Wasting Our Words

In my previous post I mentioned how being in awe and full of wonder is such a great feeling. But have you ever noticed how people (especially myself) waste words like awesome, wonderful, amazing, etc? One of my favorite comedians, Louis C.K. touches on the subject. What do you think? Do we waste our words?


22 thoughts on “Wasting Our Words

  1. Language, Louis, Language!
    I wouldn’t choose to use other words either – Comedian, Truck Driver or Sailor? : )

    Actually I was going to write a post about the words we, meaning my generation, used when I was growing up. I think I will…

    What Louis CK is saying here, is true. Let it be said. The alternative word is, “Good” which is not so exciting.

    • Haha yeah he definitely has a swearing issue. I couldn’t really edit the picture though :/ But he makes me laugh. “Are you serious? It was full of wonder?” Yeah “good” or the notch above, “great” aren’t the most exciting, but at least they don’t get people’s hopes up. Hah. You should definitely do the post about words from the good old days. That would be terrific! 😉

  2. I die a little every time I hear someone describe something mundane like peanut butter sandwiches or olive oil as amazing in a completely serious, non ironic way. Really? REALLY? It is amazing that someone took peanuts and crushed them up with some oil and spread them on bread? Geez, I can’t imagine how these people feel about the moon landing. I am also guilty of overusing these words. Mega face palm. Love love love Louis CK!

    • Yes same! I saw Louis in London once–so funny. I’m dying to go to another one of his shows again. I say awesome like, 100 times a day. I’m super guilty of this! I need a fresh, new vocabulary to impress people with…

  3. We waste the word ‘love’ on a regular basis. Likewise ‘friend’, important and special. Mostly, though, we waste the word love. Just my ¢.02.

    • Yes I would have to agree with you about that one. I would tell people I loved them if they held a door open for me or something insignificant. So dumb. It definitely makes the word less special. :/

  4. I like better what he says about the word hilarious. Something about hoping a woman who was described as hilarious gets pushed off a cliff, then Superman swoops down to save her, only to lift her up even higher into the air and drop her from greater heights. I think I mentioned that before but it’s probably one of the funniest images ever to enter my head.

    • I agree! But I couldn’t remember the exact quote. Plus, I didn’t have a cool picture of Louis to go with it. I don’t ever say things are hilarious. I’ll say “that’s funny” but never “that’s hilarious”. If someone is laughing really hard it’s kind of obvious that it’s ensuing hilarity, right?

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