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Canadian Clothes

One of my very first posts had to do with Canadian fashion sense. I can sum up their wardrobe choices with one word: yikes.

Let’s talk about the Olympic ceremonies shall we? After the Opening Ceremonies, all of the countries competing in the games paraded around the stadium, dressed in their team uniforms. There were plenty of cute outfits that made nations look put together. Ex. The United States (and no one else really). You have to dress for success! And hey, we won, so I guess we’re the best.

They couldn’t even find matching shoes? And that one chick is wearing a cast?! She must be a top athlete.

But let’s have a moment of silence for Canada’s one gold medal they won in Trampolining. On second thought, let’s not.

The Parade of Nations is like, the one chance that countries get to show off. And Canada’s team opted to go for the old hoodies and khaki’s look. I don’t know if anyone told them, but it’s like, the Olympics. It happens once every four years (well, every two if you count the winter Olympics, but ugh, one can only get so excited about watching other people ski). You’re in front of the queen for crying out loud! Maybe put on your Sunday best?

And then there was the Closing Ceremonies. When the games end, the nations of the world congratulate each other and pretend like we all get along. This was Canada’s chance to go out with a bang. They could’ve been like, “Well, we only got one gold medal, but at least we look fly tonight!” They looked like the opposite of fly. If the entire Canadian team’s flies were down, they would’ve looked more fly. It was that bad.

They whipped out the jean jackets. With patches.


38 thoughts on “Canadian Clothes

    • These are the pressing issues. I’m just trying to educate people.
      The trousers are not cute. The whole thing looks like something I would wear camping. Actually, no I wouldn’t even wear that camping. UGh I can just imagine their sweaty, athletic BO.

  1. A gripping life says:

    hahaha! The comment about their file and the one gold meal for trampoline – omg! this was funny! Canada’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. This is another reason Canada needs Lily–to dress them properly one person at a time. I regret she didn’t give us a blow by blow of the Olympics themselves, as I’m sure it would have added to the entire event. Lily, prepare for the Winter Olympics–we all expect a full on commentator, um, commentary, from the events themselves (curling, yay?) to the outfits.

    • I’m glad you understand my life mission. I might do this. The winter Olympics needs a normal, cute reporter who really knows what’s what in the world of athletics. Curling, hurling, the luge, snowboarding, etc. Should be a barrel of laughs…!

    • Hahah oh Belgium, how cute! I just looked it up and Belgium got a silver medal in shooting, and two bronze medals in judo and sailing. I didn’t even know those were events! The Belgian outfits were actually really cute! Look them up! 🙂

  3. Maybe they just got caught up in the moment and just weren’t thinking? You’re funny, Lily. I’ve been following “A Gripping Life” for quite some time now and I see what you get your humor. :).

    • Hah it’s definitely possible! Thanks Brigitte! A Gripping Life is a funny gal and a great mom, so yeah, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

  4. They really only won one medal? I barely paid attention to the Olympics because I’m a non-conformist maaaan. It looks pathetic but while everyone else was trying really hard for the summer games they’re out preparing for the winter ones. Now I see Harry already said what I said.

    Canadian Olympians look too much like girls who think they’re good at sports but aren’t.

    • Dude, I try to be non conformist, but then I just give in because I just want everyone to stop talking to me. But yeahhhh.Yeah, I hate the winter olympics for that reason-the canadians and scandinavians ruin it for everyone (the US).

      They do look like girls who think they’re good at sports but aren’t. I’m mean, clearly that exactly what they are since they lost in everything.

  5. I think they should have worn Canada for a hat. I think their opening ceremonies outfits looked like they were designed by somebody on Project Runway — the somebody who got sent home that week. Do you think they earned those patches and then sewed them on themselves? I’ll bet they did. That seems like something they did in-between glancing out the window at snow and eating Canadian Bacon and sighing.

    • Hahahh this comment was funnier than my entire post! Someone who got kicked off of project runway that didn’t heed Tim Gunn’s advice to “make it work”. They did the exact opposite.
      I think that’s what Canadians truly do. Eating Canadian bacon and sighing in between chews. At least, that’s what I’ve been doing since I moved here.

      • LOL!! I had a feeling you liked Project Runway! I think Wendy Pepper designed those outfits! Ha! I think of you up there in Canada doing that and I have to laugh. But you put the feather in the Canada hat Lily! 😀

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