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Lazy Sunday

When someone asks me who my celebrity crush is:

If the dinner conversation starts to stray from yours truly:

After I’ve vacuumed for 3 minutes:

My answer to the people who teach fitness classes at the gym:

Me, going into any store:

When someone cancels on me:

Me, at my birthday celebration:

To all the people who leave hate comments on my blog (or anyone’s blog for that matter):


33 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

    • Hah that’s definitely my favorite one. Remember in Arizona when we went to that one hotel and you told the front desk that we weren’t going to stay there and the guy was like, “Why not?” and I was like “Because it’s gross” ahahah one of my top favorite moments. I wish I was still that ballsy.

  1. Peaches says:

    Who leaves you hate comments?! We should get a blogging lynch mob together. Maybe the airlines will give us a bulk discount…

    • Ugh everyone. We should totally do that! They always comment on my really old posts too. I’m like, “Why are you even looking at this?!” So weird. But I always accept their comments because I like getting mad at them. They started it, right? πŸ˜‰

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    To think, I’ve spent all day pretty much watching Star Trek DS9, while that happened, someone jumped from Space. I feel like he’s missed out.

    • Unfortunately, yes. All the time! Got one today actually. You’re right. People like to cause trouble. I’ll admit that I can say some pretty mean things sometimes but I’m usually joking or saying them about someone famous who probably won’t care. Hah oh well…!

  3. Addie says:

    People leave hate comments? About what, ffs? “Gee, your GIF’s are silly?” “How dare you post aboot Canada?” “Why are you so tall?” Eff them if they can’t deal with your awesomeness is my answer.

    • Haha no I wish. Just like stuff about my opinion being wrong or telling me I’m the worst person ever because I made fun of Adele. Haha so just really stupid stuff. People who don’t know I’m kidding most of the time. Oy!

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