Accepting Awards

Sometimes it’s hard to be me. I get overwhelmed with all the blog love very easily and I end up having minor panic attacks. When I receive awards, I always wonder if people expect me to blog about them in my next blog. Do they think I’m ignoring their kind gesture? Will they lose respect for my blog if I don’t nominate people in my acceptance blog?  Does everyone secretly hate me? These are the kind of thoughts that I have. Anxiety is really a great thing, guys.

I was nominated for some blog awards by three lovely people. I don’t know what they see in my blog, but I love them for loving me. They could be doing so many other things with their time, but they choose to come to my blog and read my words. They will most likely regret their actions years down the line, realizing that they could’ve learned a foreign language or traveled the world with all the time they spent here. Well maybe not travel the world. They could’ve probably gone to the zoo though. Zoos are pretty worldly.

A while ago My Pretzel Logic nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. And ya know what? I think my blog is pretty lovely as well. Lovely and offensive. The perfect combination. I don’t know how Pretzel found me, but I’m glad he did. He gets me. And his blog name involves a tasty treat. It doesn’t get much better. Pretz (can I call you Pretz?) will introduce you to new music, share his poetry, and talk about relatable topics. His blog is defs worth a visit.

I was in shock to get an award from this next blogger. Emily from The Waiting Blog, nominated me for the Addictive Blog Award. Her blog is way better and cooler than mine. Like, all 8 of you that are reading this should go and read hers. She’s super creative and her kid is adorbs. And she gave me the nicest compliments which means I will love her forever and always. Compliments go a long way with me. Like, a really long way.

Lastly and most recently, Stephen from Life Revelation, nominated me for the REALITY Blog Award. I had to look at it for a long time to figure out what it spelled. For that reason, I will never be nominated for The Smartest Tool in the Shed Award. But in all seriousness, Stephen is one of the kindest and most optimistic bloggers I have come across. All of his happiness is reflected on his blog which will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged. In fact, he will end every response with a simple but important reminder to “be encouraged”. Thank you Stephen. I am!

Now these three awards have different rules, but I’m just going to combine the second part into one. Here are seven random facts about myself that you probably don’t want to know, but oh well!

1.) I used to scrapbook and journal a lot throughout high school.  Like, obsessively. If I went over to someone’s house I would bring my camera just so I could print the pictures and scrapbook the moment forever. I’ve had to throw out some of my journals because they were just too embarrassing and awful to re-read. Maybe I’ll feel that way about my blog someday…

2.) If I could go anywhere in the world right now I would book a flight to Greece. I’ve heard great things about the country and Greek food is growing on me. Also, Ancient Greece is one of my favorite periods of history. Is Ancient Greece a period? I don’t know. Clearly, I’m a great historian.

3.) Two of my favorite movies are Harold and Maude and Singin’ in the Rain. Both of which I’ve seen on the big screen!

4.) Cinnamon Toast Crunch has been and always will be my favorite cereal of all time.

5.) In 6th grade I was pumping iron in the weight room (not my choice, they made us) when I lost my footing on the leg press and the metal petal crashed into my leg. I started laughing and then I looked down and screamed when I saw the gash that was left. I walked to the nurse and she put a band aid on my wound. She was literally Satan. Turns out I needed 5 stitches.

6.) I worked at an ice creamery for a total of 2 hours my junior year of high school. Technically I was training, but I still got paid so I consider it work. I earned a total of $14 before I quit. That’s all I really needed to earn, right?

7.) I can’t think of a seventh fun fact. I didn’t leave the house until 5:30pm today. That counts as a fact, right?

This post is already way longer than I’d like, so I nominate everyone! Weeee! Mostly because I’m too lazy. And I don’t want to leave anyone out. (That’s my anxiety speaking….)


32 thoughts on “Accepting Awards

  1. Oh, you’re hilarious. Of course you’d be nominated! Your blog is quite enjoyable. 😀 Congrats on the awards. I also worked somewhere for just a few hours…so glad I’m not alone there! Do you scrapbook at all anymore? It’s fun, I can see how you got a little…carried away. 😉

    • Aww thanks girl. Haha quitting a job after a few hours is so embarrassing! But it’s good to get out while you can, right? I still like scrapbooking, but I never do it anymore unfortunately. 😦

    • Haha you have such low standards if I am your favorite movie critic! But I will accept the title wholeheartedly. Thank you so much! Yes, darling, see you in Athens!

  2. Congrats, Lily. You have a sharp wit about you and I think you’re kind of a smarta*s which I love. You deserve these and I’ll have to check out these peeps you mentioned.

    • Lily says:

      Thank you kindly! I like being a smarta*s because it makes people laugh. Well, most people. I’m glad you understand my sense of humor! Thanks Brigitte. You are too kind! Yeah, check them out!

  3. Lovely and offensive sums up your blog! You’re lucky that you’re a little more lovely than offensive and so the scale just barely tips in your favor. I think you should keep up your smarta*s routine because obviously the best people in the blogosphere love you. 🙂

    • Lily says:

      Hehe yeah I think I’ve managed to calculate the best combination! Some people don’t see it that way, but that just gives me permission to hate them 😀
      Thanks Momma!

  4. Seriously, you should go to Greece like NOW since they don’t have any money and it would be cheap as free. We went to Iceland right after it went broke and saved a bundle!

  5. Peaches says:

    It’s easy to be offensive when you live in Canada and are American. You just have to like…voice an opinion…or tell somebody you don’t like something….or generally not be passive aggressive 😛 Love ya Lily. Keep’em coming.

    • Hah you have a point there. It’s much easier to offend people here. I’m having a lot of fun with it. You got it Peaches!
      Thanks so much! Love ya too! Will do!

  6. Thank you for all those gracious words…your mother must be paying you…or maybe my wife is…but anyway thanks.

    …and lets not forget…you earned all these awards by writing with humor, insight, compassion, and a damn fine turn of the phrase.

    …and of course, as always…be encouraged!

    • Lily says:

      Thanks Stephen! Believe it or not, no one is paying me! (Unfortunately…) Haha It’s always hard to believe that I’ve earned awards and that people actually like my blog as much as I like it. Thanks Stephen, you’re too kind!

      • stephenedwards425 says:

        I wonder if when Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling, or any of those other mega-freakin’ selling authors sit down to write, do they hear a little voice in their heads that says, “Hey I wonder if anyone is going to like this?”…like we do?

        Be encouraged!

      • stephenedwards425 says:

        I guess we will just have to wait until then first million rolls in to find out…be encouraged!

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