Hockey Night With Lily

I agreed to go to a hockey game with my husband Paul last night. He probably would’ve had more fun with one of his friends, but what’s more fun than hanging out with me? Almost anything. Here are some highlights from the game:

Me: Let’s get some popcorn.

Me: If our team loses will you be sad?

Paul: Yes.

Me: I’m getting really good at singing O Canada.

Me: Look at that kid with his shirt off. He’s awesome.

Me: Omg look, he put the popcorn bucket on his head. I love him.

Me: Guess what?

Paul: What?

Me: Only 39 minutes until the game is over.

Paul: You’re fun.

Me: Lol jk.

Me: But seriously…

Me: Let’s get some hot chocolate.

Paul: Sweet boots. You look so dumb. (Talking about my Ugg boots)

Some little girl: Um excuse me, I really like your boots. I like that they have a zipper.

Me: At least someone appreciates me.

Me: Why don’t they ever put the Kiss Cam on us? How rude.

Me: Uh oh. We’re losing. Are you sad?

Paul: Yes.

Me: Have the referees ever gotten in the way of the players?

Paul: Yeah, all the time.

Me: That’s annoying.

Me: Please don’t go into over time. Please don’t go into over time. Please don’t go into over time.

Me: I will literally sacrifice my first born if this game doesn’t go into over time.

Turns out I have to sacrifice my first born. We lost 3-5. Bummer. I am so sad about it. Really broken up. The good news is, there’s one little girl in Canada who has good taste in boots. Bad news is I’ll probably end up going to another hockey game some time this year.


34 thoughts on “Hockey Night With Lily

  1. Haha I actually like going to sporting events with girls because I feel like such a sage. They’ll say “Did ____ ever happen?” and I can say “One back in 1979 it did.” then tell the boring story. One time in the bathroom at a baseball game a kid said I had a cool shirt. In fact, the last time I was at a game a guy commented on my shirt in the bathroom. Philadelphia is a friendly place I guess?

    My favorite quote of yours was asking if he’d be sad if his team lost. My favorite all-time quote was hearing a girl refer to the visiting team as “the bad guy.” I think I may have mentioned that quote before. It brings me too much joy not to mention again.

    Also, your team lost 5-3. You always put the higher number first. Pfff such a girl.

    • Hah “The bad guy” that’s pretty good. I spent a lot of time talking about how much I hated this girl wearing the visiting team’s jersey, but I didn’t want my readers to think I was too mean. “My readers” like I’m a journalist or something.
      I thought you always put the team your talking about’s number first. Wahh I hate sports.

      • Peaches says:

        When I played sports in high school that’s how we listed scores….maybe women’s sports are just more logical…

    • Yeah I can’t really get into hockey because I can never see what’s going on. The puck is so tiny. Where do you come from? It sounds like a place where dreams are made of!

  2. Peaches says:

    There aren’t even any hot guys to oggle in Hockey and then daydream about while your man sits there on the edge of his seat shouting things like ” defense! Defense, man, defense!” . They’re all wearing about 40 pounds of pads and gear.

  3. Haha, I don’t see anything wrong with this convo. (I mean, hockey, like, what is that anyway?) It’s a shame about your first born. But your second born never has to know he wasn’t REALLY first. 😉

  4. I stopped enjoying any sort of sporting event when I found out that the 7th Inning stretch wasn’t a signal to stand, stretch and leave. Who knew? Let’s be honest, I didn’t like them to begin with except to judge other people.

    • Baseball is the worst of the worst for me. It’s so longggg. BUT baseball has the best food. Hotdogs, peanuts…good summer food..
      But yeah judging is pretty much the best.

    • Hah I still remember your comment about how hockey has 3 periods and how you wished that you had the same. Classic.One of my favorite hockey moments really.

  5. This is a great post! How many of us were sitting right there with ya? Those of us who love guys who love sports! I mean give me a break… every freaking kind of sport… if they aired ping pong he’d watch it. Love your wit!

    • Hah thank you so much! Yes omg my husband will watch ANYTHING. He’s watched snooker and cricket and the most boring ones when nothing else is on. So weird! Glad I could bring you to the game with me!

  6. unfetteredbs says:

    Does Paul ever get mad that you talk during the whole game? mmmm I don’t think I would have that much patience with you at a baseball game. He must really love hanging out with you!

    • Hah I don’t think so. He’s usually talking to me as well. I just didn’t include anything he said in my post because he’s not as funny as me. Hah just kidding! Hah but yeah, at a baseball game, I would be stuffing my face with hotdogs, don’t worry!

  7. Hahaha, your husband just gained my respect by not not stabbing you to death or something :D. I’m probably as annoying as you are during some things, but it’s just way too hard to shut up sometimes, isn’t it…

  8. I think if you can get one or two more losses under your belt, you can convince your husband that it’s your fault his team loses, and you won’t have to go anymore!

    • Hah I tried that approach! Last year the team was awful and lost every game. This year they’re really good. I’ll just start saying that I’m a bad luck charm regardless if they win or lose. Hah

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