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Adolescent Actors That Might Do Bigger and Better Things

When I was making this list, I started to realize that none of these gals are what I would call child actors. They seem to be young adults. In this modern time, actors and actresses must be believable no matter how old or young they are. No one cuts them slack just because they don’t have a lot of experience. For example, the actors in the brilliant show Full House were full of excuses. The Olsen twins could barely say their lines correctly, yet the world didn’t seem to mind because they were 10 months old. And no one seemed to mind that Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) obviously had a severe mix of Down Syndrome and Tourettes. Anything would fly back then.

But now, now we’re in the market for serious performers. No excuses. No apologies. No justifications. The following is a list of youngsters that I believe will be the future of the Actors Guild of America.

Kiernan Shipka. Besides having one of the weirdest name ever, she’s one of the brightest stars around. For those of you who watch Mad Men, you know her as Sally Draper, daughter of Don and Betty. For those of you who don’t watch Mad Men, do you live under a rock? Stop reading blog posts and go catch up on the seasons you’ve missed. Sally is one of the best characters not only in Mad Men, but in television history. Kiernan plays her perfectly. I know she will go on to do bigger and better things.

Hailee Steinfeld. “They tell me you’re a man with true grit.” That’s the only line I remember her saying from the trailer. I never actually saw True Grit, but she looked awesome in it. Hailee also has a relatively normal name for someone in Hollywood. The moment when I knew Hailee would achieve greatness was when I saw her dress at the Academy Awards last year. What a cutie patootie! I’m not sure if she’s pretentious or if it’s just because she’s 15, but I feel like she’s a pretty confident person. However, if she becomes too confident, she will be transferred to my most hated celebs list. Be wary, Hailee.

Saoirse Ronan. Really? No normal person knows how to pronounce Saoirse. Apparently it’s SEER-shuh. Like, I get that you’re from Ireland, but just stop. But Saoirse really makes up in the talent department for what she lacks in the name department. Her resume includes big films like, Atonement, The Lovely Bones, Hanna, and The Way Back. I’ve only seen Atonement and Hanna, but I really liked both of them a lot. Hanna is pretty weird, but I never found myself bored. And Atonement is awesome. I definitely recommend that. According to IMDB, Saoirse has 4 movies coming out in 2013. Either her parents are slave drivers or….Nazis.

Chloe Grace Moretz. For some reason she has an umlaut above the ‘e’ in her name, and she also had to add her middle name into her title. What is it with these people? No one else is named Chloe Moretz. You don’t have to make it all fancy with your middle name. This isn’t facebook. Anyway, Chloe’s face kind of bothers me, but she seems like someone who will be a great actress eventually. I don’t think she’s on the same level as the others quite yet. But i respect her because she’s worked her way up unlike the aforementioned girls. Chloe did a lot of kids shows and voice overs. She’s been in movies that aren’t that popular. She was barely in 500 Days of Summer. My favorite movie of hers was Let Me In, a remake of the Swedish film Let The Right One In. A true vampire flick. I highly recommend both versions since the remake was basically a carbon copy. And now she’s in another vampire movie, Dark Shadows. Can we just wrap up the whole vampire thing now?

Can we all agree that she has a weird face?

Elle Fanning. Hopefully she’ll make it farther in life than her dumb sister Dakota. The only movie I remember seeing Elle in was Super 8 which wasn’t that good, but she definitely showed her acting skills. Apparently she was in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I guess she wasn’t very memorable. Dakota must be pissed because her sister is climbing up the ladder faster than she did. The one thing that I don’t like about Elle Fanning is that she always smiles with her mouth closed. Someone must have told her that her teeth were gross and scarred her for life or something. Definitely look out for her in 2014 in Maleficentas Princess Aurora. (Maleficent is played by Angelina Jolie! Yessssssssssss.)

Always the pursed lips!


20 thoughts on “Adolescent Actors That Might Do Bigger and Better Things

  1. I made an Irish friend in a bar one time. I asked her how to spell her name so I could stalk her on Facebook. Her name had some letter that doesn’t really exist. Point is I found her anyway through her friend who had a name where the “i” sounds like an “h”.

    Did Chloe Moretz just start looking so odd? I remember her looking so much more normal.

    Elle Fanning was also in some Stephan Dorf nonsense where she’s his long lost daughter. I only remember the preview because it felt so heartwarmingly boring. They swim in a swimming pool together and have other adventures, I think.

    • Yes! Irish girls have the weirdest names. In England, I met 3 girls named Siobhan. I guess it was pronounced like Shavonne. But I only referred to them as Sigh-o-ban.

      She’s always looked weird to me, but I’m a harsh judge.

      I remember that! I guess I tried to block it out. The trailer looked so bad and cheesy. I’m pretty sure no one saw it.

  2. True Grit was excellent, mostly because of Hailee. She held her own against much ‘bigger’ actors. She was much better than Kim Darby who played the character in the first version. I’d have liked to see Hailee in the role with John Wayne as Rooster. She was Old West Fierce.

    • Hmm maybe I’ll have to rent the original and the remake and see how I like them! I don’t know if I can take John Wayne seriously if his name is Rooster. But I think I’ll give it a go!

    • I know right?! Someday I hope I can be like Sally. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

      Why is Elle Fanning a daft name? Hers is one of the most normal on the list. Unless you’re thinking it sounds like fanny, in which case you’re right.

  3. GREAT REVIEW! I definitely needed a refresher course on the new crop of adolescent actresses. I love Sally Draper or Kiernan Shipka. She’s so great. I also love Saoirse – whatever her name is. She was supes cool in Hanna and I wanted to slap her in the Atonement. Hailee Steinfeld was amazing in True Grit but I can definitely see that she’s a little too outgoing for her own good in interview situations. She should just dial it down a notch until her intellect/over-confidnce is in sync with her age otherwise it’s sort of annoying and not very attractive. Elle Fanning and CGM I don’t know enough about. Hopefully none of these girls goes down the Lindsey Lohan road of success. ha!

    • Glad you liked! I agree with everything you said. I’ll definitely have to add True Grit to my list of movies I gotta see. I like how I reviewed Hailee Steinfeld without seeing anything that she’s been in. I can judge anyone and everyone. Such a gift!

      • Only a mother would say, “I definitely needed a refresher course on the new crop of adolescent actresses.” Lily, your mom is one stand up, lady. She is always singing your praises. All joy. HF

      • I know! She’s one lucky gal to have me as a daughter! Haha just kidding! I’m truly lucky to have her as a mom. I’m so glad she blogs too! But yes, only a mother would say that. haha

  4. Between you and Lisa, all my movie info needs are covered.
    One Childs actor who grew up to do quality work I wouldn’t have expected from him was the Home Alone kids. Check him our in Saved and Party Monster.

    • Haha yeah, we got your back. I agree about Macaulay Culkin. I really liked him in Saved! I haven’t seen Party Monster though. I’ll add it to the list!

  5. I love these ladies!
    Ms. Shipka up there will def. make it big because once you masturbate on the couch on TV as a child, the only way is up.
    And SEER-shuh (I’m naming my child that) is amazing. She’s really talented and adorable. She was in a comedy called I Could Never Be Your Woman with Michelle Pheiffer and Paul Rudd. I highly recommend it.

    • Yes! Ms. Shipka can really do no wrong! She’s awesome!
      I love Saoirse as well! She makes me feel calm when I watch her. I’ve never heard of I Could Never Be Your Woman, but I’ll make sure to put it on my list and give it a watch! Thanks Sasha!

  6. Pete Howorth says:

    I think Dakota Fanning will still be great when she gets older, I remember seeing her in the mini-series Taken 10 years ago and I Am Sam, once she’s past the teenage movie roles she’ll be a strong female actress I think. Apart from her sister, I don’t know who the rest of the girls in this list are.

    • I didn’t realize you were a Dakota fan! I just don’t really like her face. And she started acting so young! I feel like it’s cheating. She just gets good roles because she’s been doing it for so long. She never had to work her way up, ya know?

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Well yeah, some kids are handed fame and fortune, I could have been in Home Alone! 😡

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