All You Can Eat Taco Night

Paul and I had been dying to go to this restaurant’s All-You-Can-Eat Taco Night. It’s held every Monday and we finally remembered to go yesterday.

The establishment is called Pluto’s. I think it used to be a gas station once upon a time. Now it’s just a really weird purple building with neon lights. Their tag line is “The hottest food from the coolest planet” or something super clever like that. The food is decent, nothing amazing.

The one and only.

We’d eaten there once before and the record for most tacos devoured was 16. That’s not too bad, but nothing special either. I’m not really one to talk. I ended up only eating 6 tacos in all. But to be fair, I had burritos for lunch so I actually could have had maybe two more, which would have left me at a total of 8. We noticed that there was a new record to beat. Some kid ate 28 tacos. We inquired about him. The waitress said he was a short kid, maybe 20 or 21. He stayed for 3 hours eating tacos. Paul and I kind of felt like that was cheating. 3 hours is a long time. He might have even gone to the bathroom during that time, which would also be cheating in my book.

I really wanted Paul to beat that kid. I know he could have too, but by the time he got to his 20th taco, the restaurant was closed. He didn’t want to keep the waitress and staff there for that long, so we left. If we go back, I’m certain he can break the record. I just want the guy who ate 28 tacos to be really upset. YOUR TACO EATING WAS ALL IN VAIN.

Just to be clear, I had mine without cheese or sour cream because both of those items freak me out.

Have you ever been in an eating competition? How many tacos do you think you could eat? Should Paul go back and try to beat the record?



19 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Taco Night

  1. I can’t remember the last time I had a real taco. Factor that lust and desire into the equation and I could probably eat close to 450. I ate 5 pieces of pizza the other day and could have gone more. I swear sometimes competitive eating is my calling. Tacos would be tough for me. I’d need some practice with the shells. Unless we’re talking softshells. Those would be easier.

    My partner on a field trip camping in middle school won a pie eating contest. That was only one pie and it was timed. Those contests aren’t as much fun.

    • Omg I’ve eaten an extra large pizza in one sitting. Pizza is just too good and too easy to eat. same with ice cream. They were hard shells, so yeah it was definitely more of a challenge. The meat wasn’t as moist as taco bell’s. I could eat 50 taco bell tacos.
      Yeah I hate time based food challenges. I guess if it’s one of those crazy hot dog eating ones on tv, it’s a little different. It’s so creepy how they wet the buns first so they’re easier to swallow.

  2. He should break the record, for sure. That picture looks delish. I love tacos, as you know. I’m surprised Canada has a decent taco place, I would have thought it would be like that crap place in Canterbury that dad and I went to. Soo icky. And 3 hours is a total cheat. That kid was probably already digesting the tacos he ate 3 hours earlier. I think Paul can do it. I have total faith in his gut. haha!

    • There you go …on about Canada again, sheeesh. hahahaha. The big question, which I am surprised no one has asked is, Why does cheese and sour cream freak you out? Must be a post in there somewhere.

    • Those aren’t actually the tacos from the restaurant–just a google image! The picture probably makes them look better than they were. They were still good, but nothing too crazy. It’s pretty hard to mess up tacos, right? Not that I’ve ever cooked them. Paul can definitely do it! Lol I can’t believe you went to Tacos Locos in Canters. Hahah so good.

      John: I’ve never really liked cheesy or creamy things. I don’t like the texture or the smell. I only like cheese on pizza really. I think I posted it in a blog before that I hate cheese and I think people started to hate me because of that.

  3. I’m voting for him to go back and break that record! I don’t like the description of the guy who currenty holds the record. Paul needs to go back there and whip his . ..stomach! Now i’m hungry for tacos and if Canada wasn’t in another country I’d go there and try breaking that record myself! HA!

    My son-in-law’s father is 6 foot 7 and he once broke a pancake eating record and he didn’t even know he was competing. All I can say is I’m glad that never happened to me! LOL 😀

    • I totally agree! If a whimpy 20 year old can eat 28 tacos, why can’t Paul? You should definitely make your way over here just for the taco eating competition! Reason enough in my book.

      Hahaha that’s so great about your son-in-law’s dad. Sounds like something my brother would do. He’s also around 6 foot 7. Pretty insane. I wish I was that tall so I could just eat whatever I wanted.

  4. I don’t know why those ‘all you can eat’ places appeal to me so much but they do. There is one place near me that is pretty large and it has just about every kind of thing you could want, though none of it is anything amazing. I made myself puke up once and I think it was the chocolate fountain that did it.

    I have never been to a taco place though so I don’t know how many I could eat. Probably quite a few.

    I hope Paul beats that short, fat little twat’s record.

    • All you can eat is one of my favorite phrases. Chocolate fountains are seriously what dreams are made of. I don’t think people have really lived unless they puke after going to a buffet.
      You would probably do well at a taco eating contest since you haven’t had a lot. They kind of get boring after a while.
      Me too! I’ll tell him he’s got some fans rooting for him across the pond!

  5. Are tacos that far north any good? I’m spoiled by being so close to the border, with the blending of cultures and whatnot, so I’m suspect when I see places above the mason-dixon line serving mexican food.

    However, I do love all you can eat situations and would like to have lunch there ASAP.

    • You’re definitely spoiled with Mexican food. Chicago has some good places. They’re pretty few and far between up here though. The tacos definitely weren’t amazing by any means, but they were okay.
      Yes! All you can eat places are some of the best! You gotta get your money’s worth!

  6. Yes, I once did one of those monster burger “finish it and it’s free” things.
    No, I didn’t finish it. Seriously, 3 pounds of burger, a loaf of bread for a bun and a garden on top turned out to be a bit more than I could eat.
    What a shock.

    • That’s awesome! I need to do more food competitions! I think my brother did one of those once, but they were spicy chili buffalo wings! Haha I will be forever jealous of him for being a fearless eater.

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