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My mom is trying to get her house all packed up and ready to move. She’s not moving her house, but she is moving everything inside it. It’s weird–houses are just a shell. What makes it a home is really all the stuff inside. In order to lighten her load, she decided to send me some of my scrapbooks and knick-knacks from around my room. When I received my packages, one of them had a couple of baby books in it.

At first I was like, what am I going to do with my baby books? I didn’t make them. I didn’t think of them as mine. I remember looking at them years ago marveling at how cute I was when I was little. But really, how many people would be interested in looking at pictures of me as a child? Well, probably everyone.

Still, I just thought of them as more things to take up space. But I started flipping through them and my mind changed immediately. When I read the way my mom and dad talked about me, I felt so good, so loved. I wasn’t even a real person at that point , I didn’t do anything besides eat, poop, and sleep but they loved me more than anything.

I know not everyone is as lucky as I am. Some kids don’t grow up with loving parents, or parents at all. But even people with loving parents like mine don’t always take a moment to recognize what a gift it is to be born to people who love you and care for you like you’re some kind of treasure. I’m glad I have those baby books as a reminder that my parents have loved me from day one. Not that I need a reminder.

Plus, on a narcissistic note, it’s nice to have a book where I’m the main focus.


28 thoughts on “Baby Books

  1. When C was only a few weeks old and I started filling in her baby book, it was a really compulsory thing. Like you said, they don’t do anything at that point and aren’t even people, really. But now I’m really glad I chronicled those early days because I can look back and see them fondly, even though they were not at all fun at the time. I put way more energy and work into blogging about C than I do filling in her book, so I really hope she reads the things I wrote about her someday and knows how much we loved her from the moment she was born.

    The fact that you wrote this at all and that you can appreciate the love your parents had for you when you were a baby is all that, I think, we parents want for our kiddos. I know your mom will beam when she reads this post. It’s so hard to describe the depth of our love as parents, but baby books kind of hint at it.

    • Aw thanks Emily. Yeah, I think blogging is great for new moms because it’s not only a release, but it’s also a document of pretty much everything. You could always find the posts that you wrote specifically about her and make a little book out of them!
      I feel like my parents and parents in general don’t get enough street cred. You guys literally grow a human with love and then we grow up and we’re mean and rude and it just doesn’t seem right. You have to take time to realize how lucky you are, ya know? I seem to count my blessings every once in a while and I’m like, “How am I not grateful all the time?!” Sometimes you just forget…

  2. Beautiful thoughts!
    I bet your folks also have a box with all your report cards and every card/gift you ever gave them.

    And I was worried you’d been taken over by aliens until your last sentence.

    • Thanks Guap! Yeah, they probably do…My cards always say something like “Thanks for putting up with me”. Haha
      I know right? Maybe it’s the holiday season or something. I’ll be back to offending people by tomorrow. I promise.

  3. Peaches says:

    I found my baby book once. It was supposed to be for the whole first year and I think my parents did an admirable job up until about the 8 month mark and then things must have gotten busy because there is almost literally nothing after that. Still better than my younger sister. She only got three months worth. lol.

    Naw. I get your main point. Beautiful post Lily.

  4. Well, well, well. I’m glad you finally decided to look at things in your baby book other than your pictures. haha! Those things were written with the intention that someday you would read them and know you were loved from day one. Guess I can check that off my list now . Check.
    Seriously, I don’t think there is a better gift to give your child then to document the love you have for them and the excitement you feel at the time of their arrival. I also think when you have a child (Please God, hurry) that you can compare their progress/milestones to your own. Of course you’ll be thrilled when they’re a little less stunted than you are. LOL!!!
    Love you!

    • Hah I was so immersed in my own pictures that I didn’t even notice the writing. “Hmm there seems to be some words written down…” You guys are lucky that at least you have one grateful child.

      Hah as for my own child, they’ll have to wait a while. I need my freedom! I need to be a child forever…! If my child is born with 2 kidneys then they will have already accomplished more than I ever did!
      Love ya too!

  5. When I first skimmed through this on my phone (yes, I like to brag that I finally have Internet on my phone now like it’s 2007) I thought you had a book based on you. Companies used to and still probably do that. I have one book about ninjas where they put your name and names of people you know in it so the book is about you. I had so few friends as a kid so my friends were Season (my older sister), Erin (my younger sister), and Donatello (my favorite Ninja Turtle). I still have it. I could never get rid of that stuff.

    • I don’t have internet on my phone, so you’re bragging to the right person. I’m jealous. I had one of those books but mine was like biblical themed (lame) so I don’t look at it a lot. I also had a doctor suess book where you could just fill out info about yourself and in the end you had a full book with random facts about you. Pretty cool.

  6. unfetteredbs says:

    Sweet post Lily.You sound like you are a pretty lucky gal 🙂
    I can only hope my daughters will appreciate their mother and father being overly obsessive about saving everthing and keeping journals.

  7. Addie says:

    My two aren’t too impressed with their baby books, mostly because Anne said there wasn’t enough and Bud said he wasn’t really interested (he, too, was shortcut on the baby book thing). One day, God willing, I’ll be giving Anne a baby book to fill in for her own child. I like to give those cute calendars with the stickers for baby gifts–easier than a book and functional, too!!

    • I think it takes time for it to really hit you. You have to think about it for a bit. I had to think about the fact that my mom spent time on everything and thought out kind words to tell write down. Anne will come around. Maybe not Bud. I feel like boys aren’t as interested. That’s a good idea for a gift!

  8. Aw, this is sweet. You, sweet…who knew? Just kidding! It’s true, sometimes we forget to be grateful for little things like that. Haha, and yeah, a book all for you is pretty cool. I never thought of it that way. 😀

    • Haha I know right? Who knew I could be nice for once!? Yeah baby books are cool like that. It’s nice to realize how much you’re loved. 😀

  9. My first kid has a really impressive baby book. My second kid has an okay baby book. My third kid… I don’t even remember when she started walking or talking. Boy is she noisy now though; that girl has lungs.

    I’m guessing you were the oldest, or were you an only?

    • Yeah I’m the oldest out of 2. The only girl so I’m still special. Hah. But yeah that seems to be the trend. I feel bad for kids who are like the youngest of 6 or something. They must feel really ripped off!

  10. I’ve gotten a lot of EB’s done but I haven’t hit it up in a while. I’ll need to consult the blog to get the dates and things right. Now poor A2, I can’t even find her hospital crib card b/c I can’t remember what time she was born! AND I can’t find her birth certificate info that I need to send it! Jeez. Poor second children, always getting the shaft. I love that you had several of them. I think I did, too. I guess that goes against what I just said about second children, though.

    • Hahah poor A2. Nahh, it’s the trend really. 2nd children always get the shaft. She’ll have lots of pictures. That’s all that counts really. Yeah I have two babybooks! Super special!

  11. One time I found a project my cousin did on me. She wrote about when they found out my mother was pregnant with me, the day I was born, what I looked like, what I liked to eat… There was a page where she let me write. It was pretty cool, and I totally felt special.

    On another notes, my mother has been purging her place which means she’s been randomly offloading things on me. Some sort of special plate from my preschool, the wine glass that was a gift to the parents at my high school grad, a mug for my 6th grade grad, all of my yearbooks… The most recent is the tag from my hand in the hospital when I was born.

    It’s cool to have all this stuff, but GOSH. The SPACE it takes up!

    • Aww that’s so cute. I love your cousin! But yeah omg does it ever take up space. I have like 3 boxes worth of stuff here and lots more at my mom’s place. ughghg it’s so overwhelming.

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