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Men vs. Women: Learning How To Speak

I make a lot of observations when I volunteer. There’s not much else to do besides that. I mean, I could try actually selling things to people, but I’d rather not expend that much energy.

I remember in my high school Sociology class, one of my peers mentioned to us that during his time off of work, he’d sit at a table and just observe people and take notes. I don’t think he had a lot of friends. Everyone was super creeped out after he said that. Looking back, I guess he was just being artsy and had a real interest in people. Or maybe he’s just a future murderer.

ANYWAY. I volunteer in a gift shop so I end up asking people how they’re doing or if they need help with anything. I always make sure that I check in with them when they first enter, even if it’s just saying, “Hi, how are you?”

Time and time again I find that women are more animated and enthusiastic in their response. They might even offer up a bit of information like, “The weather is gorgeous!” or “I’m visiting from Washington!” or something of the like. Of course, not all women are like this. Some are colder and just say “Hi” or “Thanks.”

But men are so different and weird. Most won’t even make eye contact. They seem shameful and keep to themselves. If they respond, it’s so quiet and short. Often they’ll just nod in hopes that I’ll move away from them. Although, there are some men that are jovial and ready to crack a joke. These men though, are ALWAYS accompanied by their wives.

So what can we learn from this unofficial study in human behavior? I’m definitely not coming from a feminist stand point, but if I have to come to one conclusion, it’s: Men are from Mars and women are from a place where everyone is normal and loving.


16 thoughts on “Men vs. Women: Learning How To Speak

  1. You volunteer at a museum right? Maybe this is a museum women enjoy more. You need to test this theory out in a few other places to be a true scientist.

    My dad always gets bothered when people ask him if he needs any help. Could it be a “I can do it myself” sort of thing? I’m usually pretty nice to greeters. Sometimes I snarl, spit in their mouths, and then open my arms really wide to show I am more dominant. Not usually though. I do have to say I am very bothered when one person is greeted and I am not. I understand I can come across as cold sometimes, but it’s a Charlie Sheen kind of cold where you know a conversation with me won’t end in violence, only self-destruction.

    • I feel like we just co-wrote a blog together. Your answer was like an extension of my post, but it was written is such a mooselicker way. But yes. Those are all factors that I didn’t consider because I was too lazy/didn’t think of them. I don’t mind if people ask me if I need anything, I just hate when they come around asking me every couple of minutes. Or if they’re suggesting things that I might want. They don’t even know me, how would they know my style? So weird and annoying.

  2. A gripping life says:

    Hahaha! Your last line was so funny and true. Men are from Mars, they don’t belong in museums. Maybe they get grumpy when they walk into the gift shop because they think they’re going to have to spend money, whereas women love to shop and so they’re in a good mood?

    • Yeah maybe! Whenever they are with their wives, they’re okay. But if they’re alone it seems like they want to kill someone. It’s so weird! It’s like, ohh sorry I asked you how you’re doing. I didn’t mean to interrupt your scowl session.

  3. Haha! Love that line! It’s worthy of a bumper sticker or a book. It sounds like all the men who find themselves in your gift shop somehow got there by accident! Poor guys!

    • Haha thanks! Yeah I think all of the men just grumble to themselves the whole time they’re there. I’m actually surprised they even acknowledge me in the first place! Hah

  4. I have to admit I used to be one of those no eye contact, howyadoing, types of guys. I’m not that different now, but I can at least look you in the eyes, for a split second.

    • Yeah, I can see how people are like that. It’s weird to be so happy towards strangers. A little hi, hello, is good enough for me!

    • Haha I would totally give you a mention! Yeah there are so many differences between men and women. I could probably write a book about it….but I’m just so lazy….

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