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Childhood Lost

A couple days ago I asked Paul if he was going to see Disney Pixar’s Brave with me. He replied, “Ughh no. That’s for kids.” Yes. Kids and 24 year old girls named Lily. Childhood goes by so quickly and all the fun stuff you do when you’re young is frowned upon when you’re older. Why is that? Why can’t childhood last forever? Why do we have to grow up and clean things and pay taxes and pretend to care about politics and the earth and other people? Childhood was such a selfish time. Maybe that’s why I miss it.

I remember my first taste of people making me feel bad for unleashing my inner child was during my first year of college in Utah. It was October and my friends and I wanted to go trick or treating. So we did. We got a lot of weird looks from parents and children that we passed on the street. I distinctly remembering a woman asking us, “Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?” We said uhhh no? She then said, “Are you going to go sit on Santa’s lap too?” You know what lady? WHAT IF I AM? Just because you’re an old skank, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the holidays!

I take the kids I babysit to McDonald’s more than the average person should eat there. It’s turning into Supersize Me. Which I’m totes okay with. Every so often I have to help one of them get into the Play Place. It’s usually the youngest who can’t reach the top step or something like that. I’ll look around the room, trying to suppress my desire to climb to the top and go down the slide over and over. I would no doubt be king of the castle and everyone else would be my dirty rascals. I’ve given into temptation a couple of times. Some of the parents smile and some look the other way. Yeah, they better look the other way or else they’re gonna get a milkshake straight to the face.

I also experience the same hate/jealousy around vacation time. My family has been going to Disney World since I was a wee lass. I remember in high school and college people would ask me where I was going for Spring Break. I wouldn’t say Miami or Cabo or LA. I would tell them I was going to Disney World. I could tell they thought I was lame, but you know what? There are probably more adults visiting Disney World than kids. And maybe I enjoy getting an autograph from my favorite Disney characters every so often. And seeing fireworks every night. And walking down Main Street USA. Whatevs.

Paul and I had Netflix for a bit. It was okay but the selection of movies wasn’t superb. One day while Paul was at work, I was checking out Netflix and I saw that they had episodes of Rugrats available! Without batting an eye I ordered one episode and re-lived a bit of my childhood. When Paul came home from work he said, “I know what you’ve been doing.” I looked at him like he was a psycho. Then he said “How was Rugrats?” How did he know?!?! I guess Netflix had sent him an email that said, “Hope you enjoyed your viewing of Rugrats!” We canceled our Netflix subscription after that.

People are always going to judge you when you do things to make yourself happy. Don’t listen to them! Like philosopher/songstress Natasha Bedingfield said, Release your inhibitions! If you want to reminisce and feel like a kid again, you should. I got fro-yo two nights ago and covered it in rainbow sprinkles like I was 5 years old because I don’t care what anyone thinks. Be happy, have fun, be yourself.


28 thoughts on “Childhood Lost

  1. Hahhaha! “…pretend to care about politics, earth and other people.” Lol! I couldn’t agree more. I hate it when uptight adults think they have to follow some rule or worse, when they try to make you think you have to act that way. Poo on them. If childhood is the best time of your life, then wouldn’t it make sense to try and extend it as long as you could? Duh?! If Paul doesn’t want you watching Rugrats then poo on him, too. He should be happy that you prefer Rugrats over crap TV.

    • Haha he also doesn’t understand the importance of Rugrats (slightly after his time). But yeah, he thought it was funny 🙂 Yeah I hate serious adults. Its’ like, umm go away. So dumb.

  2. Things like this need a good balance. There are some people who have Peter Pan Syndrome and only do kid’s stuff. Then there are people who have what I am calling Captain Hook Syndrome and never do kid stuff. Maybe how we behave in doing so is what matters? If you go to Disney World and act like a kid it can be obnoxious. Adults shouldn’t cry when Mickey waves to them. If you go there and act your age it’s a little more acceptable. Movies are definitely different though. Especially now Pixar movies have more adult inside jokes. Last summer I rented the new Shrek movie, Toy Story 3, and another kid’s movie which must not have been as good all in the same day and had my own private trip back to childhood. It feels good. I can’t blame you for doing it.

    • I agree with you whole-heartedly. I don’t know how to spell that but whatevies. I hate when adults talk in baby voices or act really immature or do anything really. Totally obnox. I like that you rented all of those movies for yourself. 🙂 It does feel good. A stroll down memory lane.

  3. Pixar is the best. Not so sure about Disneyland–too many people. I admire your determination to retain the part of you that enjoys those things, I’m afraid I’m one of those who leans more to having always been a more of a grown up, which kinda sucked in many ways. Blargh.

    • Disney WORLD, Addie. It’s literally the happiest place on Earth and world cure your of your fear of people and going outside and the world or whatever it is. Or you can just take a lot of drugs and it would be extra fun. You should do something for “young Addie” once a week. Even if its super small like eating a cupcake or listening to a song that you liked when you were little. 🙂 It feels good.

      • Fine. I’ll give it a try, the cupcake and stuff, however, I don’t see me hugging a plush Mickey anytime soon, although, I may grope Prince Charming.

  4. I just discovered you through A Gripping Life, I can’t believe I never saw your blog before!

    And I like your philosophy greatly—eat a cupcake, get sprinkles on your frozen yogurt, whatever works. I still pull apart my Oreos when I eat them even though some people think it’s silly, and I don’t care. And I put my hair up with a purple Mickey Mouse hair clip. 🙂

    • Hey that’s great! A Gripping Life is one cool cat. She told recommended yours to me as well, but I’m just a little slow on the uptake!
      Yes! Oreos are delicious and should only be eaten that way! Good for you for sporting the Mickey Mouse hair clip! You definitely get me! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. The way I see it, “childish” is more of a compliment than an insult. Yay frozen yogurt. Yay Trick-or-Treating. Yay cartoons. Boo haters. And while I’m at it, also yay legos, chocolate milk, chicken fingers, video games, making utterly random comments, putting my artwork on the fridge, talking loudly for no reason, and generally doing whatever I want.

    I feel oddly empowered now…

    • Slides are awesome! I think Paul really likes pixar films, but I think he’s just embarrassed to go to one about a ginger girl. Haha!

  6. Ha ha Lily! I loved this post and all your stories! Good for you for going trick or treating! I say never actually grow up. Just pretend like you have. I know when I take my grandson to the park, I do more swinging that he does (not in the baby swing though). I have a huge list of things now that I’m thinking about it where I have totally freaked people out because I’ve done childlike things just because I felt like it. One time I was taking a water aerobics class with a bunch of older women (well I was older too, to be fair) and I just decided I’d go under water just cause I felt like it. When I surfaced the entire class and the instructor were staring at me like I was had suddenly transformed into the Lock Ness monster. Thinking back on it now I think they thought I was drowning. Which tickles me no end!

    • Haha omg Linda that’s awesome! I wish I could fit into the baby swing! haha! I LOVE the water aerobics story! That’s totally something I would do! I can just imagine the women being so freaked out by your fun-loving water ways. Maybe next time they’ll make you wear a life jacket? Good for you, girl! Keep on keepin on!

      • Hahahahaha! Yes, a life jacket or worse, they’ll probably have a pair of water wings with my name on it! 😀 And if you ever do fit in that baby swing, be sure to send me a picture! LoL!

  7. I didn’t make it to Disney World until I was in my late 30s. And suddenly became a 6 year old again.
    And yes, I’m planning to see Brave.

    One of the nice things about being an adult is that I can play wherever I want now.
    And if they really didn’t want me to play with my food, they wouldn’t make it so accessible in the supermarket.
    Turkey bowling, anyone?

    • That’s awesome Guap! Everyone should appreciate Disney. You’re right about being able to act more like a kid when you’re an adult. Isn’t that why kids want to grow up in the first place? So they can do whatever they want? Kind of like that movie “Big” with Tom Hanks!

    • Haha yes! I maybe I just love giving people the stink eye in general? There’s just something about being young at heart that’s good for the soul. 🙂

  8. I, too, am a Disney geek, even if my most recent blog post consists of me grumping about those crummy direct-to-DVD-sequels they can’t help but make lately.

    It’s funny; when I was a tween, I made a focused and concerted effort to purge all the “kid stuff” from my room and life. Now that I am older, I welcome it all back with open arms. ‘Cause, you know, kid stuff is FUN. And they won’t take away your Grownup Card for enjoying it.

    My home office, I’m pleased to report, is now an homage to the cartoons of my youth.

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