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Hump Day

When Paul asks what I want to do on the weekend:

Whenever I see my in-laws:

Whenever I do a blog awards post:

Anytime Paul wants to go to a party:

Me, trying to meet people:

Whenever someone suggests dinner and a movie:

Anytime a car cuts me off in traffic:

How I feel about the book Iโ€™m reading right now:

Whenever itโ€™s crowded downtown:

The second that Paul comes home from work:

How I feel when I log onto Facebook:

How I feel when I wake up every morning:


28 thoughts on “Hump Day

    • It’s called The Tiger’s Wife. It’s so boring to me for some reason even though it was on the NYT best books list. Hmm. The writer is very descriptive and I’m kind of losing my patience. Have you read it?

      • unfetteredbs says:

        naa it did not appeal to me but it goes out like crazy at the library. I have a break from school in a week and I want a book to read but it has to be GOOD

  1. Tiger Lily (my new name for you), you should try screen writing. You have a talent for stringing humorous situations together. I think you could do it with words and not the visuals. Give it a try. At your worst, you’ll do better than most of the drivel turned out in Hollywood. HF

    • Thank you! I used to use Tiger Lily as my laser tag name because it sounded hardcore, but it still had my name in it. I like it!
      Maybe I will try my hand at writing a screenplay or two. See how it goes. I’ll have you to thank obviously, so that’s one downer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You really are turning into an antisocial cat…

    Homer is the one I agree with most. Whenever I get invited to parties (hey, it happened twice) I usually am pretty social until the people I’m talking to see someone else. Then I stand in the corner and everyone asks me if I’m alright. No, I’m not.

    • Yeah I usually just find the nearest pet at any party and talk to them for an hour or two and then leave. But yeah I love staying home the most. I used to like doing things a lot, but now I like being by myself which is scary.

  3. Addie says:

    You know I loves me some Lily Gifs!! Where on earth do you find them? I agree with HF, write a screenplay. You’d make it rock.

    • Hah I have a tumblr and I find them on there a lot of the time. Sometimes on facebook, but mostly on there. Hah Maybe someday I’ll write a screenplay. I’ve gotta think of a good idea first!

      • Addie says:

        Write what you know, right? So, write about a Hood of Bloggers who connect lives via their words.

        Go on, give it a go!

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