21 thoughts on “A Hat Shaped Like Canada

  1. a gripping life says:

    Everyone knows that Canada is America’s hat and this illustration shows exactly what a fine looking hat it is — something Princess Eugenie or Beatrice would wear to the royal wedding, no doubt. Ha!

    • Cheese absolutely terrifies me. When I lived in Illinois, I would barely venture into Wisconsin for that reason alone! SO yes, I definitely prefer the Canada hat.

  2. Marya says:

    Per the above reply. The cheesehead is something our family in WI can’t ever get over. Especially, since at a recent political rally (as you might recall) a campaign staffer put the said cheesehead hat on my husband’s head and was asked nicely to wear it. My husband shamed spiraled for three months after that. He is just now seeing the light of day.)

    I love what your mom posted. This drawing looks exactly like a hat the snubbed,
    chip-on- their-shoulders Princess Eugenie and Bea will wear to Prince Harry’s nuptials. (Whenever Harry gets married. I found it odd that the Prince flew so solo at the Olympic Events.) I have such issues with Calgary that anything you say and do against Canada is fine by me. The jean jackets with the patches at the Closing Ceremonies? Let’s just hope the Olympians from Canada weren’t wearing “denim on denim” @ the ceremonies. Shutter.

    • Marya, with comments like these, you need to start a blog of your own. Your one comment is funnier than my entire post. But yeah, I feel for Craig and his shame spiral of death.
      But most importantly, who is Harry marrying?! I hope it’s Chelsey Davey from Zimbabwe, because…well, mostly because she’s from Zimbabwe.

    • Hahaha wait. I was actually scared for a nanosecond that you had a good friend with my name that lived in Mexico. Like, legitimately scared.

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