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The Holidays

Whenever people are excited about Starbucks holiday cups:tumblr_m2a8le7R631qzkdyfo1_500

When people say “But it’s a holiday tradition!”:tumblr_mczlxdzgDv1qapf98o1_500

Everyone at the mall on Christmas Eve:tumblr_lznb290ZNv1r24ramo1_500

The day after my mom and brother went back home:tumblr_mbc15y46wX1qkv7zjo1_500

When this crazy drunk lady came up to our table at the pub and started putting her arm around me:tumblr_mcjf84sn1e1qjbq9uo1_500

Me, on Christmas day:tumblr_inline_mfb2id5wp41rnvwt1

Whenever someone asks me to help clean up:tumblr_mfazf2Fxs01qgwqw9o1_500

The day of the Mayan Apocalypse:tumblr_lyf5lqSTtt1qdhmcpo1_500

Me, remembering the chocolate bar I got for Christmas:tumblr_loqxgcGfMg1qljk39o1_500

Realizing I have lots of gift cards to spend:tumblr_mfcuokQJ8s1r3d8abo1_r2_500

After I’m done belting to Les Miserables in my car:tumblr_mexrh4lVFF1rvaz1to1_500

Realizing that I have to stay up to at least midnight on Monday night:tumblr_luiqt6BwNp1qd6k8fo1_500


28 thoughts on “The Holidays

    • I get them from all over the internet. I used to see a lot of them on facebook because my friends would post them. I also have a tumblr, which is just a site filled with pictures so I get a lot of them off of there too.
      Thanks so much Harry, same to you! 😀

    • Hahah I love the Grinch one. It’s only appropriate for the holiday season. Sam from Freaks and Geeks is possibly one of my favorite characters of all time.

  1. unfetteredbs says:

    midnight? who makes it to midnight? I have eaten way to much.. as in roll me out the door and let me die!
    and yes the mall is hell.. pure hell

    • Hah I never make it to midnight. I’m always too tired. But before I go to bed I make sure to look at myself in the mirror and sigh about another year going by. So depressing.
      And yes, the mall is the worst place to be on Christmas Eve!

      • unfetteredbs says:

        Dear God woman.. you are far to young to sigh in the mirror.. besides all that beauty staring back at you?

      • Awe thanks Audra. You’re too kind. 🙂

        Everyone has always told me that I’m an “old soul” so that’s probably why I’m like that. Hah

  2. I’ve not made it to midnight in a zillion years. Gift cards are the best, aren’t they? My fave in this lot is the “sing too beautifully” and “son of a bitch”.

    As always, I love these posts because a) they amuse me to no end and b) you really are creative using the gifs. I applaud you and your work. (insert pretend gif of a standing ovation)

    • Midnight is for total posers, am I right? Gift cards are the best. I wish I could swim in a pool of gift cards. I mean.

      Well thank you very much! There is a good slow clap gif floating around the internet somewhere and I’m not sure who’s in it, but I know it exists!

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    Who says you have to stay up until Midnight? I fell asleep New Years Eve a few years ago, woke up at about 5am. That’s what happens when you drink for 10 hours solid.

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