Analyzing Snow White and The Huntsman

Last night I saw Snow White and The Huntsman (or SWATH). It had the right amount of fairytale feeling, enough action to keep you going, and at least one of the Hemsworth brothers.

I would definitely recommend this movie. It had a Pan’s Labyrinth kind of feel to it which I really liked. The acting was well done. Kristen Stewart was likable which is a large feat for her. I was a bit distracted by her mouth because she’s what I like to call, long in the tooth. But besides that, she was really good. The storyline is a clever and realistic take on the well-known fairy tale. Throughout the movie I was semi distracted during certain scenes. Here are some of my observations.

At the beginning of the movie it’s obvious that Snow White’s mother, Queen Eleanor, loves her. Snow White is a happy child and is a kind person with a good heart. In fact, her mother tells her how beautiful her heart is and touches her daughter’s chest. I would’ve been like, “Umm mom? Can you not touch my prepubescent boobs? I know where my heart is. Thanks.”

Charlize Theron plays Ravenna, the evil queen that takes over Snow White’s father’s kingdom. I’m guessing she’s named after the ravens that she randomly morphs into during the film. Don’t even try to tell me that no birds were harmed in the making of this movie because there was some cray cray bird shite going on. I’m sorry but I was seriously waiting for Charlize to start strutting around the room and then look into the camera and say “J’adore Dior” and then go back to being Ravenna. I, for one, would’ve appreciated it.

One thing that you learn in the movie is that England during the 14th century is basically a world of mud. Like, mud is everywhere. Everyone is covered in it. All of the character’s fingernails are dirty, even the Queen had grungy nails. So let me get this straight. You can turn yourself into a flock of birds but you can’t clean your nails? Priorities, Ravenna. J’adore Dior!

The Seven Dwarves made me nauseous more than anything. All of their teeth were rotten and each and every one of them looked smelly. None of them had loveable characteristics like the ones from the Disney classic. Except one dwarf was blind. That’s kind of cute, right? I kept thinking that one of them really looked like Nick Frost. Turns out it was Nick Frost. Couldn’t they get actual dwarves?  If they could do it with hundreds fourteen Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, surely the makers of SWATH could find at least 7 real dwarves. Note: Do dwarves really exist or should I be referring to them as little people?

There were also a lot of conveniences in the movie. After Snow White escaped from the castle, there was a white horse just chillin on the beach. Hmm that’s handy. The team that’s tracking Snow White picks up her tracks pretty easily by smelling the ground and the trees, etc. Like, don’t pretend for a minute that humans have an innate sense of smell. There’s no way you could smell anyone by sniffing some dirt. Also, when Snow White’s in battle, she and her army are pelted by arrows and she’s unharmed the entire time. There’s literally a shower of arrows and not one hits you? How is she all of a sudden the best knight around?

Did pony tails even exist back then?

And lastly, Ravenna’s relationship with her brother is a weird one at best. Her albino brother, Finn, is basically her slave. He does whatever he’s told and helps her rule the kingdom ruthlessly. I find this slightly unbelievable since my brother will barely even fetch me a can of soda. Their relationship is taken to a new level of creepy when Finn watches her take a random milk/paint/wax bath.


Hopefully this doesn’t stray you from seeing the movie. It’s actually very entertaining and beautifully done. I’m just unable to fully appreciate something until I make fun of it.


28 thoughts on “Analyzing Snow White and The Huntsman

  1. I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but this review was hilarious. Monte Python and the Holy Grail confirms your hypothesis that England in the middle ages was covered in mud: “How do you know [King Arthur] is a king?”
    “He hasn’t got s#%t all over him.”

    • Yes! I’m glad it made you laugh. Hahah that’s so true though. The royals were the only people who weren’t covered in mud. Maybe I should do a thesis paper on that topic. Direct correlation between the amount of mud coverage and lineage to the throne.

      • Hahah I heard Mirror Mirror is so bad. I’m probably watch it out of curiosity. I think Hollywood assigns Kristen Stewart any roles where looking pale is the main concern. Aka. vampires and Snow White. I mean…she doesn’t really bring much else to the table. Except starring off into the distance.

  2. This will be an effort for me for one reason–Kristen. I want to shake her and say, “You can do it–you can make more than three facial expressions!! Show that Kenau how to really act!!”. I’m not sure her security staff would allow me to do that, though.

    Nice review–j’adore it.

    • J’adore. Yes, Kristen actually puts in a fair effort in this movie. I would encourage you to see it. I think you would like it for some reason. Not that I know what you like or anything. The Magic Forest is a pretty crazy place. I don’t know a lot about Alton Towers, but I would say it’s a fair comparison. If theme parks are frightening and include dwarves.

    • I know what you mean. But she actually tries to act in this one. I usually can’t stand her but she wasn’t so bad. Hah but yeah…she needs some acting classes.

    • Haha just slightly different. I love to make fun of things. Even if I really like them, I’ll still poke fun. Glad you liked it!

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    Excellent review Lillington, I hope that Kristen Stewart’s acting is better than it has been in Twilight, she just seems to be having a constant orgasm in those films; but she’s still hot and it’s got the exceptionally hotter Theron in it, I’d see it for that reason alone.

    • Thanks lil’ Petey! I usually don’t like her at all, but Kristen was good in this. She also looked prettier than normal. It’s a good watch. Charlize is awesome/psycho in it. Go see it!

  4. Hey, found your blog through wordpress – I love Pan’s Labyrinth. I’ll have to check out this movie then. 😀 If you liked PL check out Spirited Away.

    • Oh I love Spirited Away! Snow White isn’t as creative as either of those movies, but it’s still pretty good and magical. So glad you checked out my blog!

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