Cartoon Characters That I Feel Sorry For

It’s hard for me to trace back my thought process in order to explain how I came up with this topic. I believe I was eating Lucky Charms and thinking about the Trix Rabbit and what a rough life he has. What’s more sad: a cartoon rabbit’s non-existent life, or the fact that I can’t even keep my cereal mascots straight?

I’ll start with the Trix Rabbit. Clearly, the guy likes his colorful cereal. He does whatever he can to get his hands on a box of Trix and his plans always eventually get spoiled by children that claim “Trix are for kids!” Okay honestly, says who? I could go to the grocery store right now and buy some Trix and no one would stop me. Those kids are actually perpetuating bullying and I don’t think it’s right. No one taught them how to share I guess. How is the Trix Rabbit not allowed to eat his own brand’s cereal? I feel like we should get an army of cereal mascots on the case to punish these kids. Or am I taking this too far?

Daffy Duck is another character that never really gets lucky. Unfortunately, his rival is Bugs Bunny who tends to be overly lucky. I mean, the guy gets put in a boiling caldron of water and doesn’t die. Slightly unfair. Whenever Elmer Fudd is about, Bugs tells him that it’s Duck Hunting Season which is most likely a lie. Daffy usually tries defending himself but always ends up getting shot. His beak spins around a couple of times and that’s that. I’d like to see Bugs get shot and I’m not ashamed of that.

Wait. What if Bugs Bunny is really the Trix Rabbit in hell and his punishment is to always hunger for Trix while his craving is never satisfied? I should write a book on that theory.

I’m not super familiar with the TV show Tom and Jerry, but I do know that ill-fated Tom always gets the short end of the stick. All he wants is to eat Jerry, is that really so much to ask? Hanna and Barbera are super unrealistic if they think that a cat can’t catch a mouse. My cat caught birds. Birds don’t ever have to touch the ground if they don’t want to, yet my cat managed to catch one twelve. Cats are awesome. The fact that Jerry also got to dance with Gene Kelly really burns me up inside. He’s so undeserving of such great attention. It should be Tom dancing there.

Lastly, I think Wile E. Coyote deserves some attention. He lives in the desert. He’s hungry. He wants to kill this stupid Road Runner. He comes up with amazing plans, most of which end up with an anvil on his head. The story is pretty heart breaking. The sad part is, Road Runner is oblivious to everything. Most of the time he doesn’t even realize that Wile E. Coyote is trying to catch him which makes it even more annoying. I think the real shame in this whole cartoon is how much the Acme corporation lets Wile E. down. He depends on them so much and they usually end up dropping crates on his head. I mean, he should really sue them. Then he could eat all the Road Runners he wants! Yeah, that’s the ticket.


38 thoughts on “Cartoon Characters That I Feel Sorry For

    • He does seem lonely. I don’t remember many of his episodes, but I did like the look of him. I think I remember one episode with rabbits making tons of babies in his spaceship or something which is kind of bizarre.

    • I use gifs the same way that I embed pictures. The only thing you do differently is that they have to be full size.
      Yeah, Silly Rabbit…super sad.

  1. A gripping life says:

    Haha! This is so silly! I love it. I think the new Disney’s Wreck it Ralph is sort of like this actually. I always felt sorry for Daffy Duck, too.

    • Ohh yeah I totally forgot about Wreck It Ralph. Now I don’t feel as clever. Well, actually that’s only for villains in games I guess. But still, same idea! Poor Daffy, he seemed like a real nice dude. He just wasn’t smart enough for that wabbit.

    • Hah so true! Why are kids always so annoying in cartoons? Scooby was the best part of the show. Everyone else thought they were sooo smart. And what kind of kids really dress like that? I think Mystery Inc was just full of adults. There’s no way Shaggy was in high school.

    • True! I wonder why that is? Maybe because they’re always getting into trouble in real life? Peppy LePew was so forceful! That always bothered me too. Man, I wonder if there was a cartoon segment that DIDN’T have something annoying in it?

  2. This was actually a very great and original idea.

    I always sympathized with these cartoon characters who got the bad end of the deal. Sylvester was another one. I hate Tweety Bird. Is it even a guy or a girl? Mel Blanc hated cats and ducks I think.

    Keeping with Arthur, I always felt bad for George the moose. He didn’t become a primary character until later on in the series but he was a quiet dyslexic boy who only ever could get friends because of his dummy Wally. It’s not even the fact he was a moose which I liked. He reminded me of me sitting back and watching others have fun adventures while he was off to the side blending in. I feel bad for all background cartoon character extras. Can’t they ever get a storyline?

    • Well thank you.
      I hate Tweety Bird because he/she is the symbol of poverty across the USA. If someone is sporting a shirt with Tweety Bird, it’s a good guess that they live in a trailer.

      George the Moose sounds like a character that I would like as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think I saw any eps with him. How embarrassing for me. I like that they still kind of attempted to develop his character.

  3. Grandpa Chet says:

    Of course if Twix rabbit had just bought his own box instead of trying to steal the kids’ I probably would’ve felt more sorry for.him.

    Oh, and Tweety was a girl. You should talk with cartoon expert, writer Jim Korkis.

  4. This is fantastic! I haven’t really thought about this all that much, although I can now see that I’ve been a bit ignorant in not addressing it… unfortunate cartoon characters need our attention and such, just as much as hungry orphans and whatnot. Now that I do think about it, I’ve always felt a bit bad for Squidward having to live next to SpongeBob. Being exposed to that amount of happiness on a daily basis surely must sap all the enthusiasm for life out of your face.

    • Well thank you kindly! I think you’re totally right about Squidward. Poor guy. He just wants peace and quiet and to be able to play his clarinet and be alone. I should’ve dedicated a paragraph to him for sure! Good thinkin’ Lincoln.

      • Anonymous says:

        I;m glad that you and Anna feel sorry for Squidward as I do. I can relate to him due to my personality as I’ve dealt with people who behaved and behave similarly to SpongeBob. All those people who hate Squdiwards see him in black and white when he’s really an anti-hero as I am. I mean, wouldn’t you act like that octopus if sponge antagonized you 24/7?

        Because of my sympathy for Squidward, I wish that he and Mrs. Puff killed their haters as well as SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Flats the Flounder, and especially my favorite character in that Nicktoon (Nickelodeon Cartoon): Sam Star.

    • I never watched a ton of Cartoon Network shows. I was always a Nickelodeon kind of girl. But I think I know what you mean about Mojo Jojo. I always root for the bad guy for some reason. They try so hard with their evil plans and they just never work. Why did you feel bad for Dexter? Was it because of the little girl in the show? I’m not too familiar with that one.

      • Hmm ok now you mention Nickelodeon, I feel sorry for Squidward from Spongebob, and Plankton, too! Lol yeah I feel sorry for Dexter because none of his plans work out and it always backfires on him, and the little girl (his sister) ruins everything too xPP

      • Yes I totally feel bad for plankton and swquidward! More so plankton. He always gets so close to the crabby patty recipe…!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for also feeling sorry for Shelldon J. Plankton like I do. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of him. But later on, I saw that Mr. Krabs became worse than him. And so, I wish that Plankton won against that crab, especially since he (the crustacean) drove him (Shelldon) to committing suicide and laughing about it. How sick is that?

        And can you believe that SpongeBob follows his boss’s orders blindly? It’s as if he enjoys being a slave to that crab.

  5. Lets see…I think that’s one of the very few times Jerry spoke.
    Duck Hunting Season is one of the best Bugs cartoons ever.

    And Wile E did once catch the Road Runner.
    Didn’t go so well… (not sure who’s blog I first saw this on…)

    • Hahah oh yeah I looked that up on youtube before I wrote my post! I had to pretend that I didn’t see it though, to truly make my case. I still feel bad for Wile E! Nothing goes right for this guy!

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  7. Mysterious One says:

    Besides Plankton and Squidward, I also feel sorry for the Trix Rabbit and Wile E. Coyote for the same reasons that you do. Therefore, I feel honored to meet on the Web.

    By the way, I changed my username from Anonymous to Mysterious One since many people use that A-alias online.

  8. Mysterious One says:

    Another character who I feel sorry for is Elmer Fudd because how much trouble Bugs and Daffy gave him .And so, I wish that he killed them.

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