My Trip to Bermuda

I think it’s obvious by now that I like to go on trips and see places that I’ve never been to before.  In 2009 my mom and I wanted to go on spring break somewhere besides our go-to spot in Orlando. So we chose Bermuda.bermuda-map

It was easier for both of us to just meet there instead of me flying home ( I was in England at the time). It was nice because the location of Bermuda was right in the middle. Just kidding. I looked at a map just now and its not in the middle at all. It’s much closer to the US. And its along the same line as South Carolina. And on the other side of the pond, it would be level with Morocco.

Flying there, I was super paranoid that something bad would happen as we entered the Bermuda Triangle. This old lady on the plane next to me said that she went there 3 times a year and survived every time so I figured everything would be alright. God wouldn’t let that lady survive all those times and let me die on my first visit, right?

I survived and met my mom at our hotel. The rooms were separated into little villa-type things. Ours was called The Sea Grape. I didn’t even know sea grapes were a real thing, but apparently they are. One memorable aspect of Bermuda was that there were tons of cats. We had a regular cat that would stop by our room every night, eat some of my shrimp cocktail, and then sit on my bed. One night we had at least four cats outside our place.

Ignore my hair and my body and everything else in this picture besides the cat.

Ignore my hair and my body and everything else in this picture besides the cat.

The weather was nice and sunny while we were there but it wasn’t as warm as we had been expecting. It was kind of a let down. Leave it to me to complain about a vacation.

We went into the main drag in town and that was fun because we felt like locals. Or at least I did. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton which is also the name that I gave one of the cats that decided to live with us.

Bermuda is kind of like Canada in that they have their own currency but they’ll accept US bills as well. They’ll just take whatever they can get, really. Which I respect. That’s what I would do.

My very beachy all black apparel.

My very beachy all black apparel.

While we were there we went to the Crystal Caves which were just Carlsbad Cavern-esque caves with stalactites and stalagmites. I’ve seen both many times and I still can’t tell the difference. I remember our tour guide being slightly in love with me though. But really, who isn’t?2708_520409534189_580493_n

Then we went back to our place and decided that Bermuda was kind of lame and didn’t have that much to do so we booked a flight to Orlando. Seriously.


31 thoughts on “My Trip to Bermuda

  1. Addie says:

    I love that you went to Orlando from Bermuda–it’s the perfect ending to this story. Except you didn’t have cats in Orlando, just mice, right? (insert lame laugh)

  2. ZZ says:

    Yeah, Bermuda is not really a tropical island. It’s kind of sub-tropical or temperate. I understand it’s nice and warm in mid-summer, but even then the thing is not so much beaches as snorkeling and diving in the reefs, which are supposed to be awesome.

    But having you there makes it classy anyway…

    • Hah yeah regardless, I felt pretty cool for having gone. I made sure to buy some shirts that said Bermuda on them just to feel superior to everyone else.
      I learned my Bermuda lesson.

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    I’ve never been brave enough to even step a toe on a plane so i think you are pretty damn courageous going right through the Bermuda Triangle. Love the pics– well, who wouldn’t?

    • Thanks Audra! I felt pretty damn courageous myself! It’s fun to go on adventures that are relatively safe. I don’t think I would fair too well in a place where I didn’t speak the language though…

  4. Bermuda lame? Someone should sue the Muppets. Their Beach Boys cover had me convinced it was great. Hamilton is also the town I grew up in. There’s even less to do there. Isn’t Bermuda where Columbus landed? I have no clue.

    • I told my mom that I wanted to go all the places listed in that song. What a douche I was. I remember that Muppets version.
      Columbus landed on the Bahamas. Close! Did I teach you nothing with my Anti Columbus Day piece?

  5. Pete Howorth says:

    I remember when I first flew over the Bermuda Triangle, it was 1937 and I was trying to circumnavigate the globe because that’s the kind of broad I was. Next thing I know it’s the 21st century and knowing I’d attract huge amounts of press attention I decided to have a sex change operation and call myself Pete. Don’t tell anyone.

    • Hehe thank you! Yeah I mean, it was beautiful there, but there wasn’t that much to do so its better to go to places that are either super hot so you can get a good tan, or have lots of activities, ya know? 😉

  6. “Ignore my hair and my body and everything else in this picture besides the cat.”
    With all due respect to your husband, how could anyone ignore your hair and body, Lily?

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