TRX More Like TR Death

It’s hard to explain why I put myself into these situations. My friends asked me to workout, I agreed and before I knew it I was in a ball on the floor crying into a floor mat. Okay, that’s not true. There weren’t any mats around.

TRX is a fairly new type of workout. I’m sure pros would tell you that it’s been around for hundreds of years, like yoga or something. I can totally imagine Gandhi doing TRX.

Basically, what you do is use these long resistance straps that are attached to the ceiling, to help you workout your entire body. It’s an extremely good workout, but it has an extremely painful aftermath. And duringmath as well.

Look at that guy on the far left. Who does he think he is? Only Gandhi is allowed to do that move.

Every TRX teacher that I’ve come across (2 teachers total), have 0% fat on their bodies. It’s frightening. But at least you know that TRX gets results, right? I would try to keep up with the instructors (and the rest of the class), but it was close to impossible for me. I preferred any and all poses that had to do with laying down on the floor. Those are usually towards the end, unfortunately. And once you get up from the floor, your legs want to fall off. Truthfully, I just want to put my feet in the handles and use the bands as a rope swing. How fun would that class be?

It’s weird though, because after my first class I was super sore for the first two days and then on the third day I took another class. Trust me, it wasn’t my idea. But now this morning, I’m not half as sore as I was the first day I did it. So what’s the dealio? Am I getting used to constantly being in pain? Was it like some hair of the dog thing where the only cure to my pain was more pain? Are the teachers wizards?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ll never be able to do this pose. Ever ever ever. When my teacher did that, I just looked at her and said, “Yeah, no I’m not doing that.”


32 thoughts on “TRX More Like TR Death

    • Lol apparently it stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. Soo wouldn’t that make it TBRE? Maybe it doesn’t seem as hardcore as TRX. I wanted the X to stand for “Xtreme”. The ymca might offer it but I’m not sure. I’m doing it through the Y, so maybe try there? Actually, I think good shepherd might? Actually, yes, they both do because I just looked it up. Hah

  1. Hahahaha.
    Looks, um… Interesting?
    Actually, I think I might like it. But I’m not trying it any time soon. And I shy away from things that I can only do when I show up to the class that I have to pay for. I like things I can do at home, or randomly on the street (think running).
    Maybe I’ll give it a go if it’s still “in style” when I move to Canada, and gym rates aren’t stupid. Haha.

    • Interesting is a nice way of putting it! Luckily, the classes all come free with my gym membership, so I don’t feel totally forced to do it, like if I paid for 10 classes or something. I probably wouldn’t sign up for that! But I know what you mean. Running is always good and easy and you can do it anywhere. Except in the winter in Canada…!
      I didn’t realize you were moving to Canada! I thought you were just getting married here? That’s awesome!

    • Haha yeah I know what you mean! I have to get back in the loop of working out. It’s just so hard. But yeah I hate going to the gym and seeing people I know. I hate when people see me all sweaty!

  2. And what these trainers fail to tell you is they were already in shape before starting TRX. TRX is all they do to warm-up now.

    I’ve never heard of this trend but I’m a big fan of stretching things from doorways. At least there isn’t some UFC fighter claiming this is what makes him a champion.

    • Yeah, they don’t even sweat! It’s so creeps. They can carry on a full conversation whilst doing these exercises. I don’t get it. Hah I don’t like UFC guys. They’re too real. I like WWE because at least they were like characters.

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    does it work like a sling shot? I would be afraid I would hurl myself across the gym if not done properly? I don’t think I am coordinated or young enough for this hellish thing

    • Hah not really. They bands don’t stretch thankfully! It’s hard enough with ropes, I don’t know if I could handle it if they stretched as well! Hah I have faith that you could do it for sure!

  4. Addie says:

    I appreciate your honesty here. A friend of mine in another city said, “Oh, it’s like Cirque kind of stuff, with ribbons and all.” I almost bought into that line. Liar, liar muscles on fire! Still, 0% body fat? Only three days before you don’t hurt enough to want to lie down somewhere and beg a car to drive over you?


    • It does kind of look dirty from the pictures, but once you’re in the class you’re so concentrated on not dying, that any cool moves that people do, almost go unnoticed. But yeah, swings!

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