Welp, it’s here. My birthday month. I’m aware that everyone thinks their own birthday month is the best, and that’s cute. But they’re wrong. Except for people born in October. They know what’s up.

The thing I don’t like about October though, is that other things occur during the month that have nothing to do with my birth. This makes it hard to appreciate “The Perfect Month” as I’ve deemed it. One of the reason I refer to it as “the perfect month” is because it’s not too long after summer and not too far away from Christmas. It’s right in the middle of loveliness.

How I feel once it’s October.

One occasion that I’ve had to share with my birthday month is Halloween. This holiday has haunted me (get it?!) since I was born. The idea of me having to share my birth month with a holiday where I’m required to dress in costume is just way too much for me to handle. I mean, it could be worse. I could have a December birthday. All you December babies got gypped! Halloween is fun and everything, but there’s always so much hype and so little pay-off. Also, my birthday month is associated with the color orange which is just cruel and unfair.

Another recent thing that has taken over the entirety of my birthday month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Honestly, why can’t everyone just be aware of my birthday? Lily’s Birthday Awareness Month. I’m all for people being aware of breast cancer, but can’t we just figure out that it’s around instead of dedicating a whole month to it and ruining the color pink for everyone? I’m not trying to offend anyone with breast cancer or anyone that knows someone who died of breast cancer (because I know that’s what everyone thinks and everyone likes to get mad at me, yeah yeah yeah) I just don’t understand why we need a month for it. Same with Black History Month. Can’t we as a society acknowledge that black men and women are a strong part of our history as a nation? Are we supposed to forget about their history after February? Are we supposed to ignore breast cancer after October? Why do we have awareness months at all? Can’t we all just be freely aware? DON’T FORCE ME TO BE AWARE, WORLD.

After moving to Canada I’ve also had to share fake Thanksgiving with my birthday month. Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October which is dangerously close to the date of my birth. In fact, this year it’s a mere 3 days after my big day. Way too close for comfort. How about Canada just realizes that the only thing they need to be thankful for is me living in their country and dedicate this holiday to moi? Just throwing ideas around.

This October, instead of worrying about other traditions and holidays, I ask you to think about my birthday and how great I am. It’s been a quarter of a century since I’ve been on this earth and I think I deserve some respect.


44 thoughts on “October

  1. Addie says:

    I’m going to have (and wear) a tshirt that proclaims October Belongs to Lily. I think this is only fair, based on your well thought out side of the debate, and, I’ll be proud to wear said shirt.

    I thought I’d go with blue. Hope that works for you.

  2. Peaches says:

    This whole thing made me chuckle. I’m particularly lucky. Not many awarenesses going on in my birth month. yay for me.

  3. you are great, lily, and i’ll be thinking about your birthday. and if you have just a little time, i hope you could also think of my birthday because october is my birthday month too! πŸ˜€ wish you all the best!

  4. A gripping Life says:

    I’ve always had a thing for Libras, proof that October brings forth a good crop of people. Yeah, I think having the color orange as your month’s color is possibly the worst aspect of October, otherwise it’s a great month. I think having a birthday on Christmas has got to be the worst. Sharing a birthday with baby Jesus can’t be easy.

    • True. I remember in elementary school when they would decorate the bulletin boards for each month, October always had a pumpkin border. Eww. But yeah, other than that it’s a good month. The only bonus to having a December birthday is at least you don’t have to go to school for it. But lol about sharing your birthday was baby Jesus. And his golden fleece diapers.

  5. Haha, it’s so sweet to read this, because it’s so wrong. I mean, sure, October can be fun, but it’s above all rainy and dark. Of course I know which month is the best, and it’s not October.
    But funny post, sweety. Just a pity that you’re wrong! πŸ˜‰

    • I celebrate every day that I’m alive, don’t you? I’m guessing I won’t be alive by the time I reach my mom’s age. Or maybe I’ll have discovered some youth serum that will make me look extra amazing by that time. Time will tell, HF.

    • Hey!! Are you implying that I’m some old dinosaur? Because at last count I believe I was ONE month older than you, HF!! And I happen to look damn good — sure, I have no memory and arthritis is kicking in and I have a few gray hairs, but… Wait, why am I tell you this? You’re in the same boat.

  6. Does this mean I have to give you all my presents? The only thing I’m expected to get is Spiderman underwear.

    Another question, is Canadian Thanksgiving their answer to Columbus Day? They always do that. Like their stupid Family Day instead of President’s Day. Such a feel good country. I want to vomit. My B-Day (the b stands for big) would often fall on Columbus Day or Yom Kippur. All my life I’ve lived in the shadow of Italians, Portugese, and Jews. It just ain’t fair.

    • Please no.
      Yes! I’m planning on doing a post on Columbus Day. Let’s just say I’d rather celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving than Columbus Day any day. I know…family day? Honestly? Do we have to be reminded that we have families? No.

    • Hah what a complete bummer. Yeah, I know what you mean πŸ˜‰ Glad you knew what I meant too! I’m honestly surprised more people haven’t gotten mad at me for this post. I could just imagine… “You don’t care about people with breast cancer!!!!”

  7. Oh sorry. You didn’t know???? October IS the best month. I find it very frustrating as well that things distract from the attention I feel my birthday deserves….as a child I was allowed to stay home from school on my birthday but I would never do that….cause you get way more attention by going to school. Not a fan of orange. Why can’t it be purple?

    • So glad you agree! October babies are the best for sure. No doubt about it! And yeah, so true! Going to school forces everyone to recognize your day of birth. Any color other than orange would be acceptable for sure. Poor us. Thanks for stopping by!

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