Everyday Annoyances

Whenever I meet someone and they only talk about themselves:

When I try to help someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer:

If someone is making me dinner:

When it’s time to do the dishes:

When I talk to myself about blogging:

If someone tries to censor what I say or do:

If someone tries to insult me:

When Paul asks me how my day was:

When I think about dieting and exercising:

When the woman at the insurance agency was giving me a hard time:

If I don’t have a comeback during an argument:


19 thoughts on “Everyday Annoyances

  1. My favorite one was the Arthur one because that show will always be the most nostalgic thing in my life.

    Second place, the astronaut. And thanks for reminding me I have to do dishes tonight.

    • Oh wow thanks so much! I’m so excited that you stumbled upon me! Haha I have a couple older posts using gifs like I did here. Check em out if you liked this one! Happy you stopped by! 😀

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