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What’s In A Name?

A little bird (aka the internet) just told me that rap legend (I’m using the term legend super loosely these days) Snoop Dogg is making some changes. He’s changing the genre of his music from rap to reggae as well as his image. Basically just picture Snoop Dogg in a rasta hat with sunglasses. The most important change is his name. Snoop Dogg has changed his stage name (surprising right? I thought that was his birth name too…) to Snoop Lion. Just let that sink in for a minute. Say it out loud if you have to. It took me a while to get used to it, but it took me a while to get used to Snoop Dogg too. A while = my entire life.

Snoop Lion’s new image.

I’m probably just bitter because my official rap name would be Lil’ Lil and well…yeah. Can’t really do anything with that one. The thing I don’t understand is how people change their names. Like, your name is what people know you by. It’s what YOU know you by. I’m all for nicknames. Nicknames are fun and cool. But changing how people know you is just too weird.

I know a couple of people who have changed their names. Actually, one of them changed their name to Lily. This the effect I have on people. They just want to be me. I’m joking of course. But seriously.

How can people in the media change their names? Remember Puff Daddy? Of course you don’t. He changed his name to Puffy, then P.Diddy, then Diddy. Who knows what he’s called now. Guy with tons of money? Guy that once dated JLO? That reminds me–JLO, you slut. You changed your name too! Well, kinda. JLO is more of a nickname. But still. Just be Jennifer Lopez. Okay, I’ll level with you, Jennifer is a super boring name. No offense to anyone else named Jennifer. But tons of offense to the person that named you Jennifer.

Epitome of class.

Countless celebrities have changed their names. I guess to make it easier on us common folk. For example, Woody Allen sounds way better than Allen Konigsberg. Well, it sounds less Jewish at least. I don’t understand why celebs change their names to something super weird though. Like Whoopi Goldberg. Really? That’s the name you choose for yourself? Her birth name was Caryn Johnson. Super normal. Except for the fact that Caryn is spelled like a third grader tried to sound it out, but whatevs.

Two musicians whose name changes I allow and fully embrace are Farrokh Bulsara (Freddy Mercury) and Reginald Dwight (Elton John). Good choices on the stage names. For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure Farrokh Bulsara translates to “best voice ever”. And Reginald Dwight translates to “huge gap tooth”.



29 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Snoop Lion? Are you f’n serious? I’m too lazy to look for myself so I’m taking your word on this, Snoop Dizzle sounds way better than Snoop Lizzle.

    Anyway, you’d be known as Lil’ Lillington. It sounds G, fresh, hip and posh all at the same time.

    • That’s true. Maybe I should officially change my name to Lillington? Super posh. I know a girl named Kensington, so why the hell can’t I be Lillington? Every time someone asks me if my name is really Lillian, I’m like ugh no. Now I can be like, ugh no it’s Lillington.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Hahahaha! Next time you’re asked that you should definitely reply with that, see how they’d respond.

        And all you need to do when you change it officially is change the name of your blog to “Lillington In C-Dizzle”

      • LOL!!!!!!!!! This may be your funniest post yet! A while = my entire life. hahahahah!
        Snoop Lion? Really? I can’t even…
        You have my blessings if you want to change to Lillington – after all, not everyone can claim that they were named by the clever Mr. Peter Howorth. It’s an honor.

      • Haha glad you liked it! Snoop Lion is so cray cray. I wish he at least spelled Lion like Lyon or something like that! Lillington is definitely my new official title. I’m so honored to be named by Sir Peter of Howorth.

  2. I hate Snoop Dogg more than anyone else. He is no different than a female celebrity who is famous for a sex tape or dating someone. Snoop Dogg shows up in movies or on TV shows and we are supposed to say “Holy shit it’s Snoop Dogg!” then your friend turns to you and says “What Snoop Dogg song is your favorite?” then you say “I don’t know. I thought he was just some guy who shows up from time to time playing himself.”

    Katy Perry’s real name is actually Kate Hudson. She should have kept her name as Kate Hudson and done real bad things and blamed it on the other Kate Hudson. Kurt Russell probably would have uninvited her to Thanksgiving and there’d be some big misunderstanding.

    • Wait, no. I hate Snoop D.O. double G more than anyone else. I hate his face. I hate his voice. Like, what’s wrong with him. Black rappers need to be tough. Not a little whimpy faced man named Snoop Dogg. Maybe I’m being racist, but like, just no.

      I think I read the thing about Katy Perry before! That rings a bell. So weird to have a common name. I guess your name is pretty common though. Have you ever met another Tim Boyle? Susan Boyle doesn’t count.

      • I played baseball against another Tim Boyle. It was an epic showdown I knew I would lose. I grounded out on the first pitch. I was happy to at least not go down with the bat on my shoulder.

        I bet there are Lily Morgans out there. Lily Labutes, I’m not so sure. Was your marriage built on a shame only so you could meet others with your same names? Delete this comment if it was. I will understand.

      • Haha nahh. I’m not a comment deleter. After all, my mom is getting 70 comments a day. It’s not a competition, but I mean, clearly it is. I can’t afford to delete comments is what I’m trying to say.
        That’s so weird to go against a Tim Boyle. I haven’t met another Morgan, but the new last name makes me feel that much closer to being a normal person.
        PS. I know I’m a huge jerk for not writing you back in forever, but I’ve been kind of busy. I knew you would understand, but secretly hate me at the same time.

      • P.S. once you go back and read the last thing I sent you will see I left nothing open for further discussions. We can continue the conversation once something exciting happens in our lives or I have more complaining to do.

        And look, you got another comment.

      • I can always do with more comments! Okay, I think I read the message, but I just feel bad for not responding or going to your blogging like, weeks. I’m on vacay though. Things will be back to norms later. I promise.

  3. Celebs do love to change their names. Or even better, have alternate identities..like Mariah Carey and “Mimi”, Beyonce and “Sasha Fierce”, and Garth Brooks and “Chris Gaines” . That was a weird one

    • Hahah that’s so true. Like, you must think pretty highly of yourself to rock the name Sasha Fierce. I honestly don’t understand Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines. I just looked up Garth on wiki and apparently his birth name is Troyal Garth Brooks. Like, who names these people?!

  4. I saw this in the news a few days ago and had a hearty laugh at it. I love celebrities who change their names, it’s always good for a few cheap and extensive chuckles.

    • Hah I love stories like this too. It’s like they don’t understand how stupid they come off. Snoop lion. It’s almost so bad that it’s circled around to good again. Haha!

  5. Haha Lil Lil!! Snoop Lion. It’s like he saw Lion King with his kids and thought that does it I’m changing my name to snoop lion only he should have changed it to Snoop Circle of Life. Now this makes me want to change MY NAME! Hey I’m watching Columbo right now. Hmmm. What do you think about Linda Columbo? No wait let me put on my dirty raincoat? Well, what do ya think? No? What if I were to wear the rasta hat, sunglasses AND a dirty raincoat?

    • Linda Columbo sounds way classier than plain old Linda Vernon. The dirty rain coat look is so in right now! Hahah Snoop Circle of Life! So perfect! I wonder if I can steal the last name Dogg, now that Snoop Lion doesnt need it anymore. Lil’ Dogg sounds better than Lil’ Lil. And then if I’m Lil’ Dogg, I can have little dogs with me on stage.

  6. Eric Murtaugh says:

    Celebrity name changing is one thing, but celebrity species changing is just plain ridiculous. How do you go from a dogg (the two g’s species, of course) to a lion? Impossible. Science won’t allow it.

    • Haha so true! Like, Snoop Wolf would make a little more sense right? It would be a proper evolution. But Snoop Lion just cannot be! Hah good point Eric!

  7. Marya says:

    The Kelly Girls are catching up on your blogs that we missed while on “vacation” in Utah. We laughed out loud at the photo of you and the caption was, “Excuse my beauty.” Meredith said, “But wait, she is sooooo beautiful.” We are giggling over Linda Vernon’s comment, “Snoop Circle of Life!” We just love Lily in Canada. Can you imagine if your blog became, “Lily in Vegas?” We would all be shocked and horrified.

    • Hahaha so glad you virtually caught up with me! Aww glad Meredith thinks I’m pretty! She’s the real beauty queen. Snoop is just so cray cray. He should change it to Snoop Circle of Life. Rolls right off the tongue.
      I think we need a reunion in Vegas! Imagine the people watching/judging we could do!

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