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Post Grad Problems

When I see someone I went to high school with and they tell me about their awesome career:

When my husband gets home from work and asks me if I played video games all day:

When I want to buy furniture, but I also want to buy clothes:

If someone trusts me to hold their baby:

When I met someone taller than me:

When I stop for someone to cross the street:

When people ask me to hang out:

When I tell people I’m going to seriously get a job someday, they’re like:

When I’m trying to lose weight:

When my computer battery runs out and the cord is far away:
When I get all of the history questions wrong on Jeopardy even though I majored in history:


23 thoughts on “Post Grad Problems

  1. A gripping life says:

    This may be your funniest one yet! LOL!!! Did we just become best friends? Haha! I can’t go because I don’t want to. Hahahah!

    • Hahah yay! I strive to make them as funny as possible, but then I’m always like, maybe I’m the only one who will like this :/
      Did we just become best friends?! YEP.
      Haha you would actually like that show that says “I can’t go because I don’t want to”. It’s from Parks and Rec–I’ll have to force you to watch it with me!

  2. Wow this is the first one I think I actually recognized everyone and at least what it was from. Except the French fry lady. She’s off in her own little universe.

    I had the same thought as Jells on Joel McHale. The man has been a father for a while. I guess if anyone knows how to help a cub survive it would be him.

    • Yeah I don’t know what the french lady is from, but I love her.
      Yeah, gotta love Joel. The kid doesn’t even really seem to mind that much…

  3. OK- my favorite is the raining french fries one… because I actually wish it would. A close second on the video gamer because I look *just* like this when my husband asks if I’ve been on Pinterest all night. Yup. -_-
    Awesomely done, LiC

    • Okay I love those too but no one else commented on them so I just figured that I was the only one who found them funny! Haha Thanks for reading (well, watching) and commenting! πŸ˜€

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