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My Strange Addiction

Okay, so I don’t actually have an addiction per se, but I am interested in some strange stuff.Β  You see, it all started because I’m a picker.

No, not a nose picker. Well, at one point I think we were all nose pickers. It’s like a cave of wonders in there. I’m a picker in the sense that I can’t leave things alone. If I have a scrape or a scab, consider it picked and prodded at all angles. Hangnails? Ripped off. Dead skin? Pshh gone in seconds. Pimples? Well, I wasn’t blessed with pimples to keep me occupied. Other people’s pimples? Poked, squeezed, and extracted thanks to moi. I don’t even see earwax on my Q-tips any more because I use them that often.

The thing is, I’m not addicted to any of those things. They just, entertain me and keep me busy. There was one day when I was all out of things to pick. Nothing left. So I went on YouTube and watched a video compilation of people popping pimples. I WATCHED STRANGERS POP ZITS. I love seeing puss being drained out. I don’t know why. You can stop reading now, if you’re getting grossed out. For some reason this all makes sense in my brain, but when it’s written out, it’s actually really weird.

Come here, troubled soul. I’ll get that for you.

The pimple videos were great and everything, but I started to get bored of them. So I found something new and more exciting. Bot fly removal. You need to hear a little background story before you truly understand what going on.

In South America, bot flies lay their eggs on mosquitoes because they’re too big to get close enough to hosts. The mosquitoes sting the hosts and the eggs fall off onto the host and, because of the body temperature of the host, the eggs hatch and the larvae burrow into the host’s flesh.

Just for the record, if science class was like this, I would’ve received an A+++.

The larvae grow and grow until they need to be extracted from the skin. You can’t pull them out easily though. They have teeth that hook them into your flesh. You have to put tape over their breathing hole and then they’ll come up for air. That’s the magic moment when you pull them out.

Here’s a video saying exactly what I just said, but better. Also, I don’t know why it says “sex maniacs” on it. Are bot flies sex maniacs?

It’s pretty exciting. I would be lying if I said I haven’t watched every human bot fly removal video on YouTube. I won’t watch them be removed from animals though. Even I have standards.

Also, if you’re looking to watch other extractions that aren’t as gruesome, may I suggest teeth being pulled? The one on Green Day’s Geek Stink Breath music video is a good one. Very rewarding at the end.

What have we learned? Don’t ever ever ever go to South America. And Lily is super gross.



37 thoughts on “My Strange Addiction

  1. You know I am debating about hitting the “like” tab…does your Mom know about all of this…you must take after your Dad…hahaha…you are one brave woman for posting this.

    Be encouraged!

    • a gripping life says:

      I just recently put a beautiful picture up of Lily on my post entitled “Our little Cozette.” Now I’m afraid this post will negate that image. I couldn’t be more grossed out, Stephen. But as you see, I’ve raised my children to not worry about making a good impression. Maybe I’ve done my job a little too well?! haha!

      • Ehm, this is very interesting stuff. I’m just trying to educate the world. If either of you had bot flies, I hope you know that I would help extract them for you. Sorry that my interests exceed those of other 25 year old gals! You two are clearly jealous.

      • I will admit I had some what of a struggle aligning the picture on your post with the details of her post…but I think you’ve raised her just fine…she seems like a fine young woman…even if there might be some twists and turns…just like the rest of us…hahaha.

        Be encouraged!

  2. Addie says:

    I cannot believe I watched that. I watched that!! It is burned into my mind now, and, unless I roll my inner eye in acid, it will stay there.

    (momvoice)Oh, Lily. LilyLilyLilyLily.(/momvoice)

    • That’s not even that gross Addie. Most of it’s animated. You need to look up the real deal on youtube. Then you’re allowed to be grossed out. But that video? Pshh it’s baby stuff.

      • Addie says:

        I think I’ll just go look at photos and videos of kittens and puppies and babies and stuff. I’m a wuss, Lily in Canada, a real wuss. I get totally grossed out by the sight of a pimple, much less having to squeeze one. I was lucky (like you) and never had them. I’ve always been thankful for that, now more than ever.

  3. Does your mom have no analysis on what this obsession is about? I know lots of people who have these sick “fetish” with picking, cracking, pulling, etc. My sister used to love picking the dandruff from my scalp. Even though I’m single now, I still let the old girlfriend crack my knuckle once a month because it gives her a rush.

    You’re only a strange disgusting person because you sit around watching videos of other people popping zits. Get your own! You will be one of those wives who pops her husband’s back pimples someday. I know you will. Every woman loves doing that.

    • You know, I’m pretty sure I learned this same behavior from my parents. I would totally pick dandruff from someone’s scalp! That’s a great idea. I would be a perfect gorilla that picks flies off of other monkeys.

      I’m all for popping other people’s zits but only if they ask me. I’m not gonna ask people straight up, “Hey can I pop that thing on your back?” Okay maybe I have asked that once or twice πŸ˜‰

  4. I was with you on the nose picking. And I was with you on the pimple popping. But Lily, I’m afraid you lost me with the botfly removal. Just the idea of that makes me a little faint. And not in a good way.

    • Hey, you were with me longer than others! So that’s good! Bot fly removal is the newest thing. You better get on the bandwagon while you still can!

  5. I refuse to watch that video because I’m pretty sure I’ll barf. I like popping pimples, too. It’s why my complexion is usually so terrible. Except pregnancy keeps me from doing it because I can’t reach the damn mirror. I think in another life I’d be an aesthetician. Sounds like you would be, too! I watched a video of a huge pimple popping once and I was scarred for life, or at least 3 weeks, when I could pop a pimple of my own again.

    • Haha the video is actually not that bad. It’s more educational than anything. It’s animated, so it’s not scary.
      Yes! One time I gave myself a bruise because I squeezed my skin so hard. Normal. I think I’ve seen the video that you’re talking about! That’s the video that made me look up more pimple videos! Haha

    • I probably would. It’s not as satisfying though because it’s liquidy stuff, right? It looks just like water. I need puss.
      I’m so gross.

      • Chantel Topham says:

        No it’s puss! Like a big giant pimple. It is nasty. There is liquid but that is only at the end when they have the puss out. It is thick thy need to cut boils open to be able to get it out. The nasty ones anyways.

  6. Marya says:

    Lily, I couldn’t be more proud of you. Nice, effective post. You have certainly incited an emotional riot. Way to think outside the box.

  7. eww eww eww eww eww. Gross eww. I hate even having to do my own. Or you could start a new fetish website…zip popping porn. I can see it now. You’re rake in millions. My idea so you have to give me a cut of the proceeds. πŸ˜‰

    I write a satire/humor blog. You should come check it out.


    LadyorNot…Here I Come

    • Becca, I’m so sorry that you stumbled upon the grossest post on my blog. I swear I’m somewhat normal. I wouldn’t blame you for never coming back.
      If I make millions from a zip popping website, I’ll actually feel like other people are like me. AND I’ll feel really good because I’ll have millions of dollars.

      I’ll come on by and check you out! Glad you found me! πŸ˜€

      • Heck no! You’re my cup of tea. Honest and funny is what I love best in a writer.

        You better share your millions πŸ˜‰

        Lady or Not…Here I Come

  8. Lily, could I borrow your photo? I’ll link back to your blog and caption the photo with you and your blog name. I’d like to use it for a post on “spots” for my everyday fashion blog. I’m saying “spots good [cute spotted blouse], spots bad [maybe pimple or spaghetti sauce :-)], spots happy [cute swimsuit], spots sad [your photo here maybe]. What do you think? If it’s ok, will you please let me know: or @OpenMindFashion or So many thanks!

  9. Here’s the link to the draft (the spacing’s kind of wonky but will be fixed in the final. If you don’t like it or if you don’t respond, I’ll just take your photo off it. Please let me know by Saturday? Many thanks.

    • Hi Josie, sorry but I don’t own the rights to that picture, so feel free to take it from me! I don’t know where I got it from–probably some where on google. Thanks for the link! I will be sure to check it out!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I am so relieved that I’m not the only person who loves these videos! My husband thinks I’m nuts for watching them, but I can’t stop. And I agree with you, I also can’t stomach watching any video with animals. There’s just so method to my madness I guess. Thanks for posting this. Weirdos unite!

    • Haha too funny! I’m glad we’re not alone in our weirdness! Animal stuff is too sad! I hate seeing them in pain 😦 Sounds like you and I are one in the same! πŸ˜€

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