Lily Playing Jeopardy

Every weeknight my husband watches Jeopardy and I join him on occasion. I have trouble answering a lot of the questions, or questioning a lot of the answers, as you do on Jeopardy. Sometimes I’ll be familiar with a category and start thinking of possible answers before the questions are even asked. By doing so, I manage to make Jeopardy the least fun activity ever.

Let’s say someone picks the category Bible Books By Story. Here’s what it would be like to watch with me:

Some loser on the show named Sheila or something dumb: I’ll take Bible Books for $200 Alex.

Me: Ugh don’t call him Alex.

Alex: A great fish swallows a reluctant prophet.

Me: Who is John?

Sheila: Who is Jonah?

Alex: Correct!

Me: Oh yeah. I knew it started with a ‘J’.

Sheila: Let’s continue the category for $400.

Me: Yes, let’s.

Alex: Moas and boas are loaded into Noah’s ark.

Me: John?

Sheila: What is Genesis?

Alex: Right!

Me: Oh yeah. I forgot about that one.

Sheila: Bible Books for $600 please.

Alex: 3 friends are thrown into a fiery furnace.

Me: I’m gonna go with John.

Sheila: What is Genesis?

Alex: No sorry.

Me: HAH you already guessed Genesis you loser. Geeze Sheila, figure out the Bible already.

Sheila: Bible Books $800.

Alex: Shamgar, one of the title arbiters, kills 600 Philistines with an ox goad.

Me: Wtf is an ox goad? I’m pretty sure that was John.

Sheila: What is Judges?

Alex: Yes!

Me: Calm down Alex.

Sheila: Finish the category please.

Alex: Thomas doubts the other Apostles have really met the risen Jesus.

Me: John?

Shelia: Idk

Alex: Ooo sorry. The answer is John.

Me: tumblr_mefgifPOxU1rw0x65o1_500


37 thoughts on “Lily Playing Jeopardy

  1. Someday I’m going to watch Jeopardy on east coast time then send you all the answers. Watch, they don’t air the same episodes on the same night for you guys. Or do you know what might be funny? If I tell you the first 5 answers so you sweep a category then I tell you wrong ones and you look like a fool.

    I used to watch Jeopardy with my mom all the time. It made me smarter and I totally dominated the trivia game we’d play in high school history class thanks to it. Someone literally said “How does he know all this?” and I suavely said “I watch a lot of Jeopardy.” Then no girls went to the prom with me.

    • Wait. Let’s really do that though. I’ll have to have a Jeopardy party to really shine though. I’ll make sure I have a big crowd. Although, that might make it too obvious that I’m cheating.

      Jeopardy skills get you nowhere in life. Unless of course, you’re Ken Jennings, Jeopardy Master.

  2. I’m almost peeing my pants here after I scrolled down for that.

    My brother does the same thing when we play “name that band”. His answer is ALWAYS “The Eagles…you know, back when Clapton was with them.” He never wins.
    Way to go on that whole Book of John thing too.

    • Hahah The Eagles. That’s so good. Sometimes an answer is just too good that you have to stick with it for the whole game.
      Glad I made you laugh Jon!
      Thanks. Clearly all those years of seminary paid off.

      • Yeah, sure does seem like it. This old fart didn’t get that or Institute…or whatever it’s called. Another thing my brother does, when we play Trivial Pursuit (I know…fancy pants game) every political question he answers “Colin Powell” He may have gotten one right, maybe.

  3. Marya says:

    When Craig and I had only been married for two minutes, we were having a “just got married spat.” Jeopardy was on the TV. I said in anger to my new husband, “Do you even get what I am trying to say?” Craig, focusing on Jeopardy replied, “Madagascar.” (“That is correct,” Alex responded.)

    Lily, I applaud you for watching a majorly trivial game show with Paul. Jeopardy grates on my nerves, for obvious reasons. I applaud you, and then some, for getting the answer correct. “That is correct.”

    • Hahah that’s so funny! Jeopardy is annoying but I think the reason it’s so annoying is because of Alex Trebek. He basically IS the show and he ruins it every time for me. He thinks he’s so smart. I woulf feel smart too if I had the answers in front of my face.

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