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Last Weekend

Waiting to be done volunteering:

Finding out that I had to volunteer Saturday morning:

Subbing in for my friend’s volleyball team and actually scoring a point:

Watching the Euro Cup:

Going on a double date to an amazing Italian restaurant:

Getting fro-yo after that:

After making a joke about “wheelchair people” and realizing that no one laughed:

Watching Harold and Maude at this cool University theater:

Headed to the gym:

Watching Rock of Ages:

When Paul asked if I was too tired to watch Jeopardy:

Realizing next weekend is CANADA DAY Long Weekend:


29 thoughts on “Last Weekend

    • Hahah good! Yeah, I’m so bad at watching sports. I don’t know anything and I just end up sitting there starring into the distance….

    • Hehehe glad you liked! I love the lady dancing in the library. So awesome. And yeah, I love the Emma Stone one..look at her eyeball. So funny!

  1. I’m getting the feeling that you think this is being lazy yet it takes a lot more effort in the long run. Quit fooling everyone. You’re not as lazy as you seem.

    • These literally take me 5 minutes after I’ve collected all of my pictures. Don’t you try to make me sound better than I am. I mean, wait. Please keep doing that.

  2. Wheelchair people? I want to hear this joke, I reckon I would have laughed.

    Which Euro Cup was it? The soccer one? ‘Cos that was ace, until England got knocked out by the Italians.

    • Hahah it wasn’t really a joke per se, it was more me complaining about them being in the airport, riding on that cool car, going on the plane first. I mean, wheelchair people are annoying, am I right? It was more something like that. Hah. They are kind of like mutants though.

      Yeah, it was the soccer England vs. Italians. So boring until the very end!

      • I would have agreed with you on the wheelchair thing, but furiously angry with you about the football game.

        The day would be a roller-coaster of emotions for me.

  3. Chantel Topham says:

    I think this one is my fav so far. It was pooh and the fro yo that pulled it ahead of the others, and then Will Farrell at the end sealed the deal.

    • Hahah so glad you liked! I even mentioned Canada Day! Whooo! I look like that picture of Pooh before I eat every meal. Seriously. P.S. You’re a married woman!

  4. Yay! Getting Froyo! That’s me! And the Elf one is hilarious! Canada Day? I only know about Canada Dry. And I don’t even really know about that! I just love the way you do these, Lily! πŸ˜€

    • Yes! Everyone loves the food ones. I think we can all relate on that front! I love Canada Dry! This will be my first Canada Day (it’s like their Independence Day…copycats!) Thanks so much Linda. Glad you likey!

    • Thanks girlfriend! Dude, I don’t even know. Like apparently there was a mandatory volunteer meeting Saturday morning. I was like, ummmm excuse me?

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