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Seattle Memories

When my friend and I judged everyone that walked past us:

Talking about girls from high school:

During every Starbucks trip:

Trying to figure out what to do every day:

After realizing that I’d have to wake up at 6:15 to catch my ferry:

Daring each other to talk to random people:

Calling my husband at home:

When I asked my friend if she liked the Nutella crepe:

When some tour guide got mad at me for moving his sign:

After climbing up the steep streets and running through the rain:


20 thoughts on “Seattle Memories

  1. The devils inside Mr. Rogers will never really ever come out. I always loved the rumor about why he wore the long sleeves. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mr. Rogers was a Vietnam sniper. He killed about 30 Charlie and for each he killed he got a tattoo of a fist on his arms, allegedly.

    • Why do you even know that? You are pretty well versed in children’s shows. Well, basically just Arthur and this random fact. Which might not even be a fact.

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