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My Relationship With Food

When anyone tries to talk to me while I’m waiting for my food:

When my food arrives:

Realizing I have a lot in common with Fergie:

When people tell me that I’m lucky I’m tall because I can eat more without it showing:

First thing I do after we buy groceries:

Me, when Paul gets upset that I ate all of the chips:

When I make pizza at home:

Me, debating on how to cook anything:

Whenever Paul says “Let’s just make something to eat at home.”:

When I eat ice cream and accidentally get some on our furniture:

When the waiter or waitress asks if we’re all done:

My response to people who “forget” to eat meals because they’re SO busy:


24 thoughts on “My Relationship With Food

    • Haha it is! That’s why I decided to blog, so I could share my magical world with everyone.
      I seriously have so much anger towards people who forget to eat.

  1. Is that Jennifer Lawrence in the last picture? She always looks best in GIF form for some reason. If she could constantly do the same facial expressions over and over again for 3 seconds I would marry her.

    Why does Arthur’s family have two jars of jalapenos in their fridge?

    • Yes, it is. I really like her for some reason. She seems coolio. I think she would be a good best friend for me. And of course, a good wife for you. If Malin died or something.

      Are you sure one of those jars isn’t full of pickles? See these are the things we could delve into if we made an Arthur blog!
      PS. I love how you commented on this one immediately.

  2. Addie says:

    I can agree with each of these, especially the eating right after shopping gif. No matter if I go full or starving, the result is the same–I must eat what I just bought.

  3. hahah! I like all of them! The pizza and just getting home from shopping but I especially relate to when Paul asks you if you want to stay home and make something. “I’m not sure I’m interested in that. No, I’m sure. I’m not interested in that.” LOL!
    Oh, and the eating all the chips!!! It’s mostly funny cause I can imagine Paul getting disturbed! haha!

    • Haha yeah! I’ve been saving up all of these because they make me laugh so much. Haha Natalie said she liked the “I’m not interested in that” the best too! I just like Will Ferrell doing that dance. Haha but yeah Paul is always extremely disturbed.

  4. Marya says:

    All night long, I am going to be stuck on Mooselicker’s comment about the double jars of jalapeños in Arthur’s fridge. A reward for careful, Mooselicker!

    Superb post, Lily.

    • Hahaha I know. He really holds a place in his heart for all things Arthur. I still think those are a jar of pickles and a jar of olives, but what do I know?

      Thanks Marya! 😀

  5. Yeah. I know those people who forget to eat. I hate them. These clips with your comments — funny. I don’t like eating however and you wouldn’t think that to be the case because my weight is pretty average. I have issues with food, I’ll just say…

    • I hate them too. Glad you like the little clips. Yeah I think I remember reading that on one of your blog posts. That’s understandable. It’s weird because eating is different for everyone–everyone likes different things and different amounts. Whereas I like tons of food, but I’m actually kind of picky. Weird.

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