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That One Time I Went Camping

I did a very Canadian thing on the weekend. I went camping. If there’s one thing that I learned, it’s that Canadians are into camping. Paul and I went to buy a tent at Wal*Mart and they were all sold out. SOLD OUT OF TENTS. Wal*Mart isn’t allowed to be sold out of anything.

We went to an actual camping store and bought a two-man tent. And when I say a two man tent, I mean that both men have to be extremely small to fit comfortably inside the tent. There wasn’t too much walking (or sitting) room available. But it was cute. Good thing I don’t mind being really close to Paul.

If camping consisted of sitting in those chairs all day, I would be an awesome camper.

We set up our campsite and then we decided to go swimming in Englishman River. When I pictured Englishman river, I thought it would be a gentle, welcoming body of water–like an Englishman I guess. Well, I’m sure it was gentle and welcoming, but it was frigid as well. Like, if it was one degree colder, it would’ve been frozen. Paul swam in it like some kind of Canadian weirdo. I went up to my knees. And the minute that I announced, “I’m only going up to my knees” I slipped on a rock and my whole body went under. Very funny, God.

After that excitement, we went back to our site and had hotdogs and smores. Whenever I think about smores, I have to quote The Sandlot. “First, you take the graham…” Such a perfect scene.

Once we finished stuffing our faces, we played cards. Hearts in particular. For all you Hearts aficionados, there were four of us playing. Paul’s younger cousins were with us. They were decked out with all the finest camping equipment that we didn’t have. They brought the cards and the chairs. So without them, it would’ve been pretty boring. Shout out to Chantal because she told me that she reads my blog and thinks I’m super funny. Can you blame her? Look, you’re famous now! Shout out to Tristan because he was really good at wielding a hatchet and told me I was good at pumping up air mattresses. Even though I got lazy and stopped before it was finished.

Later on we went on a walk to see the waterfall. The actual name of the place we went was called Englishman River Falls. I should have known there would be a waterfall involved, but I have trouble putting two and two together. Actually, I have trouble putting any combination of numbers together.

We found the waterfall. I was taken aback. It was so grand and waterfall-y. Anyone would’ve surely died if they jumped off the top. Pictures cannot do it justice. But here’s some anyway:

The very tip top of the waterfall.

At night we told ghost stories and talked about scary movies. And I ended up eating an entire chocolate bar for no apparent reason. After that, I had the worst sleep of my life. But it was worth it because I had such a great time.

And apparently we’re doing all of it again next weekend….


37 thoughts on “That One Time I Went Camping

  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!
    Beautiful pic of all the falls.

    Almost all outdoor gear labeled as “two person” should have the qualifier “if they get along really reeeaallly well”.

    • Hahaha so true! I was like, wait this seems wrong…
      But yeah, it was a great weekend! It was very Guapo-esque. Full of adventure and what not!

  2. Camping is the best. I think that’s the only time I get to read for fun anymore. (Not counting all of these wonderful blogs) I love to just hang out and sleep and read and nap and eat and sleep and then go to bed. Yep, camping is cool.

    • Yes! I was bummed that I didn’t bring my book AND I didn’t get to nap, but I did go on some walks and I DID take a nap when I came home, so that kind of counts, right?
      Camping is coolio for sure.

  3. I camped once. I don’t mind the tent, the fire, the bugs–what I mind is the lack of bathrooms, thus, I can proudly say I camped once and once was enough. I admire your willingness to do this activity again, Lily.

    I just did the Bloghood gang sign I made up. I hope you enjoyed it’s uniqueness. It consisted of a triple thump to the chest going to a peace sign. Word.

    • I’m never too keen on the idea of camping unless I’m going with fun people. Otherwise, no thank you! I’m with ya on the 5 star hotel business. That’s the REAL ticket.

  4. I’m with HF. I’m too old for that crap. I’ll take room service, pool side service, turn down service, basically all services — I just want to be pampered.
    Glad you had fun sleeping with a thin piece of nylon separating you from the wilderness.

    • Actually, it was funny because the whole time I was thinking about how much you would have hated it. Haha!
      Being pampered is great and everything, but it’s fun to mix it up a bit, do things that you won’t feel like doing later down the line.
      Although I did see a woman bathing in the river (with her clothes on, but still!) and for that single moment, I hated being out there.

  5. You ate an entire chocolate bar? You’re acting like it’s the first time you’ve ever done it. That’s not too impressive of a feat. This post made me hungry, itchy, and my allergies started to bother me more. Do Canadian people have allergies? I bet they don’t even have tissues up there.

    • Well, okay you’re right. It’s not such a big feat. I just feel like people don’t eat chocolate bars any more. I like that you always hone in on the food part of anything I write.
      Yeah Canadians get allergies! Mine exploded up here. They never used to be that bad. They don’t really have tissues–we use tree bark. But really soft tree bark, to be fair./

  6. Sammy says:

    I saw your camping pics on Facebook this morning and I was like “haha, that Lily. Such a jokester. Obviously anyone who knows her knows she wasn’t camping.” looks like the jokes on me! I’m glad u had fun!!

    • Hahah! You know me too well. This was a real moment for me. I was like, if I’m going camping, everyone better know about it! I actually felt like it was a Utah thing to do! I’ll have to come visit sometime because I freakin miss it out there! Thanks Sammy!

  7. Lily this is so funny. Only in Canada would they be sold out of tents! And I think it ‘s so funnyh that the river was named Englishman River. They would have named it after a famous Englishman but that would mean leaving out all the other Englishment. And what a cute picture of you. I love that you ate a chocolate bar for no apparent reason! LOL!

    • Hahah glad you liked it! Yes, the river is named after EVERY Englishman. Canadians are too nice like that. Just pick one Englishman! Buying a bunch of chocolate bars for smores was a big mistake. I’ve had like a million (3) since I’ve been home. It’s a new addiction that I can’t break!

  8. I see you falling into the water after having said that :D. That’s so typical, not for you in particular, but for everyone I think…
    It sounds like so much fun, Lily! Invite us too, will you?

    • Haha I think you’re right. Things like that always happen and it’s always so embarrassing! It was really an awesome time–everyone is invited! I wish we could all get together, that would be awesome!

  9. Hah your camping experience looks far more inviting than mine was, although I was at Leeds Festival. This guy brought a “two man tent” he got free with a newspaper, although it turned out it was a “two kids” tent and when he put it up, he ended being longer than the actual tent was! I think I have a photo somewhere of him curled up in a ball in a tent that also wasn’t waterproof 😀

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