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Adventures in Babysitting

I’ve babysat a lot in the past 8 years. It’s the perfect job when you think about it. You get to make up your own schedule, taxes don’t get taken out of your money, and you get to play and watch movies most of the time. However, there have been moments in my career where I’ve been a less than perfect care-taker. But that was in the beginning–when I was younger and didn’t really know what I was doing. Now I think of myself as some sort of babysitting professional.

I’m going to explain this post beforehand as to avoid any confusion for those of you who don’t understand what I’m trying to do here. Lately on tumblr, people have been using gifs (the moving pictures…for those of you behind the times) to describe how they’re feeling. I’ve peppered some of my older posts with them, but today I’m going to use gifs and pictures as the anchor of the post. Enjoy.

When I arrive at the house:

When the kids would ask me if they could have some of my gum:

When I would have to burp a baby after feeding it:

When I would look at the clock and it would only be 11am:

When the kids would ask to play tag:

When I had to make lunch:

When we finished watching Monster’s Inc.:

When I looked for something delicious in the family’s pantry:

When the kids tell me they’re allowed to have soda:

If one of my friends babysits with me:

When I give the kids a treat:

When I pop in a third movie:

When someone asks me how my day was:

At night:


33 thoughts on “Adventures in Babysitting

  1. LOL @ American Dad’s gif! This post was brill Lillington, perfect use of images to describe your day πŸ˜€

    I couldn’t be a babysitter, no chance. My cousins kids come round and annoy me in my room for even an hour and I’m ready to kill myself. They’re just weird. All of them.

    • Hah yeah it’s pretty perfect. The weird thing is that I haven’t even seen all of Gladiator. Like, I don’t even know what’s he’s talking about in that scene, so yeah. Too much pop culture!

    • Thanks! Yeah they’re pretty cool! Maybe next time I come home I can show ya. Babysitting is a pretty good gig, I’m not gonna lie!

  2. Addie says:

    Yet another reason to continue reading your blog. Gifs. My idea of babysitting was, “Wow. Look. The sun has gone down. Go to bed.” Then, I’d eat leftovers.

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