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Sweet Thievery

I had to make sure I gave myself the proper amount of time to catch my breath before writing this post. You see, I’ve been laughing ever since I heard the report–there was a maple syrup heist in Quebec last Saturday. Canadians all around me asked if I heard the news. I guess we have different definitions of what news is.

So apparently some robbers stole a couple of barrels of syrup. I say “a couple” because the executive director of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (how would you like that to be your title?) said, “We don’t know yet how much is missing – we do know it is significant.” I wonder how they figured that one out. Looks like they’ve got some top Canadian sleuths on the case.

The best part of the whole story is that Quebec’s police force believes that the stolen syrup is going to be sold on the black market. Do you really think people are going to risk imprisonment  to buy maple syrup? Are people craving it that badly?

The executive director promises that there will be no shortage of maple syrup, so we shouldn’t worry. I guess people didn’t take into consideration that the US has their own supply of Vermont maple syrup. Maybe Canada was scared that they would have to start depending on the states for their own famous export. If that happened, Canada would probably be forced to change the emblem on their flag from a maple leaf to a beaver or something. So embarrassing. Let’s cross our fingers that Canada doesn’t have to go down that road.

I’m just gonna to stick to Aunt Jemima to be safe.


25 thoughts on “Sweet Thievery

  1. A gripping life says:

    Oh Em Gee! This is way to funny! Canada sounds like Mayberry in this report. It’s like something Barney Fife would investigate! Hahaha!
    Yeah, stick with Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s – both of those women are capable of defending their syrup and then some.

    • Hehe thanks! Lol I agree about Barney Fife. Like, that’s the kind of people that are in charge apparently.
      Honestly, maple syrup is too sweet for me. I like corn syrup better. I guess I’m just a southerner like that.

    • Hahah I know. It’s pretty much the biggest event since the fur trade. Paul said that the fur trade is basically everything that Canadians learn in history class. Pshhh hahah

  2. Canadians are such wimps. I looked up online where the most dangerous area in Toronto was before I went. It was literally one block.

    I love how their black market they sell maple syrup. Maybe they meant the shopkeepers were African? Nope. Probably not. I think they sell sugar cookies and hugs on this same black market.

    Such wimps…

    • Your comment was funnier than my entire post. Hahah it’s probably true though–I can see their black market being a farmers market run by blacks.
      I will agree that the whole thing is super retarded. And so cute.

    • Haha they seem slightly crazy. Hahah I think I would like to work at that Institute for the Preservation of Back Bacon! As long as I get free bacon and ham.

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