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Weekly Events

Any time I judge others in public:

Whenever I try to be comforting:

When everyone was fighting on Facebook about the presidential election:

When people don’t understand my sense of humor:

When this girl behind me at a concert last night wouldn’t stop pushing us:

How I felt about everyone at said concert:

When people from other countries are celebrating the outcome of the US election:

When people ask me if I ever get bored being by myself all the time:

Me, reacting to anyone’s excitement:

My attempt at sharing:


38 thoughts on “Weekly Events

  1. Peaches says:

    I agree people our age are stupid. I thought hanging out with older folks would be more fun, but they’re stupid too. We’re doomed.

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    Facebook is super annoying with all the political stuff. My anger boils over.. basement sounds like a good idea.
    Thanks for the laugh.. Read the Grippster and now you. Two good posts back to back. I am going to quit while I am still smiling tonight

    • Yesss it’s the worst. I couldn’t take it. The night of the election I was celebrating, regardless who won, because I just wanted it to be over.
      Ha glad my mom and I could provide the night’s entertainment! πŸ˜€

    • Hah good! That means we’re still twins. I have a tumblr so I find a lot of stuff on there through people that I follow. Most of my stuff is stolen through there. Haha

  3. Hilarious – as always! Sarah Jessica Parker was on Ssesame Street this week: Grover said to her “I hear you are looking for Big!” He then proceeded to bring her large objects!
    Before you ask, “Why’s The Hook watching Sesame Street? I have a friend with a toddler, all right?

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