Catch Up Session

I know that most of you are probably wondering where I’ve been–continuously refreshing this page in hopes of a new post. At least that’s what I like to imagine. In reality, everyone has most likely forgotten about this blog. So maybe I’ll start over. Hi, I’m Lily.

Instead of writing with a purpose, as if I were writing a newspaper article, I’m going to just write what I feel. I usually try to have some direction in which my posts show go (funny, informative, opinionated, etc) but this one is just going to be my ramblings. And slightly boring. But it will be very me.

Even though my blog is titled Lily in Canada, I’m actually not in Canada at the moment. I’m back in Chi-town (Chicago). I stopped in Las Vegas for 3 days because I’d never been and well, why the hell not, right? It was fun to see the sights, walk through crazy hotels and get some hot hot heat to thaw my body from the Canadian weather.

I also committed a major crime-I forgot my camera. Sooo here’s a picture of me sitting at my computer.

Excuse my beauty.

Anyway now I’m home and it’s weird. Nothing has changed. I’ve written about this before. After you’re married or move out, your childhood home is still your home, but it’s also not. It’s such a weird feeling. You can’t get too attached because you know you have to leave eventually. So I guess it’s kind of sad too.

I haven’t been reading that many blogs lately. And by that I mean, I haven’t been reading any. It’s kind of freeing actually. I would stress out by telling myself that I had to read every single post by every single one of my followers. So yeah, it kind of became more of a drag than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that everyone writes. I love that all of the WordPress bloggers are unique and that everyone’s true self shines through in their writing. It just came to a point where I was spending so much time on my computer that I wasn’t spending any time doing the things I like. I would reading blogs instead of hanging out with friends or working out or playing video games (don’t judge). So forgive me for not commenting or writing, or whatevs. I’ve been busy livin’ life.

Anyway, now that you’ve caught up with me, what’s new with you?


28 thoughts on “Catch Up Session

  1. Other than the Vegas part, pretty much the same. A very busy summer and I know I have missed some golden posts (haven’t missed a Friday foolishness) and it IS driving me nuts. Haven’t posted much either. Nice to see you are still around. Was hoping you hadn’t gone dark.

    • Haha yeah, no darkness here yet. I’m just having a nervous breakdown because I keep missing posts, but I just need to calm down! I’m glad that other people are taking a break as well!

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    Just missin’ you is all πŸ˜›

    I’m hoping I get to go to Vegas next year, which is where I suspect I’ll become a millionaire. Oh and it’s my birthday on the 3rd of August, so make sure you mark that in your calender.

  3. I’ve actually been wondering what had happened to you and Lisa! I was already worried that something had happened in your family or something :).
    But okay. You’re back. Relief. Okay. Currently, I think I’ll have to pause this a bit, because the OG are going on and I can’t miss a second of what those Belgians are doing there!

    • Haha yes I’ve been dead to the blogging world for a while! But yeah definitely watch the Olympics! I saw Belgium in the Parade of Nations and thought of you! πŸ™‚

      • Yes! I saw Canada in some sports, or maybe in the Parade, I don’t remember very well, but I thought about your complaints about them too :). After which I thought: ‘oh, wait, I’ve got nothing against Canada, except for the thing Lily has said…’ You see, I’m totally copying your opinion…

      • Hah yes! I was actually very unimpressed with Canada’s outfits! It was like a sweatshirt… 😦 Glad you thought of me though!

      • Some countries were really nice dressed in authentic clothing, but most Western countries wore sports clothing. (I wouldn’t like to watch our people in the traditional Belgian clothes though. But what about a Valentino dress or something? I mean, it’s not just a competition, it’s THE Games.)

    • Haha yeah I think I was bored more than anything. And bummed that I didn’t bring a camera! Spain sounds amazing. I’m super jealous! Take pictures!

  4. Liking your ginger (it is ginger, right?) hair. Nothing going on in my life, wondered if you’d dropped off the face of the earth and took your mom with you. Glad to hear you are both alive and well.

  5. I love how impressed you look in that picture, Lily.
    Yeah, “home” isn’t the same once you’ve moved out.
    I’ve been NOT writing, but doing a lot of DREAMING (including daydreaming) about it. *sighs* I’m weird.

    • Dude, me too. I’ve been thinking of posts, but I’ve been too lazy or other things have gotten in the way of my writing. Haha yeah I look great right? I’m weird too. πŸ˜‰

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