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Ska Fest

Last night I ended up going to Ska Fest with Paul and a couple of friends. Ska Fest is exactly what it sounds like–a fest of ska music. I wouldn’t say I listen to ska often, I like a lot of new wave music, and I would say that ska falls under that category, but I’ve never thought, Hmm I really feel like listening to ska right now.

We saw Blitz the Ambassador perform. Never heard of them? Yeah me either, but it was actually really good and fun to dance to. I was pleasantly surprised because I’m one of those people who goes to concerts to listen to music they already know. I don’t like discovering new bands live. For some reason I reserve live shows for bands that I love and respect. But it’s weird because every time I end up going to a show of a group that I’ve never heard of, I fall in love with them.

Blitz the Ambassador

The best part, as per usual was the crowd. So many judgments were made! It was hard for me to concentrate because my head was spinning in the midst of all the freak shows!

First of all, you know how concerts always smell like booze, cigarettes, and sweat? This place reeked of weed and the worst B.O. I’ve ever smelled. And we were OUTSIDE. You would think all of the odors would be carried away by the breeze, but nope. It was a cloud of smelly pot. But I could look past it because everyone was having so much fun.

80% of the crowd was sporting dreadlocks. It reminded me of high school. I think I would get frustrated having my hair being a tangled, matted mess. BUT it would be nice because you could use them as a pillow. I bet people who have dreads sleep really well because they have double the head-padding. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

I distinctly remember this one girl who was kind of off to the side of the general audience and she was dancing like no one was watching. And I don’t think anyone besides me was watching. I was transfixed. She literally stretched out before the band started playing. Whenever she would turn her head, her gigantic earrings would come around a whip her in the face. She had no shoes on so her feet were black. So beautiful. She was like the Black Swan of Ska Fest.

Overall, Victoria’s 13th Annual Ska Fest was a success (for me, anyway). I’m glad I went! Next week is Victoria Buskers Festival…so expect a blog on street performers and how creepy they are!


20 thoughts on “Ska Fest

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Ska Music is sykk yo. It’s both pumping and calm at the same time!

    Dyin’ To Live by Blitz FTW.

    How long was Ska Fest? If it was like, a day, how can so many people smell so bad so soon? Unless they never showered.

    • Hahahh YOU WOULD. Ska Fest was 3 days long, so I just caught the final show on the last day. You would have loved it then! But you’re right, it’s pumpin and calm–the perfect mix!

  2. Sounds like fun. I get the feeling that the city of Victoria feels responsible for entertaining the island inhabitants – like everyone knows they’re stuck on an island so let’s have an excuse for a party each week. Probably why they’re so chill about pot smoking. Whatever keeps the natives happy… : ) haha! Only kidding. Not really.

    • Hahah so true. They like bond over all of the crazy things they organize. Everyone’s like, “are you going to this? Have you heard about that?” It’s like such a little community. I feel like I’m livin in the 70’s. Good times!

  3. John Phillips says:

    Live music is the best. Even second rate sounds first rate. I enjoy greatly discovering bands by accident. The blind side thing is great

    • Okay fine John, you’re right. Live music is fun. Maybe what I dislike are the crowds of weirdos. You would like Lollapalooza in my hometown. Lots of good tunes!

  4. I thought ska people were buskers. See how little I know? I did a YouTube search of ska and I don’t think we’ll be friends, ska and I, but, I do like the name ska. You can tell because I used the name so much.

    • I honestly hadn’t heard the term “busker”. But whatevs. I can’t speak on behalf of all ska, but the bands that I’ve heard, I’ve liked. You just gotta go with the flow!

  5. Was Cake there? The band, not the dessert.

    What about Reel Big Fish? The band, not the act of making a big catch on a lake and drawing them in.

    And I need to know if the Mighty Mighty Bostones made an appearrance. Did they? By that I mean the band, not whatever the heck else it could mean.

    There we have it. My knowledge of ska. It always felt like an incomplete word to me.

    • Nope nope nope. If all of those bands were there, I would have gone every day. It was a more reggae themed ska fest. So it was all bands that I’ve never heard of. It does seem like an incomplete word. But I like it.

  6. Haha! It sound like it was definitely worth going to just to get a load of the people! It was probably the wafting scent of the dreaded deadlocks that you were smelling. You might be more comfy, but you’d have to wear nose plugs with a hairdo like that! 😀

    • So true! They were so smelly. It almost wasn’t worth the good music! But the sway-dancing was definitely worth it! Hahah 🙂

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