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As of Late

When someone cancels on me:

If someone asks me what sports I play:

When I come out of a movie:

Me, trying to insult anyone after being online all day:

When anyone comes over during the day:

Whenever my family makes fun of me:

My reaction to anyone in Canada that wears flannel:

Me during any given week:

If an instructor gives us a water break during a workout class:

My feelings about my new blog, Kidz Showz:


24 thoughts on “As of Late

    • I just love that we live in a world where we can bond over hating fonts. I remember I was talking to Paul on the phone once about fonts and I could hear my dad in the other room saying how stupid we were.

      Hey everyone! Seth Rogan LOVES Kidz Showz!

    • Hah don’t worry. If you have a bf it’s likely that you aren’t a lesbian. I actually like the occasional flannel. I am just overwhelmed by it all here in Canada!

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