What’s My Age Again?

Blink 182 is the butt of a lot of jokes nowadays. I don’t think they mind being the butt of anything though. Yesterday, I was listening to their album Enema of the State ( I know) and it took me back to my twelve year old youth. Of course, when I was twelve I didn’t know what half of the songs were referring to, I just thought they were catchy and fun.

I remember when I first heard What’s My Age Again? because it was the same day that I almost died in the weight room during gym. I was doing the leg press, listening to someone else’s copy of Now 3 on a boombox, when my leg slipped and the foot pedal went into my leg. I had to get 5 stitches and it was traumatizing to say the least. But while I was listening to the CD, I remember song number 3 was a song that I didn’t know and that I always skipped. 3

I am known for skipping songs that I don’t know. My husband always gets mad because I switch radio stations a hundred times before I settle on a song I like and know. He always says, “How do you discover new music if you only listen to songs you know?” I think songs have to prove themselves to me if they want me to discover them. Much like What’s My Age Again? did during gym class.

After I went home and got my leg taken care of, I listened to that song over and over. It really helped heal my wounds. I got that CD for Christmas and I remember that Christmas in particular quite vividly because I threw up that morning. I think I stayed up too late with my brother debating about who would get more presents. I would always get more because I was, and still am, the obvious favorite. Even if I didn’t get more presents I made sure to open mine realllly slowly so it looked like I had an avalanche of gifts to open after my brother had finished opening all of his. My mom actually had to tell me one Christmas to make sure to open my presents quickly. tumblr_mbnd1ekWlp1royb4m

One of the lines in What’s My Age Again? is “Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three!” and I can attest that it’s true. It’s funny because I used to think that I would never be twenty-three. I was twelve at the time so thinking about eleven years passing by just seemed impossible. Here I am at twenty-five realizing that Blink 182 should’ve mentioned that nobody likes you ever again even once twenty-three has passed by.

Imagine my excitement when I first saw the What’s My Age Again? music video which consisted of the band members running through the streets of California naked except for socks and Chuck Taylors. I think this is the reason why I love guys. Girls would never run around naked in a music video. They might stand there naked, but they wouldn’t run around and do cartwheels.

I have no idea what this post was about, but thank you for reading it anyway.



45 thoughts on “What’s My Age Again?

  1. 25. You said it once and here it is again. Get it? Poo

    This post was about something. It was about everything you associate and know about one song. I think I threw up Christmas morning when I was 10 so I did it first. I win.

    I had a friend in high school who loved and still does love Blink. He made videos for YouTube of him playing their songs on his guitar and on the drums. They were so bad. I hate that guy so much for being so lame. I barely was friends with the guy yet I could go on forever about stupid things he said or did. This is the same guy I saw hump his sister. I know I’ve mentioned that before.

    • Wait. I don’t know if I remember the sister humping. But that’s pretty weird. Yeah one of my college dorm mates LOVED blink. I could hear him and his roommate below my room at night screaming “COLLEGE!” So yeah.
      Also, another one of my friends got the weird blink rabbit tattooed on her somewhere when the band got back together. Not a choice that I would personally make, but more power to her I guess.
      I think if I could play the drums I would record myself playing blink 182 songs. I’m sorry.

  2. I just looked up when Enema of the State was released. It seems weird that you were 12 at the time. I would have been about 19 or so.

    I know what you mean about switching stations to find something you like. I’m very close-minded with music, and don’t like listening to something I don’t like.

    • Hah you may not know this, but you are allowed to listen to music before you were born. Otherwise people born nowadays would have pretty crappy music to listen to comparatively! But yeah I know what you mean, it’s always weird when someone is obsessed with a band but have no memories of listening to them when they were current.

      • Yes, I know this. The thing I was thinking is there is a big difference between, lets say the Beatles and Blink 182. I always thought that was a weird band to be that big a fan of.

  3. Gosh I loved reading this post. It had adventure, the gym accident, nostalgia, the throwing up incident and poetic justice (opening your presents faster than your brother, okay maybe that’s just plain ol’ justice.) My daughter Nikki is 25 too. She threw up when she was 12 just as we were leaving for a New Year’s eve party, so we stayed home (I was actually glad to have an excuse since NY parties always get boring round 9:30 and you HAVE to stay. ) Anyway it sounds like you two have a lot in common! πŸ˜€

    • Hah thanks Linda! Wow yeah Nikki and I sound very similar! Throwing up at the worst time possible is always fun!
      I totally know what you mean about NYE parties. Last year I went to one with my parents and I think we left at 10pm hahah!

      • Hah yes! I think my mom cleverly said that she usually goes to be at 9 so she was tired. Hah but I think everyone secretly knew we had just lost interest!

      • Ha! Well I’ll have to remember that one. I go to bed at 9:00! Haha! I remember one of your mom’s posts where she was babysitting and got so sleepy she got into the parent’s bed!! Well at least she didn’t do that! πŸ˜€

    • Hah that’s awesome! I would’ve loved it. But I can imagine them not being that good live for some reason. Ever since they got back together their music has been awful.

      • Back in the day I bet they were epic but they were a bunch of old dudes still wearing Jorts and towards the end someone somewhere spilt water on the equipment so there was a loud bass humming noise which spoilt the last 30 minutes. Still, it was free.

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