200th Post!

So many milestones for me! In honor of my 200th post, I wanted to make a new header for my blog. Turns out I’m awful at graphic design. My friend Hayley Castle saved me by making me the cutest header ever! A picture of a lily IN a maple leaf! So cute, right?

Hayley is super talented and her website is awesome. If anyone ever needs any work done on the graphic design front, Hayley is your gal. All of her designs are so cute and creative. Some of the projects that she can help you with include: logos, invitations, announcements, holiday cards, blog design, notepads, posters, illustrations, packaging, business cards, branding, book covers and more!

If you have some free time, you should totally check her out at!

Thanks Hayley! Here’s to the new and improved Lily in Canada!


28 thoughts on “200th Post!

  1. Looks awesome! 200 posts is very commendable! WordPress should give you an award; come to think of it, have you ever been Freshly Pressed? If not, WP needs to get on that STAT.

    • Thanks! Nope, I’m pretty sure WP hates me because I say awful things and make fun of people to no end. And I make fun of WP to no end. So…I don’t see myself getting freshly pressed any time soon! BUT THANKS! I wish you worked for WP!

      • Dude, that is AWESOME that you’ve had 100,000 hits and so many followers without FP! I think 1/3 of my hits came from the one day I was FP’d. Random question: have you ever thought about running ads?

      • Aw thanks! I have thought about it but someone said it wouldn’t turn out to be that much of an income. What do you think? Should I try it out?

    • Haha I know, I know. It’s getting a little out of control. I don’t know how I managed my 200th post and my 100,000 views to fall within the same week of each other!

  2. A gripping life says:

    WOW!!! That’s an amazing achievement. You’re so diligent, you inspire me. WordPress is lucky they have you.
    I really do like your new header, it’s so much more you than the old one.
    Congrats, my child! You do me proud. ; )

    • Thanks! I’m pretty proud! I’m glad I inspire someone! Thanks momma. I don’t know how much more WP I can take. Cut to me in 20 years checking my comments.

  3. I’d noticed your new header, and was mega jealous. I’ll check out your friends blog for hints on how to improve my bit of the world. Congrats on 200 posts!! Another 1200 should be a snap!

    • Thanks Jells! You were one of the first people to like me! Be proud! I still think people are just coming around my blog on accident..! haha

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