Holding Grudges

I’m a grudge holder. Consider yourself warned. If someone says or does something mean to me or anyone I love, it will take me a long time to get over. Sure, I’ll be civil to them, but while I’m being nice my brain will be like, “Remember what they did to you?” It’s likely that I’ll never forget. I have an amazing long-term memory. So don’t mess!

The thing is, I know I should be forgiving and realize that people say and do stupid things all the time that they wish they could take back. Sure. I get that. I did something dumb once to a friend and she was mad at me for a while. But then she ended up forgiving me. I wonder what it feels like to be that nice?

Here’s a story about one of the longest grudges I’ve ever held. Sit down and get cozy, this is a good one.

In first grade a girl named Quinn Fabray was in my class. Her name wasn’t really Quinn Fabray. That’s a character on Glee A.K.A the worst show ever made. However, this person has the exact same name as a character on Glee and I’m convinced they named the character after her because she’s so annoying. Anyway, Quinn was in my class and was nice enough to me I suppose. She lived in my neighborhood so I guess that meant that we were forced to hang out.tumblr_ma6ullXx6M1r42qyuo1_500

One time, Quinn came over to my house and was looking around my room and making fun of my stuff. She looked at my piggy bank and spilled all of the pennies on the ground. I’m assuming I only had pennies. I looked at all of my hard earned three dollars and told her to pick them up or I’ll tell my mom. She said no and that if I don’t pick them up she’ll tell her parents that she had a bad time at my house and that I was mean to her. Looking back, I should’ve just said, “Get on the ground and pick up my pennies before I smack you in the face.”

Unfortunately, I was the one who got down on the ground and picked up all the pennies by myself while she laughed at me. Fast forward 18 years later. Quinn asks me to be friends on Facebook. I accept because I’m obviously curious about what she looks like, what she does, etc. After I accept her friend request, she and her mom send me messages about how great it would be to get together mainly because I have a connection that they would love to get in touch with. In their message, they talk about all the great memories they have of my family whom they met maybe twice. They also mention my childhood dog Tasha, that even I forget about from time to time so they must have dug pretty deep to remember that detail.

I have no words to describe how great it felt to deny them of ever seeing me or any of my family members. I wished them all the best of course, but I told them that I knew what they were trying to do. They seemed to remember every detail about my family and I but they had no recollection of the trauma that was caused with my piggy bank. Not that I mentioned the piggy bank episode. I would’ve come off as slightly insane.

That’s what blogging is for!


58 thoughts on “Holding Grudges

    • What? It’s not scary! Hahah I’m glad to find out that you’re so easily scared by my personality though! Don’t ever think about crossing me Michael!

  1. Now I don’t feel so bad about the payback I’m playing for Liana Liddy (not her real name either) who ordered me to get off of her bed at her birthday party when she turned 5. When I did she ordered me then to get off the chair. I did, then she ordered me to get off the floor! My word! This heifer’s gonna fry if I ever see her again. 45 years I’ve been plannin’!

    Seriously, when I read the part about you picking up the pennies instead, it pissed me off!

    • Aw hell no. I would seriously start a fight. I hate mean kids. I think I learned to stand up for myself pretty well once I grew up a bit. So annoying.
      It pissed me off too! I was like, grinding my teeth while writing it. Why was I so dumb?

  2. Aww see, I get it. I used to be that way. But then I think, what if someone did that to me. I know i don’t have bad intentions. If I hurt someone it wasn’t malicious. So I want to be forgiven. So if someone hurts me, all they have to do is care about it.

    • Has anyone told you that you’re TOO nice? Hah. Yeah I know what you mean. If I can tell that it wasn’t malicious then that’s a different story, but if it made me feel bad or sad, I think I have a right to be mad for at least…20 years. Hah

    • I know! I feel like we all have tales like this. There’s always some mean kid who’s super annoying. Hah glad I made you laugh! My anger also makes me laugh as well…hah!

  3. ZZ says:

    It’s a guilty pleasure to be able to inform people of their exact status in your life.

    Once I had a really crappy boss. He called for me at my house and my wife answered. He identified himself, and after they established I wasn’t home, he jokingly asked if I talked bad about him all the time.

    My wife replied “Actually, he’s never mentioned you at all”.


    • Hah that is the absolute best! It really puts people in their place. Like, ohh sorry, I don’t even think about you. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I mean, I’m all for karma, but there is a certain kind of joy that comes from personally putting people in their place.

  4. Peaches says:

    Mean kids rarely lose that sense of entitlement to be pricks, even if they learn to cover it with more socially acceptable behavior so shit no you shouldn’t feel bad. I woulda done the same exact thing.

  5. Omg – I have one of those grudges too! A girl from 6th grade – and denying her fb friend request years later was Gold!!

    And I too was so angry when she didn’t pick up the pennies! Good for you not giving anything to her!

  6. One of the few great uses of Facebook is telling off people from your past. There are a few people I’ve held grudges against. I hope someday they try to friend me on FB so I can send them itemized messages on why I wont accept.

  7. Lol…isn’t this blogging thing great? It’s awesome that we can share the craziest things. You definitely can hold a grudge for a while! They say that’s not good but I do that too. I could be mad at someone FOREVER if I wanted to. I like to dwell. I say that like I’m proud but it’s true. 😉

    • Hah I know right? It’s like, why would you want to hang around someone who was mean to you, ya know? And why would I want to do something nice for someone who did something mean to me! Weird…I guess I’m just unforgiving. Hah I don’t mind though!

  8. I’ve got the exact same thing! I will pretend as if nothing happened, but I never forget nor really forgive. How could I? If you did something wrong to me, don’t expect me to forgive just like that, because obviously you didn’t realize I’m way to awesome to mess with ;).

  9. Pete Howorth says:

    Pfft if someone dropped my pennies on the floor I’d have picked up the piggy bank and smashed it into their face, possibly blinding them for life. That’s where me and you differ I suppose. I too hold grudges, I never forget and I never let them forget either.

    • Oh Pete, you always have the bet responses and reactions to everything. I constantly want to get violent with people now. I think it’s because of your influence!

      • Pete Howorth says:

        I have that effect on people, I don’t know if it’s good or not but it makes things more fun haha

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever typed out the word Fuckwad before but after reading this I can’t think of any other word to use. Quinn was also the name of the bratty daughter on Weeds. She was on maybe 3 episodes total though. Yes, I remember details about TV.

    I currently have someone in my life who has been kissing my ass a lot because they can get something from me. Little do they know (let’s face it, it’s a guy, if it was a girl I would probably forgive) I understand what he’s doing and I will make him my puppet because I’m evil like that.

    So glad you denied her. I hope she reads this then slips on a penny and hits her head.

    • I know, wouldn’t that be great? I hate people who use and abuse. It’s so obvious what they’re doing. But yeah, denying people is now one of my top favorite activities.

  11. You passively aggressively told her! She and her mom can’t hang out with your family now! Yeah! you showed her. On a side note, you probably should have just liked all of her ugly photos and then unfriend her. 🙂 great post!

    • Hah thank you! Yeah I should’ve liked all of her photos but then maybe I would’ve been too involved? I like to hate from a distance. Although they do say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so maybe you’re right!

  12. runningonsober says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, or something like that right? I wish I could let stuff go more easily than I do. I’m better about it than I used to be, because resentment is really just another form of poison, but man some grudges are just too comfy to hold on to.

    I never forget anything. I’m like an elephant in that regard. Haha!

    • Hah I know, it’s hard to forget when you’ve been treated badly! I’m like an elephant in that way as well.
      I think over the years, I will get better at forgiving and forgetting…at least I hope so!

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