Tough People With Good Hearts

Jillian Michaels, Gordon Ramsay, and Tabatha Coffey. When most people think of these gems they think: harsh, mean, and loud. I, cannot disagree with that. For some reason, however, I am comforted by them. There is something about these three that rings true to me. They will scream at people, walk out on them, and maybe even call them stupid. But the fact of the matter is, deep down, they’re trying to help people. Instead of fighting for them, they help people fight for themselves.

Jillian Michaels is one tough cookie. She was my introduction into tough people with good hearts. I’m sure I’ve met others throughout my life that are like her, but on a much smaller scale. When I would watch The Biggest Loser contestants on her team I would say “Ha! Good luck!” as I wolfed down a third brownie. But honestly, I think she had the best team results on the show. She really drove people to do the best the could. Of course she’s made contestants cry and scream, but in the end, I think they were thankful for having her push them that hard. Jillian Michaels famously said, “Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going!” Soooo my death will be what makes you say “Okay maybe we should take a break.”? Good to know.

“DO YOU WANT TO BE FAT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE???” Umm if it means you’ll stop yelling at me, sure.

Gordon Ramsay knows his stuff when it comes to the kitchen and he has no tolerance when others don’t. He’ll slam down sloppily made dishes and he’ll kick out people who talk back and make excuses. He has a soft side though. I’ve seen it. When I was watching Hotel Hell (apparently he knows a lot about the hotel business as well??) last week, he came across this young man working in a crappy hotel kitchen. He connected with the guy so much that Gordon offered to pay all of his college tuition for him just so he could get the opportunities he needed to do great things. Hey may call people “f-ing donkeys”, but I think he’s a good person.

Do people actually use knife sharpeners?

Tabatha Coffey looks as if she’s about to bite your head off at all times. Ms. Coffey is perhaps the least popular of the bunch. She stars on the show, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover where she helps sinking salons find their place in the business again. Of course there’s a lot of drama involved. She gets in some great fights. I”m recommending some quality television, so take note. At the end of each episode, the salon owners and employees are so thankful that she came and rescued their dying shop. Tabatha makes people feel more confident and in control. Unless they’re stupid and don’t listen to her. In which case she’ll pull a Donald–“You’re Fired!”

And I give you the blonde version of Kris Jenner.

I’m sure in real life I would be extremely turned off by these three toughies. Maybe the reason I like them so much is because I’m safe in my house, watching them through a screen.


21 thoughts on “Tough People With Good Hearts

  1. A gripping life says:

    Jillian is the only one I can tolerate of this bunch. I’d much rather have Bob Harper loving on me. I’d be more motivated by a hug from him than her screaming at me. I’ll probably just keep eating cookies and crap while I nervously watch those poor sods workout.

    • Yeah, I guess you have to be motivated by wanting to prove them wrong. It’s much easier with Bob, for sure. But even Bob gets mad! Which I like. If the people on the shows we’re so dumb I’d probably feel bad for them. Hah. But yeah nothing better than eating poorly while watching Biggest Loser.

  2. I like Jillian and Gordo, but that hairdresser woman always really gets on my nerves. At least Jillian and Gordon got famous for rising to the top of their professions before TV. But Tabitha was originally just a bitchy contestant on Sheer Genius. I can’t get over that.

    • That’s totally true. I omitted that detail just because it makes her sound like a total n3wb. Which she is. But for some reason I like her. Maybe I’ve just watched wayyyy too much of her show. My parents literally cannot stand her.

  3. I barely watch TV these days (on accident–I remember loving it) but I caught that Hotel Hell where GR gave that little guy full tuition! It was so sweet. Hubs and I were talking about how GR was so well liked even though he’s a tough mofo. My theory is that he’s so harsh initially, so when he’s nice on the flip side, people are so eager to hear the niceties that they forget and forgive his harsh side.

    • Yes! You know the moment I was talking about! I think you have a pretty good theory going on. Plus, he usually helps them so immensely that they can’t REALLY be mad at him, can they?

  4. I love Gordon Ramsay – even if he is a hardass!
    Great post!
    By the way, I had to trash my last post – comments and all – so if you can comment again, I’d love you forever, In a platonic way, of course!

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