizing, it’s always hard to get the right tone across when typing…

    • You don’t sound patronizing at all! Thank you so much for the compliment. I know what you mean about “the right tone”. I’m often wording things the wrong way or offending people when I don’t mean to! Hah the pleasures of blogging…!

      Enjoy WordPress! It’s super fun..and addicting.

    • Haha you know it. I need to become fluent in other languages so I can say the same thing, but just alter the way it looks…but that seems like way too much work.

      Hah! They SHOULD sell thesauruses. I would buy one.

      • Yeah, it wasn’t your best. You have several that should have been Fresh Pressed. Unfortunately, it’s not based on skill. When I was Fresh Pressed, it was not one of my best efforts. Not even close. So, I examined the process and discovered it’s based on several factors and none of them are about writing. It’s actually more about WordPress and their goals than about rewarding a blogger. Which I guess is understandable. If it were about writing, you would have been Fresh Pressed long before this. HF

      • I know there’s a compliment in there somewhere but starting out with “it wasn’t your best” is super encouraging. Sweet.
        Don’t pretend like you know how WordPress works.

  4. Your Honey Nut Cheerios reference lets us all know you do not follow the NBA at all. Don’t look it up. All you need to know is it means something dirty in the urban communities. I’m not even sure what exactly. My computer has it blocked.

    You’re the most famous person I know now.

  5. erinorange says:

    Good tip about commenting on someone’s blog that has stopped by yours (followed or liked), going to do that from now on – ended up liking a post I don’t really like – woops!

    • Thanks! I feel like it’s a nice thing to do since they came over to mine, but some people think it’s too over the top. I think it’s fun though 🙂
      Hah I’ve liked posts that I don’t like before too…hah!

  6. I remember when I got Freshly Pressed for my review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. I got something like 1,000 plus views. It was exciting, but then I haven’t been able to produce the same result since then–probably because I sometimes go three months without writing anything–I should probably write other stuff besides film reviews. Anyway, congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    • Yeah I feel too much pressure to keep writing good posts. Film reviews never get old in my book. Blogs are meant to do with whatever you want. If you only want to post every three months, it’s all good.

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