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Chit Chat Catch-Up

I usually don’t do posts where I just ramble about what’s going on in my life. Mostly because it would consist of me talking about how I can’t feel my legs because I’ve been laying in bed for the past 6 hours. However, some new and interesting things have happened to me in the last week or two that might actually fill up a blog without me having to mention what I ate.

My mom and I decided to travel the world and go to Nashville to check out real estate. Why do they call it that? Couldn’t they just call it estates? Like, obviously they’re real. No one would look at fake estates. We spent a lot of time relaxing at our hotel mostly because it was awesome. The Gaylord Opryland reminded me of a Vegas hotel; there was so much to do inside the building, that you didn’t really have to leave to have a good time. It was decorated with sparkly Christmas lights and big wreaths. GaylordOprylandHotelHolidayDecorations1

I have two qualms about The Gaylord Opryland. The first one is having to say the name Gaylord. The second one is the word Opry. Where did the Grand Ole Opry get it’s name? I like to think the name originated when opera singers would travel to the south to perform and Tennessee natives would say, “Imma go see the dern Opry to-nite!”

My guess was actually kind of close. It does have to to with opera but I’m too lazy to read the paragraph that wikipedia has on it.

After our adventures there, we went onto Austin, TX. You know the saying, “Keep Austin Weird”? Well, I think Austin will always be weird whether or not people try to keep it that way. There are all walks of life there. Which is good. Prime people watching. While we were there we looked at some estates and met up with some of my mom’s cousins. It’s funny because whenever my mom meets up with them her southern drawl comes out and they all talk about how they’re “blood”.

While we were there we saw Anna Karenina at this cute theater called the Violet Crown. It was rad because it also served as a lounge/bar so you could really make a night of seeing a movie. The movie itself was pretty good.

After that we got fro-yo because why the hell not? It was yum but I couldn’t tell if our cashier was a boy or a girl for real. It was like, the hardest. I think she was a girl. Very Boys Don’t Cry. She was keeping Austin weird. She had also never heard of Anna Karenina.

For some reason I'm really attracted to Hil Swank in this movie. She looks better as a boy. There I said it.

For some reason I’m really attracted to Hil Swank in this movie. She looks better as a boy. There I said it.

Perhaps the best part of our trip to Texas was seeing our blogger friend Jell Jell! You can read all about our meetup here. I was on a blogging high after that and suggested that we do a blog tour and force meetups with every blogger we know.

After that, our trip ended and my mom and I went our separate ways. It was good seeing her and spending some quality mother/daughter time together. Don’t worry, we’ll be reunited at Christmas and I’ll get to show my brother around Victoria for the first time. Lots of special moments.

So that’s where I’ve been. What has everyone else been up to?


55 thoughts on “Chit Chat Catch-Up

  1. Addie says:

    Sounds like a fun time! I’m still so jeals of you guys all meeting up. *insert sad face*

    I’ve been wrapping presents and, for the last two days, trying to get over strep. Strep sucks. The only good thing is the ice cream that is all I want to eat because it makes my throat feel better. I’d love to have some chicken and rice soup, but, I don’t want to make it and no one will make it for me and the canned stuff is crappy, so, just ice cream for now.

    Looking forward to the Christmas in Victoria Blogs–glad you had that time with your mom.

    • Twas a fun time! Perhaps we’ll go through with our blogging tour and see you sometime?
      Strep is bad. Or so I hear. I’ve never had it personally, but I’ve had my fair share of sore throats and they’re the worst. Any excuse to eat ice cream and soup is a good enough one for me!

  2. Now I know why “B don’t C” is one of your favorite movies. I get it.
    I like the synopsis of our little trip. Perhaps you should have brought up Shawn versus Jim, the real estate guys or the fact that we had to drive around in the worst car in the world – The ugliest Red Dodge Charger. Blech!

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    what I want to know is do you like Country music? I do not.. you did not ask but I am giving you my 2 pennies anyways..and Hillary Swank? Really? Oh my..

    • Hah no I don’t really like country music. I don’t mind some occasional pop country, but I’m not into it really. Hah Hillary is so good in that movie though! Have you seen it? It’s pretty crazy.

  4. Reading this made me want to give me mum a call. I love your explanation for the way Opry might have come about πŸ™‚ As I scrolled down to read the rest of your post and saw the character from Boys Don’t Cry, I just laughed, imagining why you would include a picture of her — turned out to be good reason. Funny! To answer your question about what we are up to — I’m repositioning myself so that I can be a warrior princess in 2013! Until next time Lily!

    • Hah glad you liked my Opry explanation and my Boys Don’t Cry secret. You should definitely give your mom a call! They need love.
      I could totally see you being a 21st century warrior princess!

  5. Getting hammered in London πŸ˜€ I love that meet up blog post so much. I can hardly wait until we meet up, I’m going to get you both so drunk, or vice versa, just don’t take advantage of me while I’m in a vulnerable state hah!

    • Haha I knowww we need to meetup pronto! I want to come to jolly old England and party with the beloved Pete Howorth. It will be amazing and I literally can’t wait.

      I love your London pics on facebook!

  6. Sounds like whether she settles in Nashville or Texas, you’ll be visiting frequently, just for the people watching opportunities.

    Makes me wonder if that isn’t the real criteria for where Grippy settles…

  7. Awwww! When I was little my family lived like 45 minutes from Nashville and we would always go to the Grand Ole Opry around Christmas to look at the decorations. So pretty! I’m glad you and your mom got to meet up with Jells. Good thing WordPress didn’t crash. You guys are always welcome to come visit us on a blogging tour. Come to think of it though, our town isn’t so good so we should all just meet up in Chitown and eat at Lou Mitchells.

    • Yeah the decorations were just swell! It was so crazy meeting Jells and her crew! Yeah, I’m surprised the world didn’t end when both of ours collided! So cray. We might have to set up a trip to come find you guys because that would just be too cool. Bloggers with babies are at the top of our list, clearly. But yes, Chitown all the way!

    • I’m pretty sure it did. Eeebs will probably forget about it in a couple months so we’ll probably need a refresher. Just so I can truly be her cool cousin Lily. Hah I love that you saw Moonrise Kingdom there! That must have been hipster deluxe!

  8. Ha! I saw your post’s picture before I read and just knew. I’m from and in Nashville so we always check out the holiday lights at Gaylord which, now that you mentioned it, sounds completely weird.

    • Hah it does sound weird, but I can understand why you would go. It’s such a pretty sight especially in December! I really liked Tennessee (this was my first trip down) so I need to come back again for sure!

  9. Nashville and Austin are both good, but surely in different ways. I’ve spent a lot of time in both places. If your mom moves to Nashville, I’ll give you Taylor Swift’s address. You can visit her. To me, you two seem a lot alike. PS: Taylor is a second cousin and I really do have her address. However, she never opens the door for me. I’m not a teenager. (Don’t tell her I said that.)

    • We’re not stalkers, like you Harpsichord. Maybe you can relay these thoughts to Taylor for me:
      1. Stop curling your hair. It looks better straight.
      2. Take a break from dating guy after guy.
      3. Stop dating guys who are way younger than you (even if they are Kennedy’s).

      I’m glad you think we’re a lot alike! That’s a compliment. I think Taylor needs to stop scaring guys off and just relax for a bit.

  10. Paul says:

    “Real Estate” comes from Real Property, being property that is land or items affixed to land (buildings) as opposed to moveable property and Estate being what a person owns. My apologies for being reasonable but at least this is proof that I read your blog (or at least part of it).



  11. The Opry got its name as a play on “Opera” – there’s quite a few opry shows still on smaller stations down South. And, if you want the definition of the difference between real and unreal estate, just look at the Gaylord Opryland. That is patently unreal estate.

  12. I feel like I should correct you on something because the last two comments did.

    I saw the cute girl that works at the convenience store near me for the first time since January even though I go there a lot. She doesn’t look as good as she used. I also found her on Facebook really easy. Yes, this is me bragging. Too bad she has a fat Korean boyfriend.

    • I know. I love when people correct me when I’m joking about subjects that I don’t even care about in the first place.

      Are you sure she’s cute? Having a fat korean boyfriend knocks her down a couple notches on the cute cards, doesn’t it? How did you facebook stalk her so easily? Did she have a name tag on?

      • No she’s not cute anymore. She used to be. I think I was going through a rough patch when I used to see her and find her attractive. Yes she had a name tag. All I did was type in her first name into Facebook and the place she works and it came up. You know someone either has a great job or is an idiot if they put their job on Facebook.

      • Ha I knew it. But yeah I agree. I never really had a proper job otherwise I probably would’ve put mine up there just to provide stalkers with more information.

  13. No waaayyy! She makes a dorky looking boy!
    I just found out about the whole “Keep Austin Weird” thing, and I love it. I kinda wish I lived there now. Where weirdness is accepted and encouraged. Guess I’ll visit?
    HOLY Christmas in that hotel! Wow! So pretty.
    I keep hearing about this fro-yo business. I guess I should try it sometime?

    • Yeah fro-yo is so good and not as bad for you as ice cream! The best part are the toppings because they are delish!
      Okay I agree that Hil Swank looks kind of dorky there but in the movie she’s cute! Hah But yeah you would really dig Austin I think! It’s fun and happenin.
      Yeah that hotel was bomb! The only bad thing is that it was kind of removed from the city. Other than that it was awesome!

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