Status Updates

Why do I have to live in a world where people update their statuses daily? Or even hourly? It’s so depressing. I’m not saying that I’ve never updated a status or told the internet my plans for the day, but at least I can recognize that it’s stupid.

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. humans have become more narcissistic than ever. It’s just a big jumble of comments and likes and ratings and favorites and reblogs and retweets and words that shouldn’t even exist but they do. For some reason, we as people, feel that others would be interested in the trivial moments of our lives. I could literally care less what you ate for breakfast or what you bought at Target. Why do people feel the need to tell their “friends” that their dog is sick or it’s their dad’s birthday? LIKE, WHO CARES?!?!


That doesn’t even look like a thumb.

The first thing I see when I log into Facebook is a little bar that says, “How are you feeling, Lily?” It’s like a little prompt to help me make a status. I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to type words and form a complete sentence. It’s almost offensive.

Tweeting is probably the worst. Where some people just treat it as a status update, others like myself treat it as comedy hour. And some people (everyone besides me) just aren’t funny. And it’s painful! But again, why do we feel the need to share our jokes and funny thoughts with people? Can’t we just share them with our friends and leave it at that?

Instagram is like a status update paired with pictures. It’s hard for me to describe how much I don’t care about the funny face your dog made or the vacation you went on with your BFFs. Why do want other people to see these moments? Are these people just constantly at the ready with their phone cameras out, waiting for something interesting to happen? Shouldn’t these people be, I don’t know, at work?

Status updates have become a part of life. They’re normal. It’s only when you take a step back and analyze what everyone is doing, that it feels unhealthy and fake. What are we trying to prove? That we live normal lives? That we have stories that are worth commenting on? That we can make people jealous with our travel photos? What is it? Why do we want to share every moment of our lives with everyone we know?

When I was younger, people would warn kid’s my age, not to put any personal information on the internet. It’s slightly different now.


72 thoughts on “Status Updates

  1. Great post. There are some people who feel the need to tell us everything. I don’t need to know when (and how many times) people have gone to the can or need to hear all the dirt on their baby mama drama. Too many drama queens in the social media world – thank goodness I’m only signed up to Facebook. And when did it become a necessity to post your baby bump…continuously?


    PS. I’m homegrown Canadian too. *WHOMP!*

    • It’s so crazy isn’t it? Lot’s of drama queens and embarrassing details shared on facebook. I don’t get it! There are soooo many baby bump pictures! Watching them grow is so weird, but kind of cool. But also weird. Hah

      I’m unfortunately not a home grown Canadian–I’m from Chicago! But I’m here for right now and it’s been fun!

  2. So concisely put. I wholly agree with you. It’s as if the world colludes in its own miserable un-realities and wonders why everything seems/feels a little inept or insubstantive as a result.

    Brilliant post!

      • Ah thank YoU! πŸ™‚
        Honestly though, really liked the post. I noticed the comment below regarding the irony and like you, see the blog as something different. Have never been one for updates/statuses and as a newbie blogger, see little constructive comparison between 140 characters and some of the posts i’ve found on here (obviously one could probably create scrolls of comparisons etc, but i hope you get the gist? >ha! vocab! πŸ™‚ >

      • Hah yes I totally get what you’re saying! I feel like blogging is more of a journal type thing or you could even use it to review certain things you like (books, movies, products) whereas tweets are just little sentences that you hope other people read. It’s dumb. But I still do it…haha!

  3. I didn’t have anything for breakfast because I was asleep, however I did have steak pie for dinner with mash potatoes, roast potatoes, sweet corn, yorkshire puddings and gravy and I washed it down with a can of coke.

      • Do they have Yorkshire Puddings in America/Canada? I’m assuming not but I can’t imagine a roast dinner without one. Imagine how much more awesome your Thanksgiving’s would be.

      • They have them in Canada but they aren’t as good as the ones in the UK. They aren’t typical in the states so they’re probably hard to find. Ugh thanksgivings would be bomb with an addition of yorkshire puddings. I would cry tears of joy.

    • I find it ironic that you…that you..ugh fine you’re right. But yeah, I noticed that as well. I feel like blogging is slightly different because you don’t really expect for people to comment. You do it more for yourself. Or at least I do. But yeah, you’re right.

  4. This is why I don’t go on any of those things – why do I care what anybody does with their day, unless they found the cure for cancer or they can make me laugh hysterically, I just don’t wanna deal. Great post, Lil, especially the comment about too much info. Now there’s so much that it’s had the reverse effect – NO ONE CARES. Ha!

    • These things are SUCH time wasters. It’s good that you don’t do them. Thanks lil momma gal. I’m surprised that people even care about my blog! It’s pretty crazy.

  5. Facebook KILLS me. It really does. What I really don’t get is when post birthday shoutouts for people like their grandparents who aren’t even on Facebook. Seriously, what’s the point of that? It also annoys me when they get all R.I.P. Ben and ish. Really? ‘Cause Ben’s in heaven (or wherever), checking out your Facebook, waiting for someone to tell him to REST in PEACE. Oh, you gave your permission? Thanks. He can lay down now and chill. *sighs*

    Now twitter? LOVE it. It’s the only way I keep from talking to myself, or getting into stupid arguments. It’s a great way to have a one-sided conversation, AND be passive-aggressive. Win-win! Hahaha.

    • HAHAHA you’re so right about RIP and everything. Like, why do we have to set up shines to people that have passed and talk about how great they were? I’d rather people show up at my funeral than write a comment on my facebook page. It’s so dumb. Like people in heaven are checking their facebook! Haha so frickin funny.

      You DO love twitter. I love your updates though. I like tweeting occasionally. I feel like it’s less work than facebook. Hah

  6. Luckily I’ve got quite calm fb friends, and I don’t dare to go on Twitter out of fear of not doing a single thing in life anymore. I myself only post a status when I’ve been considering whether he or she might think I’m stupid or something :).

    • Hah yeah that’s good that your facebook is calm and tame. That’s how it should be. It also helps when you keep your friend count to a minimum. Not too many people to keep track of! Twitter is only good when you have a lot to say hah. I’m not very good at it…

  7. ZZ says:

    We must make Mark Zuckerberg rich. It’s like a law….

    Seriously, I think it’s because people have no meaning in their lives. Celebrity is the only thing our culture values anymore and social media give the average schmuck some shot at limited celebrity. If we can only be funny / interesting enough to attract some small number of followers, we feel like they’ve accomplished something.

    • So true about Mark Zuckerberg. Ugh!

      You’re soo right! Everyone wants to get that little slice of fame. They want celebrities to tweet them back and have followers. I should’ve mentioned this in my post! Damn ZZ, you’re so smart!

    • Uhmm no! I love Miss C and her cuteness. Maybe I’m just feeling uneasy about facebook because there are so many baby pictures and it’s causing me to want my own…uh oh…

  8. Lily, you are so freaking funny. This is the reason I don’t tweet or I’m not on Facebook or any of that. I have enough trouble just keeping up with my own “interesting” life. πŸ™‚

    • Aww thanks Brigitte! Yeah, life is definitely better without facebook! I think blogging is enough to keep anyone entertained for hours on end, right?!

  9. Ha! Hooray for this post.

    One thing: I think that a lot of people post truckloads of inane stuff about themselves online is because their RL friends DON’T want to hear it anymore.

    Well, that’s why I’m here.

    • You’ve got a point. I try not to post too many statuses but every time I do, I’m so surprised by the amount of people that comment and ‘like’ it. I’m not even that interested in my life, so why are they?

      That’s a good reason to be here. Any reason is good enough, honestly!

  10. I like twitter, because where else would I get such a constant stream of dick jokes to amuse me during the work day?
    Facebook and instagram? No use for either.

    • You post the best stuff on twitter. It’s true. And for killing time at work, twitter is easier because you can just glance at the screen and read little snippets.
      I don’t have instagram either. But I do have facebook. So many vices…

  11. Instagram drives me up the wall because everyone that uses it (my wife, I don’t know anyone else that uses it) absolutely ruins photos with stupid filters, washing them out, putting film scratches on them with just the slightest hint of sepia. Congratulations. You’ve ruined that picture, dear. I can barely make out our daughter. Great job. Then out loud I say, “It looks very nice indeed, you should post that.”

    I don’t really care about people that overly update things on Facebook, because as soon as someone starts to annoy me, I hide them. I know that solution doesn’t work for everyone, and if I had any real backbone I’d outright unfriend them… but then I might see them in real life, and it’d be all awkward ‘n stuff.

    Great post though, very nice read.

    • Hahahah “It looks very nice indeed, you should post that.” Life is the worst. Regular everyday people should not be able to filter their own photos. I don’t have an iphone so I guess I’m just jealous that I can’t do cool stuff like instagram.

      I know what you mean about the whole unfriend/hide fiasco. Facebook just gives us more things to worry about.

      Thanks very much!

  12. It’s interesting to see people talk about this. In all honesty, I think it’s become a thing for people to vent about Facebook. But you know, that old saying: if you don’t like it, then stay away. But really, I do understand that it’s not so black and white.

    As someone who works at a website that relies solely on Facebook for its views, I have been able to see the benefit of posting things daily, hourly, and minutely. Also, despite the mounds of useless posts, people also feel the need to share articles, songs, and other things they find. In this sense, I have found wading through the other junk worth it. Because in facebook I’ve been able to share my own blog to the people who I’m friends with. If it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t get more than one view per post.

    This is just another perspective. Nothing in life is perfect, everything comes with some caveats. It’s just about finding the good in things as well. Plus, you can always not use it, or blog those posts from your view.

    • You bring up very good points. Facebook definitely has it’s bonuses–sharing media and helping us learn new things, sure. I guess it’s more of the people and the meaningless mumbo jumbo that I dislike.

      You’re right about nothing being perfect. Thanks for stopping by!

      • The funny thing is, on another day, you may catch me complaining about things that Facebook does. For example, they have algorithms that reduced the number of your friends, or fans (people who ‘like’ your page) who see your posts. Want to increase that number? Pay $15 dollars and it will go up 15-30 percent for 3 days.

        My initial comment may have seemed negative, but in reality I think if people talk about things they are dissatisfied with, it helps people become aware of the greater picture in the long run. Who knows, maybe Facebook will charge to have your posts visible at all. If they keep adding these limitations, it may take large amounts of people to just stop using it.

        Unfortunately, social media usage is akin to addiction for a lot of people.

  13. I agree…and want to know what happened to talking on the phone??? I post to FB, twitter and am playing with instagram….but what I really miss is actually talking on the phone, or even better….in person! Such a shame to hear my good friend is moving through a basic status update when we have cried on each other’s shoulders for years! But then again, I guess I too am guilty as I respond on facebook with a like or an unpersonal comment. I’ll be saving the personal comments for if and when we actually get a chance to catch up in person – probably after the move!

    • That’s a great idea. Save up all the good stuff for face-to-face or talking on the phone. It’s more personal that way and it feels like someone is telling you information that they want to share with you personally, and not the entire facebook world. But yeah, I’m guilty of it too. I think we all are. πŸ™‚

  14. My siblings put status updates on FB on the anniversaries of our parents’ deaths and birthdays and that makes me crazy. Do you have any sense of decorum? Any need for privacy or respect? They mean well but stop it!

    • I know what you mean. It’s like, if someone isn’t on facebook to share their own birthday or anniversary, then why are you sharing it for them? It’s so weird. And what are people supposed to say? “Oh Happy Birthday to your mom!” Like, it’s just so weird.

  15. Some people are on these social networks so frequently with their updates and bowel movement schedules and such, I wonder, Do these people even have jobs!? To sum it up, we’re a horde of narcissistic, lonely, attention-seeking procrastinators.

    • It’s so true. This world has turned into one big freak show. I don’t even care about my own bowel movements so why would I care about someone else’s? Hah! Now I’m laughing…

    • It’s kind of along the same lines. You could definitely argue that it is. I think blogging is slightly different because it’s not just nonsense. It’s a story, or a review, or a personal feeling. And I think people keep blogs more for themselves than for other people to comment on. But I could be wrong!

    • Haha I’ve started being annoying on people’s statuses and they either think it’s great or they start hating me. I especially love it when my comment gets more likes than their status.

  16. On Facebook, most of my friends have at least met me in person, are related, or friends from work, my writing group, my quilting group, my scrap booking group, etc. I keep my friend list at about 125, which is about the number that I can keep track of at anyone time. Anyone who knows me on Facebook has to have my permission to be my friend, and ask me, since I use a made up name. I work for lawyers who often use stupid posts on Facebook in their investigations. (So your back is too hurt to go to work, but you post a picture of yourself water skiing?). I post news, repost funny stuff, and enjoy news (baby, wedding, etc.) from others. Not too much deep thinking there.

    Most of my interaction on Word Press are with people I have never met, unless they are co-users (Facebook and Word Press). On the other hand, Word Press writers can make me think a little deeper, laugh a little longer, etc.

    • Sounds like you’ve got Facebook under control. I think it’s much better with a low friend count. I have 400 something friends and it’s just ridiculous. Like, why? There was a point when I had 700! I think it’s much more intimate with less people.

      I agree that WordPress is a deeper level of sharing. And it’s as much or as little info as people want to share. I feel like I know some of my followers so well and others I don’t even know their names! Two very different forms of social media.

  17. Sadly, I have drank from the narcissism pool with the FB status world, won’t lie. But now it it’s just a waste. Unless I’m posting a lil photography or an article, I rarely go on anymore. Plus, it’s as bad as watching the news sometimes…everyone so condensed and opinion strong…I would rather clean the interior of my car with Q-tips. Very refreshing to read, Lily πŸ™‚

    • Hahah “I would rather clean the interior of my car with Q-tips”! Awesome. Same for me pretty much. I think everyone has dabbled in statuses and wanted to share a bit of info or exciting things that happen to them. You can blame us. But it just gets old.
      Thanks so much!

  18. I agree, people update far too often. The other thing that bothers me is the sole option of ‘liking’ something. One of my friends posted about her relative having cancer and several hours later over thirty five people liked that post.

    • Yeah the whole “liking” thing is so weird. My brother and I used to “like” things that obviously weren’t supposed to be liked because it made us laugh. I guess liking is more like acknowledging now…

      • Agreed. Someone once posted a satirical comment about ‘getting raped on the bus by some creepy stranger’ and I immediately ‘liked’ his post and responded “I just liked rape!’. Thirty minutes later six more people liked my comment. America is sick… and hilarious!?

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